Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ShopSavvy Realtime Gets You Best Price From Online And Local Retailers.

ShopSavvy for Android

Shopsavvy and Android Application that we spoke about when we compared iPhone to Android G1, has improved. The application now can scan the barcode from a product, be it a ceral box, bar of soap or HDTV, and finds the best deal, both online, at hand in the shop and in the visinity using the handsets location awareness (GPS Location).
I think sales people of high end products need to go on new training to spot and stop Android users on the track, if they ever plan to sell some thing to them, unless of course they have the lovest price in the area. (I prefer to touch wha I buy, unless I absolutely know what I am buying)
ShopSavvy is available through the Android App Market on the G1 Android phone.


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