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Skype For iPhone Coming March 31 2009

Skype on iPhone
Macworld is reporting that Skype for iPhone App will be available to download from iTunes App Store from Tomorrow (March 31 2009). The iPhone Skype App will be free to download.
Many websites earlier reported that the app was already released.
The Skype for iPhone will allow users of iPhone and iPod make calls to other iPhone users for free and for users with paid accounts, to make calls to landlines.
Scott Durchslag, Skype’s Chief Operating Officer, mentioned that the iPhone app is not different from the desktop version as far as the capabilities and functions go. In addition to making calls to land lines and mobile phones worldwide, users will be able to send IM, receive calls to a personal online number on Skype; and see when your Skype contacts are online.
Skype stand to gain a few million users now, I like to see the subscription spike. It is also possible that most users will already be Skype Users.


Friday, March 27, 2009

HTC Magic Gets Through FCC With T-Mobile Logo (Android G2)

T-Mobile G2
Cellphonesignal is reporting the sighting of FCC approval for T-Mobile branded HTC Magic which was reviewed earlier and we will see the follow up to the T-Mobile G1, possibly named T-Mobile G2 with;

  • Android OS
  • T-Mobile 3G HSDPA/HSUPA
  • Wifi with UMA (Hotspot@Home)
  • 5 Megapixel Camera

AstLinux 0.6.4 Released

AstLinux 0.6.4
Astlinux has announced that AstLinux 0.6.4 is available as an upgrade to existing 0.6.2 or 0.6.3 and could be performed by using either the 'upgrade-run-image' script from the
command line or the "upgrade firmware" option in the web interface..
Changes to 0.6.4 include a new version of Asterisk (1.4.24), Asterisk-gui (svn 4618), netsnmp ( and updates to the web interface.
Everyone should upgrade as it fixes several bugs in Asterisk and solves at least one security issue in Asterisk.
Full version of AstLinux 0.6.4 will be available at sourceforge shortly, once an administrative issues has been resolved.

To upgrade from the command line:

1). upgrade-run-image check
2). upgrade-run-image upgrade
3). reboot as instructed

To upgrade from the web interface:

1). Navigate to the system tab on the web interface
2). Select "check for new", select the confirm box, and click the
Firmware button.
3). Select "upgrade with new", select the confirm box, and click the
Firmware button.
4). Reboot by checking that confirm button and clicking "Reboot".

News Release

GIPS To Bring Real Time Video Demos To VoiceCon Orlando Florida

Global IP Solutions
GIPS, Global IP Solutions and the maker of voice engine that we have spoken about before (GIPS) will be demonstrating desktop video conferencing, and showing end users how HD (high definition) desktop video conferencing can make a difference to end users’ overall Unified communications and video conferencing experience.
The technology is based on GIPS voice and video engines handles all aspects of audio mixing and processing in a conferencing or collaboration environment. Audio and video processing issues typical on IP networks, such as delay, jitter, packet loss, lip synchronization, background noise, echo, CPU and bandwidth constraints are easily managed by the technology.
VoiceCON will be held March 30-April 2 at the Gaylord Palms Hotel in Orlando, Fla.

Skype For iPhone, The Real Deal Coming?
According to GigaOm, yes. and we might be able to have to app on iPhones within a week. Om Malik also thinks that the app might be released at the CITA Wireless 2009 event in the Las Veagas. I hope they do it on the day (Only one day I will be at the show).
But fear not, Om Malik is working hard to get more infoe on the product and if he does we will too!
There have been many a iPhone VoIP Solutions like Fring for iPhone, Jajah For iPhone, iCall and many more but we will be happy to try out a native Skype for iPhone App.
Giga Om

Trixbox 2.8.Beta Released

Trixbox 2.8
Fonality has released a beta of upcoming Trixbox 2.8. The blog post mentions that Asterisk 1.6 will be a part of the new release and the poster offers everything but flowers to Digium and the Asterisk team for the reliability and capability of Asterisk 1.6.
The current 2.8 beta is basically Trixbox 2.6 with Asterisk 1.6 and currently carries no other new features. But they will be added in the future.
If you are an Trixbox fan, you can help out the new product by testing the beta. It is available for download at sourceforge, from old Asterisk@home project.
Blog post on Fonality.

Twitter YouTube And Many More Improvements.

Youtube on twitter
Like everyone and everything else, now you can twit your youtube and shear them via twitter. But I think I like the other changes more.
Specially the YouTube EDU which is a volunteer project by youtubers who wanted to find a better way to collect and highlight all the great educational content being uploaded to YouTube by colleges and universities. I really think it is a great idea.
* Upload Progress Bar: an upload progress bar that lets you know the status of your upload.

* Simpler HD Parameter: (HD), and a URL parameter (hd=1) for sharing HD links.

