Monday, July 26, 2010

Legal iPhone JailBreaking, What do we really Get?

Legal iPhone JailBreaking,
I too was very happy to hear the new about the new US Government rules making unlocking and jailbreaking iPhones or any other phone not a crime Even after Apple told them that jailbroken iPhones could crash cell towers ( Apple has told government(PDF) that jailbroken iPhones could crash cell towers). But before dreaming of jailbroken iPhone 4 formed on my mind, I realized that this would only bring a few more developers to the hacking scene. Like the HTC hacker, conflipper, who went through hoops before finally trying to settle with HTC.There might be a few app stores and app market places. I even wonder, there might be some commercial apps and app stores providing banned subjects like porn apps and content, proving the never ending American entrepreneurship. May be now I can get Google Voice running on iPhone :)

"When one jailbreaks a smartphone in order to make the operating system on that phone interoperable with an independently created application that has not been approved by the maker of the smartphone or the maker of its operating system, the modifications that are made purely for the purpose of such interoperability are fair uses."
Nothing more, nothing less. There might be openings for banned iPhone Apps but does not Cydia do that already. I might want to pull out that Cydia code and begin hacking, so I can have my own personal store. But all in all, I am happy that this is now an open issue. Also have to thank the Government for not buying Apple bull about blowing up Cell towers.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ThinkFlood RedEye mini, Finally In Stores!

ThinkFlood RedEye mini

After months of waiting, I was, finally the ThinkFlood's RedEye Mini is in the stores now. RedEye Mini is a Portable Universal Remote for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. I thought and still think it might be a better remote controller than the plethora of controllers that lies around living room, evading discovery and prevents me from enjoying some music over big speakers or watch some quality TV, like Discovery Chanel.
But unlike those remotes, my iPhone is always with me, except when the it is being charged on it's cradle. So I have placed the order, for $49 remote controller that plus into the earphone plug and allows me to control almost anything that is remotely controllable via infrared.
My only worry is what do I do when I manage to misplace this tiny device!
ThinkFlood via Endgadget

Press Release;
Available Now: ThinkFlood RedEye mini, Portable Universal Remote for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

New RedEye mini and ThinkFlood's Original RedEye Remote on Sale in 52 Countries

WALTHAM, MA--(Marketwire - July 20, 2010) - ThinkFlood (, maker of RedEye remotes for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, today announced availability of RedEye mini, the world's most affordable and feature-rich portable universal remote adapter for Apple iOS devices.

RedEye mini, the second product in ThinkFlood's RedEye remote line, plugs into the headphone jack of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad -- transforming it into a completely portable universal remote. RedEye mini hardware requires the RedEye app, a free download from the App Store.

RedEye mini owners can easily operate anything controlled by infrared signals anywhere they go: TVs; cable and satellite receivers; gaming consoles; Blu-ray, DVD and digital media players; and more.

"RedEye mini works so seamlessly and seems so simple in concept that it's easy to overlook the amount of engineering that went into it," said ThinkFlood President and Founder Matt Eagar. "Ultimately, it's that surface simplicity which makes it wonderful -- just drop the mini into your headphone jack and immediately you have a powerful, customizable remote that goes beyond systems costing several times as much. It's also a lot of fun."

More about RedEye mini

* Available now in 52 countries (US MSRP $49)
* Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
* Download IR codes anywhere using a 3G connection or Wi-Fi
* Activity-based control and macros (common in advanced home theater remotes)
* Smaller than a thumb drive; comes with carrying case
* Database of 45,000+ IR codes; ability to learn commands from existing remotes
* Free in-app TV program/channel guide (coming later this summer for the US and Canada)
* Customizable touchscreen buttons, Multi-Touch and motion gesture shortcuts
* Leaves iOS device's dock connector open for charging

About ThinkFlood
ThinkFlood ( designs and develops remote control hardware and software. Its RedEye line of networked universal remote control products for mobile phones, MP3 players and tablets offers features and functionality previously available only in remotes costing several times as much. ThinkFlood is a privately held company headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Software for RedEye mini (the RedEye application)
RedEye is much more than a simple infrared adapter for your phone, and software plays a key role. At ThinkFlood we develop our software in-house and strive to provide regular updates and improvements. Here are some of the things that we feel set our software apart from the crowd:

• Activity-based approach

We believe your home theater should be organized around what you do, not what hardware manufacturers produce. One touch to play a movie, touch again to watch TV - no more trying to remember which audio and video inputs you need.

• Smart actions

Many other remotes have "macro" capability (the option to have one button send two or more signals). RedEye goes beyond macros with smart actions that actually keep track of things like whether a device is on or off. Smart actions are particularly useful when switching activities - when you transition from watching TV to playing a DVD, RedEye is smart enough to leave the TV on.

