Saturday, March 07, 2009

Cydia App Store Opens! And You Should Free Your Phone Too.
As we mentioned earlier, "Cydia Store, JailBroken App Store By Cydia" Jay Freeman. the author of our really wanted app, cycorder and the infamous installer Cydia,has opened their its own app store, and the other really really wanted app, PDAnet might be there. So are those countless apps that Apple blocks from App store to protect its own interests.
Aside from awaiting DCMA threats from Apple, all the people in the jailbreak friendly area seem to be happy. I too would like to install apps that I like on the phone that I paid too much for. For all those who are aon apples side, I have a question.
What if Apple said that you can only install apple approved apps on you Mac? what would you say?
So I think and wish, EFF will win the proposal. I signed the petition and if you think that you should own the phone you paid for, you should too.
Free your phone.


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