* Tweet Tweet: yes as we said share

* Mobile Improvements: mobile landing page, better upload flow from phone to YT.
And a whole lot more. You can read about them on the YT Blog

Thursday, March 26, 2009

iPhone Developer, Another Way To Go Bankrupt?

Developers to pay Apple For refunded iPhone Apps
iPhone App refunds might make iPhone App developper go bankrupt according to an article on TechCrunch.
Ususally you can get a refund for your app from apple within 90 days if you do not want the application for valid reasons. Apple refunds the 100% of the application price to the user. But the kicker seems to be, Apple wants to keep it's commission, the 30% Apple charges developers to use it's iTunes App Store to distribute warez. So the developer has to pay out of his pocket, the 30% to the user! HA!! More fodder for EFF and rougue App stores. I hone Cydia will not follow Apple's path in this drive to bankrupt developers.

"a Licensed Application fails to conform to Your specifications or Your product warranty or the requirements of any applicable law, Apple may refund to the end-user the full amount of the price paid by the end-user for that Licensed Application. In the event that Apple refunds any such price to an end-user, You shall reimburse, or grant Apple a credit for, an amount equal to the price for that Licensed Application. Apple will have the right to retain its commission on the sale of that Licensed Application, notwithstanding the refund of the price to the end."
TC has more information and a copy of the contract on line. Read and laugh or weep, depending who you are.
iPhone App Refund Policies, TechCrunch

Skype, Largest International Communications Carrier

Number one call carrier
If you thought AT&T joining hands with RIAA id bad news, now the news is that it is loosing to Skype in international call carrying business. Now I wonder if Skype users get letters from AT&T and RIAA, after all it is a peer to peer application and one can share files with it!
Skype has been a talk of the town for years now and looks like making some money for Ebay, who paid hefty price for it. Skype made $550 million in 2008, which is peanuts for companies like AT&T.

TeleGeography estimates that Skype's international traffic jumped by 41 percent in 2008 and topped 33 billion minutes of use, most of that in free calls. Traditional international calls grew only 12 percent in 2008.
But now with Skype joining with companies like Digium, the creator of open source IPPBX software Asterisk (Skype for Asterisk) and the latest Skype drive Skype for SIP which targets small and medium business PBX and VoIP Phones, will be pulling in business customers everywhere and we might read in 2009 report that it is the number one local carrier.
As many mobile hand sets now are capable of running mobile VoIP apps, I am sure executives of big phone companies spending more time talking about Skype than talking with AT&T Talking With RIAA.
ARS Technica has a very good article on this subject.


AT&T, one of the nation's largest Internet service providers, confirmed on Tuesday the company is working with the recording industry to combat illegal file sharing, according to CNet News.
Despite those shiny ads, looks like these big ISP's are playing along with RIAA. From all the articles I read so far it looks like the ISPs are just sending out letters and have no idea how they monitor or detect users who breaks the law.
Perhaps some light into the subject would help. But looking at back and forth and back responses by executives seem that is just a dream. So far Verizon seem to be the only one not following RIAAs orders.
You can read more at CNet which I reached via Gizmodo.

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Search By Voice And My Location Comes To Blackberry

Google Mobile for Blackberry
If you wondered why only iPhone and Android users spoke to their phones with words like "fish and chips" "bestbuy" "Toilet" etc and looking at the phone instead of keeping it to the ear, rejoice. Now you can wonder the same about Blackberry users.
Google mobile Apps has released the support for Blackberry devices and one could conduct a search by voice and the results will be tailored by location services for you.
Just point your Blackberry to and try it out. Google says Blackberry Storm is not supported yet.

Official Google Mobile Blog: Look Ma, No Hands - Google Mobile App for Blackberry now with Search by voice and My Location

iTunes Pricing Change, Popular Songs Cost More ($1.29)

iTunes Flexible Pricing
After setting it's price of $0.99 in 2003 and resisting pressure from music industry, Apple has changed it's tune and now playing along with record labels to make popular songs unpopular. The iTunes came along and helped stabilize the confused online music industry and Apple managed to stay clear of industry wranglings upto now.
"Wouldn't it make sense to try to price it cheaper instead of squeezing the handful of people who are still willing to pay for music?" said Jim Guerinot, the manager of groups such as Nine Inch Nails, No Doubt and Offspring.
What Record companies hoping to achieve is to package music like they did before sell more music by packaging less popular songs with popular ones. Like when we went to CD or record store and bought a CD with 11 songs just to listen to one or two songs.
My feeling is that this might not work out as they hope. I will not a buy a bunch of songs to listen to one, period.
One good thing about this whole saga is that in exchange for flexible prices, the digital tracks will be offered free of anti-piracy software, enabling the buyer to make unlimited copies and play the songs on any device, which is not currently possible.
But that should have been so in the first place!
Now is to the question, what is popular? PR is going to be a nightmare as LA Times say.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ShopSavvy Realtime Gets You Best Price From Online And Local Retailers.