• Customizable button layouts

RedEye gives you a unique button layout for each activity you create, so the "remote" you use when listening to music is different from the one you use when watching TV. You can customize everything from button placement to size. We even have hundreds of channel logos built right into the application.

• Activity templates

Customizable button layouts for each activity are great, but creating them from scratch can be a lot of work. When you create a new activity, RedEye starts you off with a well-designed template. And by template we don't mean a single, standard set of buttons. Instead, RedEye uses information like the activity type (Watch TV or Listen to Music?) and the devices you include in the activity (do you route your sound through an A/V receiver or your TV speakers?) to determine what buttons to include and how they should function.

• Macro and toggle buttons

In addition to the usual tap or tap-and-hold functionality you expect, it is easy to make RedEye activity buttons perform more advanced functions. Macro buttons can send out multiple commands - for example, a smart mute button that turns on closed captioning when turning off the volume. Toggle buttons can switch between different functions each time you press them, like the classic play/pause button on a CD or MP3 player.

• Shortcut gestures

Touchscreens are great because they provide the ultimate flexibility - custom layouts for each activity being one example. However, they can make it harder to tap the right button when you are channel surfing or otherwise need to be looking elsewhere. RedEye uses the full functionality of the iPhone - multitouch and the accelerometer - to overcome this limitation. Choose from any of five motion gestures and eighteen multi-touch gestures for any button in your activity layout.

• Customizable delays

When executing a series of actions - for example during the launch of an activity - it is important to be able to fine-tune the delay between commands. RedEye allows you to insert delays of up to 20 seconds in 0.05 second increments.

• Quick launch

You want to be able to pick up your remote control and use it right away. If your remote is an app on your phone, then it has to launch fast and put you in the driver's seat right away. RedEye is optimized to launch quickly and to bring you right to the activity in progress. And now if you are using iOS 4 on a device that supports multi-tasking it's even faster than before.

• Online infrared code database

Sure, RedEye can learn commands from your existing remote controls, but who wants to do that? Our software is backed by an online database of more than 45,000 infrared codes covering over 1,200 device manufacturers, so there's a good chance we have what you need. And because the database is stored on a web server rather than on your phone or the RedEye hardware, you get updates to the database as soon as they are available - no need to wait for the next software release.

• Integrated channel guide (coming soon)

Version 1.3.0 of the RedEye software will include an television channel guide covering cable, satellite, and over-the-air broadcasts in the United States and Canada. With the channel guide you no longer need to take up the space on your main screen while you decide what to watch next. It is also easy to filter the list based on your favorite channels so that you don't have to scroll through dozens of screens just to find what you want.

• Toolbar hiding

The iPhone screen is pretty big, but sometimes you want to get everything out of the way and focus on your remote control. RedEye gives you a few different options to remove clutter and take control.

• Disabling the sleep timer

The iPhone's built in sleep-timer helps you conserve battery, and so you want to leave it on in most cases. However, when you are sitting down within arm's reach of a charging cradle, you might prefer to keep the phone awake. A simple setting in the RedEye app allows you to disable the sleep timer while the application is running without disabling it for all applications.

• Multitasking

Beginning with version 1.2.0, RedEye fully supports iOS 4 multitasking, which means that you can get back to controlling your activities even faster than before.

• Retina display support

RedEye now provides high resolution button images so that everything looks crisp and clear on your new iPhone 4.

Monday, July 19, 2010

OpenStack. An Open Source Cloud Initiative By RackSpace And NASA.

OpenStack. An Open Source Cloud Initiative
If you ever wanted to have your own cloud environment, RackSpace, together with NASA is paving the way. Vanting to promote and support interoperability in the cloud, RackSpace is releasing it's file and server code to the open source. NASA is also joining the initiative by contributing technology that goes to power its Nebula Cloud Platform.
Writing about the initiative;
OpenStack consists of two projects. The first is a fully distributed object store based on Rackspace’s Cloud Files offering called "OpenStack Object Storage". The code is available today at The second piece is a scalable compute-provisioning engine based on the NASA Nebula cloud technology and Rackspace Cloud Servers offering called "OpenStack Compute." Developers can download components of OS Compute beginning today at The first release is expected to be available later this year. So starting today, anyone can build their own cloud using the same technology that underlies two of the largest and best ones out there.
While many obstacles are falling in the way of open source, I thingk this initiative by rackspace and the consortium is something worthwhile, we have seen in a while.
I like what they had to say about openness and commitments;

