Monday, March 09, 2009

QuickPWN Your iPhone To Get The Best Apps (How To JailBreak iPhone / iPod)
Gizmodo is having a good article telling how to get much more out of your iPhone. I have been looking at these apps and if Apple does not come out with apps like this, I may have to jailbreak iPhone and visit Cydia App Store.
Currently following (short list) are the best apps that a jailbroken iPhone could have and I want all of them!

This is what you can do with a phone that has been jailbroken:

• iPhone as a 3G modem with your laptop.
• Record video using Cycorder.
• Unlock your iPhone installing a simple program, so you can use a pre-paid card when you go out on vacation instead of paying outrageous roaming charges.
• Follow speech turn-by-turn directions in a GPS program.
• Copy and paste (yes, copy and paste).
• Play Nintendo Entertainment System games and other emulated classic cames (like Monkey Island!) well I really don't NEED this.

Gizmodo article carries you throgh how to jailbreak, through various methods including QuickPWN and get cydia Apps and others listed above running on your computer. All come with the following warning and yes follow it and do it;

*WARNING* Of course, the usual do this at your own risk and we are not responsible caveats still apply, but this process is really fool proof thanks to Apple's iTunes factory reset. If you are looking to unlock your iPhone now or in the future, DON'T USE THESE INSTRUCTIONS or you won't be able to unlock it. You will need a different process, which we will explain in another How To.


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