ShopSavvy for Android

Shopsavvy and Android Application that we spoke about when we compared iPhone to Android G1, has improved. The application now can scan the barcode from a product, be it a ceral box, bar of soap or HDTV, and finds the best deal, both online, at hand in the shop and in the visinity using the handsets location awareness (GPS Location).
I think sales people of high end products need to go on new training to spot and stop Android users on the track, if they ever plan to sell some thing to them, unless of course they have the lovest price in the area. (I prefer to touch wha I buy, unless I absolutely know what I am buying)
ShopSavvy is available through the Android App Market on the G1 Android phone.

iPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android and BlackBerry Endures PWN2OWN

PWN2OWN 2009
Rather than the security of the smartphones, the limited memory, processing power and security researchers not so smart on mobile devices have saved the day for smartphone browsers at PWN2OWN 2009.
""With the mobile devices so limited on memory and processing power, a lot of [researchers'] main exploit techniques are not able to work," said Terri Forslof, manager of security response at 3Com Inc.'s TippingPoint unit, which sponsored the contest."
"Take, for example, [Charlie] Miller's Safari exploit," said Forslof, referring to Miller's 10-second hack of a MacBook via an unpatched Safari vulnerability that he'd known about for more than a year. "People wondered why wouldn't it work on the iPhone, why didn't he go for the $10,000?" she said. "The vulnerability is absolutely there, but it's a lot tougher to exploit on the iPhone."
There is always next year.
Computerweek Slashdot

After Tivo, Blockbuster Looks At Apple

Apple Video
According to the Blockbuster / Tivo deal announced Wednesday, TiVo subscribers (Broadband) will have the capability to purchase or rent movies on Blockbuster's OnDemand catalog. Customers will need TiVo Series2, Series3, HD, or HD XL digital video recorder (DVR) set-top boxes in order to accomplish the task.
The other side of the partnership, Blockbuster will carry Tivo merchandise in their stores and online portal. About 10,000 movies will be available when the service launches in the latter half of this year. Most rental films on today cost about $2 to $4, while purchased movies start at less than $10.
But the most tingling news is that Blockbuster is planing to reach Apple Devices to do the same;
"You will see us in a large number of other devices going forward," said Kevin Lewis, senior vice president of digital entertainment at Blockbuster, who added that the company also plans to makes its system available to Apple Inc's (AAPL.O) products. "We need to be in the normal places that consumerswant to watch movies," he said."
May be you can get your next Apple device from Blockbuster!
Apple Insider

Cisco Breaks / Exceeds Moore's Law In Networking.
Cisco Breaks / Exceeds Moore's Law. The Moore's law about transistor density doubling every two years that we use to measure any and everything related to technology has been exceeded or broken by Cicsco according to the following table. So if you want to know why the ever used measuring stick (Moore's law) does not fit into the arena of Network technology, follow the link after the table. Cisco's Omar Sultan has an interesting article.

1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008
Moore’s Law
Backplane (Gb)
1.2 2.4 4.8 9.6 19.2 38.4 76.8 153.6
Cisco Switching
Backplane (Gb)
1.2 3.6 32 256 256 720 1440 7200

Delivering More by Exceeding the Law of Moore

EVGA Killer Xeno Pro, Makes VoIP, Online Gaming Smoother

EVGA Killer Xeno Pro
With dedicated NPU, Network Processing Unit, 128MB on board memory and built in audio and USB ports, the EVGA Killer Xeno pro built in association with Bigfoot and carrying NVIDIA logo. got to be a some network card.
Even though targeted at gamers, the following two feature among others shouls attarct people who chat online a lot and uses VoIP, IP Telephony from their PCs, specially the bandwidth controll (Is it time to get a new router to do the last 10 feet QOS? ;

Bandwidth Control
- The Killer Xeno’s Hardware Bandwidth Control technology serves as a Network “Traffic Cop” that smoothes the online experience across all Internet applications – VoIP, streaming video, downloads and web surfing – even while gaming.

Hardware-Accelerated Voice Chat - Hardware-accelerated voice chat is fully offloaded from the CPU, processed on Killer Xeno’s dedicated audio chip and accelerated through Xeno’s NPU. Killer Xeno is bundled with TeamSpeak 3 Lite and TeamSpeak 2, the #1 Voice Chat program for online gaming. Killer Xeno also supports Mumble, a free and open-source, cross-platform voice application.