  • COMMITMENT #1: We are producing truly open source software. No artificial limits will be placed or performance limitations maintained. No licensing model – one free, one paid – will be introduced. We are releasing the code under the Apache 2.0 license which allows the community to do with the software as they see fit, including implement into other distributions or “for fee” offerings.
  • COMMITMENT #2: We are committed to an open design process. Rackspace will provide dedicated project leads to guide the roadmap on behalf of the community. We will hold regular design summits—open to anyone—which will produce a roadmap to guide development.
  • COMMITMENT #3: All development will be done in the open. We will maintain a publicly available source code repository to simplify participation.
  • COMMITMENT #4: We will maintain an open community. Healthy, vibrant developer and user communities are the basis of any open source project. Most decisions will be made using a "lazy consensus" model. All processes will be documented, open and transparent.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Droid X May Bring Hope To Some And Moral Happiness To You

Droid X May Bring Hope
With Droid X making waves, Verizon expects to have many new customers purchasing Droid X ( perhaps some from the other camp, dropping the "Not So Perfect" dodgy iPhone 4 for something that is perfect ) and old customers seeking new experience. Either way you will be able to help some one and feel good, in two ways, just by donating your old phone.
Verizon always had the phone recycling program and their zero landfill policy preventing, damaging substances from harming the environment. So the first reward is that you can join the group of people, 7 million so far, who donated their old phones, and make sure that the phone be used for the best, rather than poisoning some ground water somewhere.
The second benefit is that most of those donated phones are still usable. Verizon refurbish them and sold for reuse. Of those more than 90,000 phones have been donated with free wireless service, to victims of domestic violence. Verizon has also granted more than 7.9 million dollars to organizations working to prevent domestic violence. I am sure you have heard of hopeline program, if not please visit. If you thought that does not happen around you, look closer, it is said that one in every four women experience domestic violence in her lifetime. You may be the lucky one to be associated with one of the three, so please help the fourth one.
You can donate your old phone at any Verizon store. Thanks. (Disclaimer : I work, in my free time for one such organization trying to save the fourth woman.) You can donate your phone via mail as well.
Verizon responsibility blog

Friday, July 16, 2010

iOS 4.0.1 Software Update Ready For You

iOS 4.0.1 Software Update
Apple has released the iOS 4.0.1 Software Update for iPhones. According to Apple : also mentioned in today's Apple iPhone 4 antennae press conference : the update improves the formula to determine how many bars of signal strength to display on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G. The real signal strength remains the same, but the bars on iPhone will indicate it more precisely.
I have no idea how it displayed earlier, perhaps now it will display more bars no matter what the signal is! Wow, Thanks Apple for the update.

Droid Incredible Rooted!

Droid Incredible Rooted!
The unrevoked team has released a one click root and reflash tool for HTC Droid Incredible!. We have not tested the software, 'cos people with Droids, will not let me by them! So I can't set them free.

unrevoked3 currently supports the following Android phones:

You can reach the unrevoked team here.

iPhone 4 Press Conference : iPhone Is Not Great, So Are All Other Phones! Jobs say!

iPhone 4 Press Conference July 16th
BGR has put in a nice bullet form what Steve Jobs had to say about the iPhone 4 's faulty antennae. So here it is hope it will make you keep the phone, or return and get a Droid X, oops Droid X is sold out online, so you got to wait. Steve Jobs basically recycled what Apple has said before. The fan boys sucked it up nicely.

  • The iPhone 4 death grip signal degradation happens to a lot of smartphones. Apple demonstrated it on a BlackBerry 9700, Samsung Omnia 2, and HTC DROID Eris. Wow, we all had to wait for Mr. Jobs to show us that! Thx, my neighbor is satanic worshiper, does that make me one too?
  • The software update (4.0.1) released yesterday will take care of the error in the signal calculation algorithm that Apple discovered several weeks ago. Will it show bars regardless of signal?
  • Another software update to address other issues (like the proximity sensor thing) is due “soon.” Basically they still do not have a proper fix, yet.
  • Until September 30th, Apple will be giving iPhone 4 purchasers/owners a free bumper or case (depending on supply). Yes it is always safe to use a condom, in this case iCondom. It does not take away the disease!
  • Users who already purchased a bumper will be eligible for a refund. You had to have purchased an Apple bumper, not a third-party case. If you are not 100% Apple you suck!
  • The return rate on the iPhone 3GS at AT&T stores was 6%, the return rate of the iPhone 4 is 1.7%. What?
  • The white iPhone 4 will be out sometime later the month. Will it have a different antennae or will the case go all around?
  • Apple has sold over 3 million iPhone 4s thus far. There were a lot of people who voted for Bush, twice!
  • 0.55% of iPhone 4 owners have called in to AppleCare to complain. May be because the phone does not work long enough to call!
  • Steve Jobs does not use a bumper on his iPhone 4. He is a risk taker no iCondoms, did he apply transparent varnish or something, over the antenna?
Go to BGR and join the heated conversation.

