Saturday, August 09, 2008

Runnix + AstLinux Based New AstLinux Install Script! An Invitation For Test.

After a long silence AstLinux has released a new image / ISO for testing. According to a message on the newsgroup, they have been working on integrating Runnix and AstLinux looking for outcomes with Runnix+AstLinux based systems.

The idea is to boot from the AstLinux Live CD and install AstLinux to disk from the console. Kristian has built a CD image with a script to do just that and I would like for some of us to test it. I have already downloaded it and will be installing as soon as I free up a machine.

As usual with any beta software, this too comes with standard warnings and be prepared to lose ALL of the data on your machine before even running this script.

You will find the CD with install script at the following link;


After booting simply log in as root and run:


After rebooting the machine, it should boot to Runnix+AstLinux. Please let the team or Kristian know if you have any suggestions, problems, etc. If everything goes well you can expect to see and AstLinux release shortly.

Message originated from;
Kristian Kielhofner
Kristian's Blog


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