EVGA Killer Xeno Pro
Part Number 128-P2-KN01-TR
Network Speed 10/100/1000Mbps (Gigabit)
NPU Clock Speed 400MHz Network Processing Unit
Memory Clock Speed 128MB 266MHz DDR2
Bus PCI-E 1x (PCI-E 2.0 Compliant)
Ports RJ-45 Ethernet, USB 2.0, 3.5mm audio input and output
Product Warranty 1+1 warranty upon registration

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 On iPhone for iPhone
Like every important portal and applications like Oracle for iPhone and Gmail for iPhone, has also released an iPhone app which helps you to;
Find other members near you and set up a date!
Catch the immediate excitement of getting new
winks and emails on the go.
Upload profile photos instantly from your iPhone.
Works with iPhone 3G, the original iPhone, and the iPod touch.
So go get matched!

New AT&T iPhone Coming In June!

New AT&T iPhone
According to BGR's info provider, who is supposed to be from the higher echelons of AT&T has said a lot about the new iPhone that is supposed to come out in June.
Basically he says wht ever is present in iPhone 3.0 will be presented in a much higher speed and streamlined. BGR also suggests that slide out qwerty keybord and 7.2Mbps HSDPA connections, among bunch of other things.
These informations are 100% confimed, the post(BGR) mentions.

iPhone Developer Jobs

iPhone Developers
If you ever looked for an iPhone developer and wanted to help US economy by hiring a US based iPhone Programmer, you are in luck.
iPhone developer quotes (iPhonedeveloperquotes,com) is providing anyone with the means to get that killer iPhone App developed.
They are also inviting iPhone developers to join the group.
UberGizmo told us about the developer quotes

Geek Pronto Arrives, Officially

Geek Pronto

Gizmodo tells us that Peek Pronto is officially released and said to be better;
-push email
-up to 5 email accounts
-MS Exchange support
-Word & pdf support
-Ability to search your email
-50% faster
So Geek fans, you can rejoice!

iPhone Gets An IR KeyBoard Without Jailbreacking.

iPhone Keyboard

I have seen many wonderful developments targeting iPhone but this made my finger tip twitch as I came into the working world as an electronic engineer and seeing these bare breadboards make me wanting to dump physics and go back to that world.

The very bright engineers at PerceptDev, Zack Gainsforth and George Dean developed a hardware and software solution that allows infrared keyboards to be used for typing on the iPhone. The project was an expansion of their earlier achivement audio port modem , and they managed to do this with $20 worth of Electronics and a whole lot of brains.

According to a blog post, Zack modified the audio port modem for iPhone firmware and expanded the system to read from an USB host controller or / and read from an IR (infrared) signals c transmitted by an attached keyboard and convert it to an FSK signal for transmission to an iPhone.

George then rewrote the iPhone application to grab these inputs and convert them into characters on the screen.

Marveleous! Their doings, will be released along with schematics and source code in the upcoming iPhone hacks, You sold one to me!

Monday, March 23, 2009

psyb0t Botnet Targeting Wireless Routers, Wireless DSL Modems

I was informed that this was discovered by Terry Baume a while ago, 12th January 2009. I have not verified the source.

"psyb0t" botnet
DroneBL DNS Blacklist services is reporting the discovery of "psyb0t" botnet comprising internet modems and routers. It seems that wireless routers and internet modems with WAN accessible management control has fallen victim to botnet. If your router has weak password, it is possible that it is compromised.
Easiest way to detect if your router is affected is the try your web management portal of the router. If you cannot access it, most likely you are affected. This is because according to the current exploit, the worm shuts down web access, telnet and SSL access to the router/modem.
Following information are known so far;

* is the first botnet worm to target routers and DSL modems
* contains shellcode for many mipsel devices
* is not targeting PCs or servers
* uses multiple strategies for exploitation, including bruteforce username and password combinations
* harvests usernames and passwords through deep packet inspection
* can scan for exploitable phpMyAdmin and MySQL servers

This type of botnets are very dangerous as it is very hard for end user to know that her/his router / modem is compromised and this could easily be used as an attack vector for other attacks such as identity theft. The storm botnet we reported is very simple compared to this.
There are reports that the botnet was shutdown and there will be many more such botnet in the future and Please make sure that your routers and modems are protected and that you use strong passwords. Disable remote management from WAN unless you absolutely must have that capacity.
Dronebl (Bookmark this address, might come handy one day)

Google Voice And Asterisk Integration

Googlified Messaging
When you thought Nerd Vittles (Ward Mundy) has surprised you enough, he comes up with another one. This time he is putting ideas into our heads with his recipes for the Asterisk and Google Voice integration. I have already had my GrandCentral number associated with my Asterisk installationS, (yes I have a quite a few Asterisk servers running). I have not been doing much on the Google Voice side of it yet. But after all the Google Voice excitement, subsequent OOMA Plus Google Voice(GVE) and this recipe now, I have no excuse.