Droid X Is A Hit, Sold Out Online.

Droid X Is A Hit
While Steve Jobs is telling how iPhone 4 is not perfect and giving a free bumper, Droids seem to be on march! Droid X has sold out! Verizon has said the demand exceeded the supplies and the shelves are empty.
Carrier was quick to point out that here is no shortage, but the online stock has depleted sooner than they expected. The Droid X, is a hot smartphone awaited by many, after the hyped up iPhone 4 fell below the expectations. The phone is $200, after a $100 online discount on Verizon's site. It comes with 4.3" display, an 8-megapixel camera with dual LED flash, and runs a 1GHz Snapdragon processor with Android 2.1 on board to make life easier for road warriors.
On the scary side, the Droid X comes with a chip called eFuse, it's job is to verify if the user is using the correct software shipped with the devices, or approved by the manufacturer. If the check fails, the phone is rendered useless. But it seems the initial fears are not dire as they seem and gifted programmers will be able to overcome the limitations. Motorola seem to be not liking users easily altering the phone.
Now it is time to watch if Droid X will be able to beat or match, the iPhone 4's 1.7 million sale. I would also like to know how many of those 1.7Million iPhone 4s were returned. (PSST it is about 300,000 according to BGR, they say the return rate is about 1.7%.)

Apple Facetime, Changing Your ID?

Apple Facetime
Apple continue to grab gnaw at the market share held by others for decades in manner wich ever the fiercest competitors could not argue.
One such thing is what Apple doing to phone numbers with Apple Facetime, it is making the number irrelevant but you ID, and email address matter, like SIP has been trying to do for ages.Apple is tying your ID, an email address, with your collaborations, be it with one to one or one to many.  Very wise move Apple.Apple introduced Facetime with iPhone 4 and iOS 4.
Now we are waiting for the press release by Apple regarding the iPhone 4 Antennae matter. I am sure it will please fan boys. I will not hear it as I will be in the air with a carrier without internet access in the air.
VoIP Watch

Get "Plugged Into Skype" With SkypeKit SDK On Windows And Mac

SkypeKit SDK

Skype has announced the availability of SkypeKit SDK for Windows and Mac platforms. Previously the same was available on Linux platform. But now developers from all three major platforms can work to connect their products or programs to Skype.SkypeKit provides a set of APIs for a variety of popular Skype features, including voice and video calling and instant messaging, it will also deliver Skype’s signature super wideband audio, based on the SILK codec. Any application and products developed with the SkypeKit will have an opportunity to use coveted "Plugged into Skype".

Currently the program is in beta and if you are interested, you can submit a request for an invitation to join the Beta Program. Go get me a Skype App!
Skype via VoIP and Gadgets

Thursday, July 15, 2010

SIPit 26 Test Results Released.

SIPit 26 Test Results
After a very extensive week long interoperability testing event, SIPit 26 event held in Kista, Sweden, : The SIP forum has released the results. SIPit 26 drew twenty eight companies from fifteen countries to test forty two of distinct implementations. SIP Security and IPv6 internet working  were the highlights of this highly anticipated event.

"SIPit events bring together a diverse array of stakeholders from the global telecom community - SIP application developers, IP communications equipment manufacturers, and service providers - and provides them with an opportunity to glean valuable technical data about new SIP specifications and implementations important to their business, in a neutral setting, The event and the resulting data also give standards bodies such as the IETF a good progress report on the growth of SIP and the specific SIP implementations that are becoming more widely adopted in the service provider, enterprise, and consumer markets." voiced Marc Robins, SIP Forum President and Managing Director.
The test results are available at  (
 The next SIPit event, SIPit 27, will take place in coming fall.
Following is the complete press release;
NORTH ANDOVER, MA (July 7, 2010) - The SIP Forum has announced the results of its latest SIP Interoperability Testing event, SIPit 26, the world's premier interoperability testing event for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for SIP application developers, service providers, and IP communications equipment manufacturers, held May 17-21, 2010 in Kista, Sweden. The five-day testing event demonstrated continued growth and evolution in SIP-based technology as SIP-based consumer and enterprise applications become more broadly deployed across fixed and mobile IP network topologies.

