Thursday, March 26, 2009

iPhone Developer, Another Way To Go Bankrupt?

Developers to pay Apple For refunded iPhone Apps
iPhone App refunds might make iPhone App developper go bankrupt according to an article on TechCrunch.
Ususally you can get a refund for your app from apple within 90 days if you do not want the application for valid reasons. Apple refunds the 100% of the application price to the user. But the kicker seems to be, Apple wants to keep it's commission, the 30% Apple charges developers to use it's iTunes App Store to distribute warez. So the developer has to pay out of his pocket, the 30% to the user! HA!! More fodder for EFF and rougue App stores. I hone Cydia will not follow Apple's path in this drive to bankrupt developers.

"a Licensed Application fails to conform to Your specifications or Your product warranty or the requirements of any applicable law, Apple may refund to the end-user the full amount of the price paid by the end-user for that Licensed Application. In the event that Apple refunds any such price to an end-user, You shall reimburse, or grant Apple a credit for, an amount equal to the price for that Licensed Application. Apple will have the right to retain its commission on the sale of that Licensed Application, notwithstanding the refund of the price to the end."
TC has more information and a copy of the contract on line. Read and laugh or weep, depending who you are.
iPhone App Refund Policies, TechCrunch


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