If you are looking to get your voicemails trnscribed and emailed (I just get my grandcentral voicemail emailed without transcription) and wring Google Voice and FreePBX (Asterisk) get more out of both, I think Nerds article Googlified Messaging, is a good read.
It is bit technical but easy to follow as most Nerd Vittles article. But if you think you need a laugh after all those technical wrangling you can read some transcribed messages (tests conducted by usesrs like me) you can do it here.

Traveling Bandwidth

Traveling Bandwidth
Andy Abramson over at VoIP Watch has written a nice piece on hotels and bandwidth and othe networking advice.
I have stayed in the most of the hotels he has stayed and described in his article. Two of them (Chains) that he is happy with, we consulted on setting up the infrastructure and I am very happy Andy liked them.
If you are a business traveler, I suggest you read how a truly connected business traveler does it and think about it!
VoIP Watch

Skype For SIP Goes Beta

Skype For SIP
Skype opened up Skype For SIP Beta today and I think this will propel Skype much forward in the small and medium business world, if they are already not using the Skype. Perhaps this is a good follow up for Skype Opening up the SILK Speech Codec. I think Skype is waking up from it's long slumber.
According to Skype, Skype For SIP provides business with;

  • Receive and manage inbound calls from the 405 million Skype users worldwide on SIP-enabled PBX systems, connecting the company website to the PBX system using Skype click-to-call buttons
  • Place calls via Skype to landlines and mobile phones worldwide from any connected SIP-enabled PBX, saving your business money with Skype’s low rates
  • Purchase Skype online numbers to receive calls to the corporate PBX from landlines or mobile phones
  • Manage Skype calls using your existing hardware and system applications such as call routing, conferencing, phone menus, voicemail and call recording and logging – no additional downloads or training are required

Skype For SIP is the perfect way to integrate Skype with your existing PBX, allowing the communications from your PBX to be complemented by Skype functionality.

If you are looking forwrd to connect to vast Skype Network and save some bucks, I think you should apply for the beta at Skype For SIP site, provided that you have an IP-PBX like Asterisk already.

Another thought for Asterisk users is the Asterisk For Skype (SFA) (which entered second beta tests) that is also on the way. But I think the VoIP is on the way to integrate and share like WWW. Good move Skype. I know a few companies that will register, because I already emailed and asked them to.

But you can always do better with a few free SIP Accounts.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Asterisk Project Accepted Into Google Summer Of Code

Asterisk At Google Summer of Code 2009
Google Summer Of Code has accepted the Asterisk Projects submission for Google SOC 2009. Digium Developper Russell Bryant reported about this earlier and we wrote about Asterisk At Google Summer Of Code as well.
You can visit Russell's blog and congratulate him his hardwork and to contact him regarding the project. You can find the list of ideas here.

New Digium Partner Springs Hosting To Provide SwitchVox Hosting Targeting SMB.

Digium Partners
Digium has joined hands with Springs Hosing of Colorado to provide Small and Medium Business with Switchvox IP telephone systems in Colorado. Digium the creator of Asterisk Open Source and very well known in the communications world as the most used open source telephony service provider. Springs Hosting located it Colorado Springs provides state of the art data center services.

“We are proud to add the Digium product line to our services,” said Jeremy Keefe, CIO at Springs Hosting. “Switchvox compliments the services that we bring to small to medium sized businesses in Colorado and brings high-end phone systems to businesses that otherwise could not generally afford the rich feature sets within Digium’s software.”

“We are excited to have Springs Hosting come on board with Digium as a Select Reseller,” said Jim Butler, director of global channel sales for Digium. “They are dedicated to their clients and provide excellent customer service, which are qualities that we find highly valuable in our resellers.”
Digium Press Release.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mark Spensor (DIGIUM) At ECOMM (Transcript Posted)

Skype for Asterisk
Mark explains a lot about Skype And Asterisk (Skype for Asterisk)that we all are waiting for. The transcript includes audience questions and Mark's answers as well. The transcript is an insite into the technology alliance gives you in depth information on the subject. I know you are interested in the subject so if you did not attend the ECOMM this time, please read and make sure that you attend next ECOMM.

Cell Tower Technology, How Cell Towers Work
The same person who did the Clearwire WiMax Speed test has visited one of the cell towers and has a nice explanation of how cell towers work. He poits out how the technology is evolving even in cell tower technology.
Even though you think you knew this for eons, it is still facinating to see suff up close and personal. If you did not know before, now you can recognize one if you happen to pass by!

Friday, March 20, 2009

iProd To Prod You To Workout!
Web is alive with Apple's patented iProd and from Gizmodo, New Scientist have their own versions of the story and suggestions, I have one questions.
Does it electronically prod you (Tracer Gun?) when you slow down? or does it stop playing the music?