The event, which was hosted by Edvina and TANDBERG and sponsored by Intertex, Ingate, and .se, with the IPv6 Forum serving as an association sponsor, provided 28 attending companies with valuable "real-world" deployment data gathered from the 42 SIP implementations conducted during the week as participants tested SIP interworking in a variety of simulated, live IP network conditions and settings. Of particular note was an increase over past events in the number of Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) and TLS implementations for secure SIP interworking, and the continued and steady growth of IPv6 implementations.
"As SIP communications become more widely prevalent, securing SIP at both the application and media layers through SRTP and TLS is critical," said Robert Sparks, chair of the SIP Forum's Test Event Working Group and organizer of SIPit 26. "Other interesting developments were the growth of IPv6 and a large number of participants testing network edge-specific scenarios with ICE and TURN implementations."
A full summary report of SIPit 26 results is available at the SIP Forum website or by clicking here (
"SIPit events bring together a diverse array of stakeholders from the global telecom community - SIP application developers, IP communications equipment manufacturers, and service providers - and provides them with an opportunity to glean valuable technical data about new SIP specifications and implementations important to their business, in a neutral setting," said Marc Robins, SIP Forum President and Managing Director. "The event and the resulting data also give standards bodies such as the IETF a good progress report on the growth of SIP and the specific SIP implementations that are becoming more widely adopted in the service provider, enterprise, and consumer markets."
SIPit is organized by the SIP Forum's Test Event Working Group (TEWG) and serves as a "plugfest" for participating companies to perform SIP interoperability testing with other participants in a live network environment. Conducted twice a year, with events rotating in the United States, Europe, and Asia, the SIP Forum has hosted 26 plugfest events around the globe. In the coming months, the SIP Forum will release details about its next event - SIPit 27 - which will take place this fall. For information about past SIPits, please visit
About the SIP Forum The SIP Forum is an IP communications industry association that engages in numerous activities that promote and advance SIP-based technology, such as the development of industry recommendations, the SIPit interoperability and testing events, special interoperability workshops, educational seminars, special interest groups, and general promotion of SIP in the industry. One of the Forum's notable technical activities is the development of the SIPconnect Technical Recommendation - a standards-based recommendation that provides detailed guidelines for direct IP peering and interoperability between IP PBXs and VoIP service provider networks. The SIPconnect Compliant Certification Program is an associated program through which eligible companies can gain SIPconnect validation and the right to license the use of the SIP Forum's 'SIPconnect Compliant' certification mark - the official brand of the leading standard for SIP Trunking products and services. Other important Forum initiatives include work in Fax-over-IP interoperability, User Agent Configuration, and the opportunities for SIP in Smart Grid deployments. For more information, please visit:

About Edvina

Edvina is a company with many years' experience in TCP/IP networking and IP Communications solutions. Edvina has been active in software development, software distribution, consulting, training and conferences since 1987. Since its inception, the keyword "open" has been Edvina's mantra - open networking, open standards and open source.

Edvina has been involved with an array of projects, including the installation, configuration and custom development and documentation of Asterisk - the Open Source PBX; VoIP training - including SIP Express Router and Asterisk; XMPP/Jabber installations and development; VoIP architectures for service providers; large-scale SIP PBX services for Universities; scalability, failover and load balancing for SIP infrastructures; and security audits of VoIP infrastructures for carriers and enterprises. For more information, please visit


TANDBERG is the leading global provider of telepresence, high-definition video conferencing and mobile video products and services with dual headquarters in New York and Norway. TANDBERG designs, develops and markets systems and software for video, voice and data. The company provides sales, support and value-added services in more than 90 countries worldwide. TANDBERG is publicly traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker TAA.OL. Please visit for more information. TANDBERG is a trademark or registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries.

About Intertex Data AB

Intertex Data AB was founded in 1982 by current CEO Karl Erik Stahl. The company develops and markets communication and security products. Currently, the focus is on next generation broadband access products following the SIP standard and Live person-to-person IP Communication. The products include feature rich ADSL modems and firewalls prepared for SIP based IP Telephony, Presence, Instant Messaging and Video Conferencing, both over the Internet and over IMS networks. Intertex has won several International awards for creative product design as well as business excellence. For further information, see

About Ingate® Systems

Ingate® Systems develops firewall technology to enable global SIP-based person-to-person communication such as IP telephony, presence, Instant Messaging, video conferencing, IP-PBX connections and Unified Communications. With a history based in security, Ingate offers enterprises, service providers and carriers elegant solutions that make trusted SIP communications possible beyond the LAN. Among the company's award-winning products are the Ingate Firewall® and Enterprise Session Border Controllers (E-SBCs) including the Ingate SIParator® and the Intertex IX78 E-SBC for operator volume SIP trunking deployments. These are widely used to connect service providers' SIP trunks to enterprise IP-PBXs and Unified Communication solutions and to allow remote users outside the LAN. Ingate products are used by retail companies, financial institutions, industrial firms, government agencies and small-to-large enterprises throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Ingate Systems AB is headquartered in Stockholm. Sweden. Its U.S. headquarters is located in Hollis, New Hampshire. For more information on Ingate Systems, visit

