Friday, November 30, 2018

Samsung's Bendable OLED Technology Is Stolen And sold To China By TopTec.

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Samsung's Bendable OLED Technology Is Stolen And sold To China!, according to prosecutors in South Korea.

The Suwon District Prosecutors’ Office said on Nov. 29 that has it indicted 11 executives and employees of Gumi-headquartered Toptec and a company that it had set up  in China. They have leaked the details of the 3D lamination manufacturing equipment, which allows an OLED display to be wrapped around the sides, first to the paper company and then to Samsung’s Chinese rivals, including presumably BOE. , the office said in a statement. Among the indicted, three of them, including Toptec President Bang In-bok, have been arrested while eight others will be investigated without detention.

Toptec denied the allegations in an official statement. “We have been working with Samsung Display for the past 26 years and exported its pressing tech for curved displays to China in March this year after notifying the firm,” said Toptec CEO Lee Jae-won. 


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