YouTube Mobile App For Nokia S60 And Windows Mobile
YouTube has released a new mobile YouTube application, which is optimized for Windows Mobile and Symbian Series 60 devices ( Supported Nokia S60 devices).
The App is supposed to be faster -- up to 90% faster starting up, searching, and video loading -- and provides better video quality that's automatically optimized to your WiFi or 3G network.
You can download the app by pointing your mobile device at
Following is a Demo of the app;

"No Commitment" iPhone From AT&T Is Too Expensive.
The offer, $599 for the 8GB model and $699 for the 16GB model as published by TBG, in a leaked memo is too expensive for than any other plans.
A Yahoo News item explains it better!
"Let's say you're not eligible for the subsidized contract pricing ($199/$299). You can still buy an iPhone at the "early upgrade" price of $399 (8GB) or $499 (16GB) with a two year contract. Should you decide to opt out after a month of service you'd pay $175 for early termination, which would bring your outlay to about $575 for the 8GB phone and $675 for the 16GB phone. That's already a bit less than the no-commit price--and bear in mind that the termination fee would go down for each month you used the phone."
Yahoo News

Comcast Offeres WiMax With Cable
Comcast is planing to offer mobile internet in Portland Oregon, using Clearwire Data Services that we wrote about earlier in WiMax Field Speed Test.
"We are very interested in being able to offer a wireless component to our products," said Burke, who was visiting Portland from Comcast's Philadelphia headquarters to help launch a new marketing campaign.
Portland, Oregon will be the first place that Comcast will be offering the WIMax service under it's mobile internet service. Most probably bundled with Triple Play, TV,Phone and Internet Service.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

GeoEye-1 Sees You, A taste of what's to come
Indeed what is yet to come. GeoEye-1 images, which are spectacular will be merged into Google Map database and will be viewable through Google Earth, Maps, and Google Maps for Mobile.
I already use Google Maps on desktop and on my iPhone together with Google Earth. Waiting to see more.
Until GeoEye-1 images are all over, you can have a look at it here via Google Earth.
Google LatLong: A taste of what's to come

iPhone Tethering For All Carriers With iPhonetether

iPhone Tethering
Arix just informed that his release for unjailbroken iPhone 3.0 phones is tethering on almost all carriers of iPhone 3G. T-mobile Austria seem to have trouble.
He mentions that he worked with method by Erica Sadun that we reported earlier, get his stuff working, could be downloaded from the link on winxblog.

Panic Button For GMail :Undo Send

People at Gmail Labs seem to be pretty busy! This is the second post I am making today regarding GMail and the GMAil Labs. Earlier I wrote about the new Video review for GMail.
But now you have a Panick button that is active for 5 Seconds after you click send.
If you have emailed a joke about your boss, to your collegues and inadvertently included your boss as well in the bad boy email, you have 5 seconds to scrutinize the senders names and if you happen to notice the boss' name there you can click UNDO SEND. (Before testing nasty emails to your boss, make sure you enable undo setting in you setting under labs.)
Good work, So many times I forget to attach the attachments to my email, only to write another with appologies and the attachment. Now I can seve my appologies.

Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: Undo Send

Tether Your iPhone To You MAC Or PC
Techcrunch (CrunchGear) has a great post on tethering your iPhone with iPhone 3.0 software to a MAC OS X computer. I have not tried but PC with MAC OS X might work as well. (Reading the comments, it could be done on the PC as well as long as you find a way to edit files!)
TC got the stuff that the inimitable Erica Sadun found and modmyi that first posted it.
Does not matter how, but it works and TC has posted the exact method to get yours working. Provided that you have the iPhone 3.0 and your carrier is AT&T.
I have not done it yet but you bet what I will be doing tonight.
TechCrunch where I found it and CrunchGear where it is written down earlier.

Gmail Labs Add YouTube, Picasa, Flickr and Yelp previews
Gmail Labs has a few preview features added to GMail. They are YouTube videos, Picasa images, Flickr images, and Yelp reviews. You can preview all the above in your Gmail before opening up the picture or the video.
I noticed that Flickr, a competing photo service to Picasa lying next to each other. I think it is clever thinking in the part og GMail team. But if you think you have something that GMail should preview, follow the link below to inform GMail crew.

Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: YouTube, Picasa, Flickr and Yelp previews

iPhone 3.0 Gets 12.8MB downloads via 3G
Macrumors user Getinlin1 has posted the image below indicating speed 12.8Mbps on the iPhone via 3G. He was downloading podcasts from iTunes. But at the same time another user reported what I experienced, downloads from App Store are still capped at 10Mbps. But during the day time in a congested area, I get much lower speeds on iPhone 3G.

WiMax Field Speed Test
Gizmodo has conducted a series of WIMax tests all over in Portland, Oregon. Motorola USBw25100 WiMax dongle and managed to reach 13Mbps down stream (Clearwire provided him with uncapped connection). Man I think I am going to be more giddy than him. I jump updaown when I get a 3G connection from AT&T. Dont forget to read my iPhone 3G Speed Test and the iPhone Speed tests covering GPRS,EDGE and WiFI.
Anyway here is the summery of the WiMax Speed Tests.