About .se

.SE (The Internet Infrastructure Foundation) is an independent utility that acts to promote positive development of the Internet in Sweden. .SE is responsible for the Internet's Swedish top-level domain, .se, encompassing domain name registration and administration, as well as the technical operation of the national domain name register. Profits from domain name registrations are used to support projects that contribute to Internet development in Sweden through both its own operations and the financing of independent projects. For more information, visit

About the IPv6 Forum

The IPv6 Forum is a world-wide consortium of leading Internet service vendors, National Research & Education Networks (NRENs) and international ISPs, with a clear mission to promote IPv6 by improving market and user awareness, creating a quality and secure Next Generation Internet and allowing world-wide equitable access to knowledge and technology. The key focus of the IPv6 Forum today is to provide technical guidance for the deployment of interoperability through its IPv6 Ready & Enabled Logo Programs. For more information, visit

Media Contact
John Gates
Elevate Communications
(617) 861-3651

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Use Your iPhone 4 Data Plan With Your iPad 3G!

iPhone 4 Data Plan With Your iPad 3G!
If you are one of those who got iPad 3G, there is a way to connect to 3G network for cheap, that is if you are a iPhone 4 Data plan user.
TUAW tells us that it is a simple matter, They have shown us how we can swap iPhone 4 Micro-SIMs to make use of your iPhone's unlimited data plan with your iPad. and to set up the connection details. Yes we know Apple say it is not possible to interchange the micro SIMs;

  • Are iPhone 4 and iPad micro-SIM cards interchangeable?
    No. Your iPad micro-SIM card will not work with your iPhone.
TUAW was able to insert iPhone 4 Micro SIM into iPAD 3G and make a connection. But could not connect to a the wider net without making following APN data;
Here are the APN settings that are required:
  • APN name: wap.cingular
  • password: CINGULAR1
After that TUAW was sipping through web sites, just like an ant over a sea of molases, just kidding. But it seems that the connection was real and TUAW and anyone will be able to use iPad 3G, without paying twice for data plans.
B ut the question is what happens, if you get a call while browsing over 3g on your iPad?

Skype And Fring At Video War?

Skype And Fring At Video War
VoIP Watch is reporting (You can read more about the issue there) that Fring and Skype are at war. Both sides are sending accusations to each other and wonder where all these end. Fring says Skype blocked them and Skype tells us that Fring violated the API terms.
VoIP Watch.

Android Will Get A "Bing" Client Soon!

Android Will Get A "Bing" Client

Microsoft will release its first full-featured Bing search client for Android in the next six weeks, matching the search capabilities that Microsoft offers for the Bing for iPhone in iOS 4, Microsoft announced today. Microsofts  Bing client for the iPhone has been downloaded more than 4 million times.Microsoft accounted for about 12.7 % of the searches on the web. With Google leading with 62.6 and Yahoo at 18.9%, according to ComScore.

Microsoft acknowledged the low posisition but promises to grow with the help of Bings Visual richness.
"None of us are confused: We're a very low-share player, We've barely got into double digits and it's a long road." said Satya Nadella, senior vice president for Microsoft's online services
More at Yahoo

Apple Buys Poly9, A Mapping Company.

Apple Buys Poly9
Apple has acquired its second mapping company, Poly9, the maker of the Poly9 Globe : “a cross-browser, cross-platform 3D globe which does not require any download.” . It is a JavaScript-based 3D globe that runs within a browser. With hires imagery of major metropolitan areas were available with the software but it weighted only 303KB. The Poly9 website has disappeared and so are the major parts of Poly9 globe. If the interactive demo too has vanished, and you have not seen the app before, just picture Google Earth, within a browser. The report says that all the eployees are now in California, at Apple.
The above picture is from an app on Skype.
The first mapping company Apple got was Placebase

Android 2.2 FROYO Or Android 2.1 with Sense on HTC HD2, On HTC HD2 : Take Your Pick

Android 2.2 FROYO
For those who were wondering about HTC HD2s place in the current Android arena, some good news. You can have  Android 2.2 Froyo or Android 2.1 with Sense on their phones. There are some issues but I think those will be fixed soon.
Android 2.2 FROYO On HTC HD2 demo;

Here is Android 2.1 with Sense on HTC HD2

HDBLOG via  engadget (There is a link to download software on HDBlog)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Google Fiber for Communities Is Live

Google Fiber for Communities
Google has just launched a site for providing information on it's Fiber to home initiative. The experimental fiber-to-home network aims to improve the broadband. I think as with many ISPs that is really need to be done. AT&T had the same copper wire and the wiring closets for last 15 years. The only upgrade that I saw, was they painted the roadside enclosure. Comcast on the other hand, upgraded the network twice I guess. Now Comcast runs fiber to our home but I have not used them yet.
The main benefit from the Google initiative will be : not some communities getting 1Gbps connectivity : the rest of the country will know what it takes to make such network work and cost.
1100 communities have responded to the Googles call and so have 200,000 individuals, including yours truly.
The site provides a lot of information for municipalities and legistative members to prod ISPs with. Because I doubt me switching from AT&T to Comcast after 15 years of continuous service will make AT&T change their ways.
But I wonder about areas without alternative services. Perhaps LTE and WiMAX services, speed tested here, will compete with 100 year old copper wires!.
Enjoy the 1,100 thanks, and visit the site and Google blog post. Link after the jump.

