Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Samsung A877 via AT&T On March 29th, Rumor Has It.

Looks like Mobile World Congress cell phones are coming to shops near you. Samsung is releasing Samsung A877 via AT&T.
Even though the phone is not a smartphone, following array of features;

  • 3.2" WQVGA AMOLED touchscreen
  • Slide-out QWERTY and messaging shortcut button
  • 3 MP camera with geotagging
  • Telenav GPS Navigator
  • Full HTML browser
  • TouchWiz user interface
  • Quadband EDGE/GSM
  • Dual band HSDPA (1900 and 850)
  • Bluetooth, MP3 player
obtained by phonedog seem to be very attractive. Alaso according to the same source, we will be able to touch, feel and buy the phone on March 29th at an AT&T store. But then again this is a rumor, but phonedog has been pretty good at predicting stuff.


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