Thursday, March 26, 2009

Skype, Largest International Communications Carrier

Number one call carrier
If you thought AT&T joining hands with RIAA id bad news, now the news is that it is loosing to Skype in international call carrying business. Now I wonder if Skype users get letters from AT&T and RIAA, after all it is a peer to peer application and one can share files with it!
Skype has been a talk of the town for years now and looks like making some money for Ebay, who paid hefty price for it. Skype made $550 million in 2008, which is peanuts for companies like AT&T.

TeleGeography estimates that Skype's international traffic jumped by 41 percent in 2008 and topped 33 billion minutes of use, most of that in free calls. Traditional international calls grew only 12 percent in 2008.
But now with Skype joining with companies like Digium, the creator of open source IPPBX software Asterisk (Skype for Asterisk) and the latest Skype drive Skype for SIP which targets small and medium business PBX and VoIP Phones, will be pulling in business customers everywhere and we might read in 2009 report that it is the number one local carrier.
As many mobile hand sets now are capable of running mobile VoIP apps, I am sure executives of big phone companies spending more time talking about Skype than talking with AT&T Talking With RIAA.
ARS Technica has a very good article on this subject.


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