Official Google Blog: Introducing our Google Fiber for Communities website: "Google Fiber for Communities"

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Wine For GigaOM?

Wine For GigaOM?
"dark color, full bodied, spicy on the attack and smooth all the way through....."
Yes the perfect blend to SIP ! while catching up with GigaOM's gigasite(s). Happy 4th anniversary GigaOM
Andy from VoIP Watch has done it again.
You can see the whole bottle at;
 The Official Wine of GigaOm

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Shipped ROMs Is Here To Stay! Says Conflipper.

Shipped ROMs will stay
The mobile firmware site, Shipped ROMs announced today that it worked out a deal with HTC and will continue to operate. HTC sent a Cease and desist letter to Conflipper two weeks ago. They have agreed not to host test or carrier files. I think people will have to settle for torrents and other file sharing methods for those.

I have already removed all test files. They are talking with the engineers to get me a list together. They have said since I am doing my part to comply, that I have no reason to worry about the 2 weeks being up on July 1. That I am okay to keep everything online until this gets worked out.
So because of that, nothing will happen on July 1. I have asked about becoming a license partner with HTC, they said that is one option we could explore.
I wonder what will happen once the test files and carrier files are no longer available? Will the users still crowed the place.
Shipped Roms

Gingerbread, Android 3.0 Will Bring Google Music Service, In Q4.

Gingerbread, Android 3.0, Google Music and Clouded iTunes,
According to a report published on an Israeli news paper, Google will launch it's much rumored music service alongside the upcoming Android OS iteration, Android 3.0 codenamed, Gingerbread.
The rumors began with Google's purchase of  music streaming company, Simplify Media. It seems Google think very highly of mobile music services.
According to Android product manager Gaurav Jain, Google's music service will launch alongside Android 3.0, codenamed Gingerbread. With over 160,000 Android based phones being activated, everyday, it is understandable the focus on mobile music but I am sure Google has other ideas for music as well.
Apple on the other hand plans to deploy a cloud based version of iTunes soon. The way things are going on at Apple, it might be clouded iTunes. Hoping people will stream music direct to the devices, rather than storing them on the phones. But then, with 16GB or 32GB storage in their hands, would users trust their music to AT&T's flimsy network? It might make a difference, if the other rumor, that iPhone will be available on Verizon, is right. Then again, there were people, 1.7 Million at least, who bought the iPhone 4 with it's problems.
I like the way this is going. Looks like Android was designed with future in mind, and iPhone is like design as we go.
Calcalist via Know Your Cell

Friday, July 02, 2010

Apple Says You Can Return iPhone 4 For Full Refund But What About The AT&T Contract?

Apple Gets the Equation right but the formula wrong!