It's easy to reach download speeds that are four times the peak of today's best 3G networks

Power demand does not seem to be any greater than other wireless connections

Most available Clear services now are capped at 4Mbps, though uncapped plans may be available sometime this year

Only a handful of cities will have this service in 2009, with more to come in 2010

Wide fluctuations in bandwidth feel weird: 12Mbps upside makes 3Mbps feel like a disappointing trickle

Within Portland's city limits, there were plenty of dead zones that will hopefully be filled in soon

Maps Videos and lots more information at Gizmodo.

Ooma Gives Google Voice Extensions.
When I was settling down with Google Voice, thinking what more would I want, Ooma gives me a load of stuuf that I want. Reading about Ooma Premier's Google Voice extensions (GVE) made me smile and think A lot more I could do with Google Voice and Ooma.
I already got Google Voice (as a former Grandcentral User) and we are concidering to Test out Ooma in one of our offices, a office that I frquent a lot. We will pick up one of these Ooma (Feel like I am calling out to Grand Mother).
So what are these Google Voice Extensions? there a lot of them but here are some I got from the Ooma press release;

ooma GVE Outbound Caller ID Integration
ooma Premier Google Voice Extensions allows ooma users to display their Google Voice caller ID on outbound calls from ooma systems with no need to dial additional call prompts or 20 digit phone numbers.

ooma GVE SMS text integration
With ooma Telo™ handsets (available this coming August), Google Voice SMS messages may be displayed on the handsets in the home, not just on a cell phone.

ooma GVE Home Phone Integration
ooma Premier Google Voice Extensions allows calls sent to an ooma home phone to be forwarded directly to a Google Voice number for routing just as if the call were originally directed to a Google Voice number. This overcomes the limitation of not being able to port phone numbers to the Google Voice service. This is made possible by the patent-pending Instant Second Line™ feature found in ooma Premier.

ooma GVE Call Announce
In households where multiple Google Voice accounts exist, ooma Premier Google Voice Extensions can allow for different Google Voice accounts to forward calls directly to specific handsets in a home. The GVE Call Announce feature will also voice an announcement of who in the household the call is intended based on which Google Voice account originated the call.

ooma GVE Listen In feature
ooma Premier Google Voice extensions allows a user at home to monitor and intercept a voicemail as it is being left without dialing any additional call prompts.

ooma GVE One Touch Voice Mail
ooma Premier Google Voice Extensions allows ooma users to access their Google Voice mailbox with a single touch of a button on an ooma Hub, Scout, or Telo handset. This eliminates the need to dial a Google Voice number and then password to gain access to voice mail.

This really seem to add value both to Ooma and Google Voice. Good work Ooma. For more information, go to or

Telepresence Is Not Only For Elite
Telepresence has been looked at a product for high level executives and managers but I know many people who uses Cisco Telepresence that does not fall into that category. For some of us it is a productivity tool that we use day to day. But due to nature of compny policy, I cannot disclose the details. At the same time I am sure there are many others who use the product and could comment.
Cisco is looking for your input in this arena and David Hsieh, vice president of marketing, emerging technologies, Cisco. posted the following on Cisco Collaboration blog;

"If you are a Cisco TelePresence user and you’re not an executive, we’d like to know how you use TelePresence in your job. Leave a comment and if we can follow up with you, include your email.

If you have an idea about how we could make Cisco TelePresence even more accessible to anyone, anywhere, leave a comment and if we can follow up with you, include your email."

Time to present your ideas!

Cisco to Acquire Pure Digital Technologies, Makers of Flip Video
Cisco has announced that it intent to Acquire San Francisco based Pure Digital Technologies, Makers of Flip Video brand targeting mass market with consumer appealing video products. When I first saw their video camera, Mino HD, I was surprised at the price but later realized that the product did what I wanted for it's price. I used it as a hidef webcam.
"The acquisition of Pure Digital is key to Cisco's strategy to expand our momentum in the media-enabled home and to capture the consumer market transition to visual networking," said Ned Hooper, senior vice president of Cisco's Corporate Development and Consumer Groups. "Pure Digital has revolutionized the way people capture and share video with Flip Video. This acquisition will take Cisco's consumer business to the next level as the company develops new video capabilities and drives the next generation of entertainment and communication experiences."

