Wednesday, March 18, 2009

European Broadband Consumer Expectations
International research agency Synovate commissioned by Google, Yahoo! and Skype has released a report on European Broadband Consumer Expectations under;
European Consumer Expectations of Internet Services.
The report (PDF link) examines the consumer choices of broadband and their intended usage of the connections. It also touches on traffic management by ISPs.
I was not surprised by the general usage of the internet by consumers but the lack of ISP communications to customers did surprise me.
But one thing the survey revealed is that consumers expect ISP to provide unrestricted access to the Internet.
But this report is the tip of the iceberg, as Jean-Jacques Sahel, who leads Skype’s Government Relations team in the EU explains that EU governments and Members of the European Parliament are finalizing a review of the telecoms regulations in Europe and the legislation has elements that defines the Internet usage.
You can read full report by Sahel which covers the subject in much broader sense.


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