 Apple has released a statement describing how iPhone is as bad as Droid, Nokia, and RIM. It looks like Apple is grasping every possible straw but the tide is carrying them along. First it was the way you hold the iPhone 4 and now it is the formula they use to calculate the number of bars. Well I think the formula is deducting the number of fingers touching the exposed Antennae from the number of bars!.
What ever the case is if you are not happy with your iPhone 4, you can return it and continue to use your iPhone 3GS (or get one for $99). But Droid X is coming along and it's antennae are away from your fingers and the their formula for calculating bars, are correct.
Moronic fanboys and those who does not have problems or refuse to accept the facts, can keep the iPhone 4 and perhaps apply the iScotch solution for iPhone 4.
Hey those impulse buyers, now you can take the advantage and return it too!
As for me, what ever they do, like faking the bars or making them taller will not make me buy one, period.
Hey Apple, what about AT&T Contract?
CUPERTINO, Calif., July 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ --
Dear iPhone 4 Users,
The iPhone 4 has been the most successful product launch in Apple's history. It has been judged by reviewers around the world to be the best smartphone ever, and users have told us that they love it. So we were surprised when we read reports of reception problems, and we immediately began investigating them. Here is what we have learned.
To start with, gripping almost any mobile phone in certain ways will reduce its reception by 1 or more bars. This is true of iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, as well as many Droid, Nokia and RIM phones. But some users have reported that iPhone 4 can drop 4 or 5 bars when tightly held in a way which covers the black strip in the lower left corner of the metal band. This is a far bigger drop than normal, and as a result some have accused the iPhone 4 of having a faulty antenna design.
At the same time, we continue to read articles and receive hundreds of emails from users saying that iPhone 4 reception is better than the iPhone 3GS. They are delighted. This matches our own experience and testing. What can explain all of this?
We have discovered the cause of this dramatic drop in bars, and it is both simple and surprising.
Upon investigation, we were stunned to find that the formula we use to calculate how many bars of signal strength to display is totally wrong. Our formula, in many instances, mistakenly displays 2 more bars than it should for a given signal strength. For example, we sometimes display 4 bars when we should be displaying as few as 2 bars. Users observing a drop of several bars when they grip their iPhone in a certain way are most likely in an area with very weak signal strength, but they don't know it because we are erroneously displaying 4 or 5 bars. Their big drop in bars is because their high bars were never real in the first place.
To fix this, we are adopting AT&T's recently recommended formula for calculating how many bars to display for a given signal strength. The real signal strength remains the same, but the iPhone's bars will report it far more accurately, providing users a much better indication of the reception they will get in a given area. We are also making bars 1, 2 and 3 a bit taller so they will be easier to see.
We will issue a free software update within a few weeks that incorporates the corrected formula. Since this mistake has been present since the original iPhone, this software update will also be available for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G.
We have gone back to our labs and retested everything, and the results are the same— the iPhone 4's wireless performance is the best we have ever shipped. For the vast majority of users who have not been troubled by this issue, this software update will only make your bars more accurate. For those who have had concerns, we apologize for any anxiety we may have caused.
As a reminder, if you are not fully satisfied, you can return your undamaged iPhone to any Apple Retail Store or the online Apple Store within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.
We hope you love the iPhone 4 as much as we do.
Thank you for your patience and support.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Steve Jobs Email Conversation, Missreported

Steve Jobs Email Conversation, Missreported

What we posted this morning about "Looks Like Steve Jobs Ready To “Retire, relax, enjoy your family. It is just a phone. Not worth it.”" has some errors in it.
Both Techcrunch and BGR has updated / ammended their posts to reflect the mistake. Above image confirms it. Sorry Steve about the mistake, but not about the iPhone 4! Apple also got to say something about it.

Redsn0w beta has been updated to hacktivate iOS 4.0 for iPhone3G!

iPhone Dev Team has announced that the redsn0w beta has been updated to hacktivate iOS 4.0 for iPhone3G. This is in addition to jailbreaking iPhone3G and Jailbreaking iPod Touch 2G).
The download links for redsn0w are:

Mac OSX (x86) []
Windows []
For now, the redsn0w beta release supports only the iPhone3G and iPod Touch 2G at today’s 4.0. It’s still a beta, so you’ll need to let Cydia reorganize, reload, and update after using redsn0w.

The Dev Team also had following updated regarding the same post;

Update #2: There’s a new redsn0w beta (links were changed above) that should fix any iBooks problems people were seeing. Just run this new version 0.9.5b5-4 and deselect Cydia (you don’t want to reinstall Cydia over itself).

Update #3: Remember, there are scammers everywhere in the iPhone scene. The latest one involves something called “ClawPack”. Avoid this costly, untested, and certainly unendorsed ripoff of our free software.

Update #4: There’s a new redsn0w beta (links were changed above) that should fix any APN or MMS issues that users were seeing. It’s safe to re-run it on an already jailbroken iPhone without restoring…just deselect “Install Cydia” if you do that.

Dev Team

Looks Like Steve Jobs Ready To “Retire, relax, enjoy your family. It is just a phone. Not worth it.”

May be the sweat on the iPhone 4 is Steves!
Retire, relax, enjoy your family. It is just a phone. Not worth it.”
Man, no one even seem to mind when we reported early about the iPhone 4 Antennae problems. At that point the No Clue meter was reading something around 600,000 or slightly more. But then over the weekend, it jumped to 1.7 million. I love my country! No matter what, if you are good, you can sell a turd and there will at least be a million to buy it.
We posted some videos, we and Steve Jobs both told how to hold it (Magically suspend the iPhone 4 in air", Apples own bumper solution or go get an Droid X, because Droid X vs iPhone, Droid X wins!. Or at least you can make calls with an Droid X!
But now there is a leaked /LEAKED email that Apple acknowledging the problem and that they are working on it, allegedly from Steve Jobs him self. But the fun part is that Mr Jobs seem to have said tot he user involved, "  “Retire, relax, enjoy your family. It is just a phone. Not worth it.” ! I think Steve was in front of a mirror when he typed that email.
Steve responds once again:
You may be working from bad data. Not your fault. Stay tuned. We are working on it.

Sent from my iPhone 

Is is an iPhone 3GS, Steve?
BGR via  Crunchgear

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