Upon the close of the acquisition, the Pure Digital team will become part of Cisco's Consumer Business Group, which includes Linksys® by Cisco® home networking, audio and media-storage products.
Home Video Phones from Cisco? Cisco is looking at VoIP / communication consumer market like it did with Linksys regarding consumer networking.
Eitherway happy to see happy San Franciscans!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Call Quality On Google Voice
If anyone was wondering about the quality of the calls On Google Voice, do not wonder. It will be same as you had always. Because via Google Voice, you will be using the same phones that you are using now. If I am calling my father and the quality of the call is excellent when I call him directly the it will be the same when we use Google Voice to call each other. Making calls never been so easy. My Father always catches me on the phone, either home, mobile or at work via a single number. (He always did catch me :)

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Nokia Developer Summit 2009 In Monaco (April 28-29)
If you were looking for a early summer trip to sunny Monaco, this is your chance. Nokia is hosting the Nokia Developer Summit 2009 the two day event at Grimaldi forun Monaco.
The event is filled with information for developers and if you want to enhance your development skills – and grow your business with Nokia – then you should be planning on attending the summit.
More information on the summit and the registration information could be found at Developer Summit Website..
See you in Monaco!

iPhone 3.0 Jailbroken?
According to a post on the DEV-TEAM Blog and the subsequent comments, it looks like there bunch of activities aroung the iPhone 3.0 Beta is going on.
But first and foremost they were asking not to upgrade to the new IPSW if you are running YellowSnow because you cannot go back to IPSW 2.2.1 and restore Yellowsn0w.

"And for those wondering, yes the 3.0 OS is jailbreakable on all devices. It’s just those using 3G yellowsn0w that have to show some restraint and wait for PwnageTool to create a custom IPSW that avoids the baseband update."

The discussion is going on and most that I gathered is from it that without a DEV IP from Apple people are going to have trouble if they upgrade to IPSW 3.0 Beta.

You can follow the post and the discussion at Itchy update fingers on DEV-TEAM Blog

Asterisk 1.6.2 Gets MFC/R2 Signaling In chan_dahdi
Russell Bryant has reported that official support for MFC/R2 signaling in chan_dahdi has been merged and that is available right now and the commit, "Add MFC/R2 support for chan_dahdi." is on this post to the list.
We are also informed that R2 signaling in chan_dahdi will be included in Asterisk 1.6.2. The modifications to chan_dahdi, and the supporting library, LibOpenR2, were both written by Moises Silva.
The code could be checked out from SVN at 1.6.2 branch and you will need to install LibOpenR2 the supporting library.
Readme for 1.6.2 branch is here.
Russells post MFC/R2 support in Asterisk 1.6.2

European Broadband Consumer Expectations
International research agency Synovate commissioned by Google, Yahoo! and Skype has released a report on European Broadband Consumer Expectations under;
European Consumer Expectations of Internet Services.
The report (PDF link) examines the consumer choices of broadband and their intended usage of the connections. It also touches on traffic management by ISPs.
I was not surprised by the general usage of the internet by consumers but the lack of ISP communications to customers did surprise me.
But one thing the survey revealed is that consumers expect ISP to provide unrestricted access to the Internet.
But this report is the tip of the iceberg, as Jean-Jacques Sahel, who leads Skype’s Government Relations team in the EU explains that EU governments and Members of the European Parliament are finalizing a review of the telecoms regulations in Europe and the legislation has elements that defines the Internet usage.
You can read full report by Sahel which covers the subject in much broader sense.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What Will Happen To GrandCentral Accounts After Upgrading to Google Voice

According to Vincent Paquet you will be able to access the GrandCentral account even after upgrading to Google Voice. But do not expect to see new call logs or voicemails at the GC. Only the old ones will be there. But in my case it will be empty as I have cleared up everything for impending upgrade.

Google Voice Blog: Accessing GrandCentral after upgrading to Google Voice

Google Chrome 2.0 Beta Released
I have installed the new beta ( and already liking it, yes it is fast.

Since last December, I have been using Google Chrome (non beta) on my Windows machines, XP and Vista, both 32 and 64bit platforms.
Previously I did test the Chrome Beta on and off.
But time has come again for the new Chrome beta. The new Beta is supposed to provide speed improvements and other enhancements like form autofill,full page zoom, autoscroll and something I am going to really like and use, dragging tabs for side by side view!
The top of your monitor, in the middle: The tab appears maximized in a new window when you release it.

  1. The bottom of your monitor, in the middle: The tab appears in a new window that fills the lower half of your monitor.
  2. The left and right sides of your monitor, in the middle: The tab opens in a new window that fills up either the left or right half of your monitor.
  3. The bottom of a browser window, in the middle: The tab appears in a new window below the existing browser window. The two windows splits the monitor in half.
  4. The left and right sides of a browser window, in the middle: The tab opens in a new window that fills up either the left or right half of your monitor. The existing browser window takes up the other half of the monitor, so that the two windows appear side-by-side.
Remember, if you install the new beta, it will replace the current Chrome on your desktop (if you have already installed Chrome).
I am going to try the new beta and I will write about it if there are notable differences.

Official Google Blog: A shiny new beta for Google Chrome

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