Monday, March 16, 2009

iPhones At SXSW Taxing AT&T Bandwidth.
Andy Abramsons post lead me to two articles by Silicon Alley Insider (SAI) that explained the iPhone and the SXSW trouble. SXSW draws untold number of technically inclined people to Austin, Texas. Even the economic down turn has not diminished the numbers this year. Geeks carry iPhones or similar devices equiped with 3G.
But all those became almost impossible to use in most of the city. Phone calls were disconnected and data calls were not transfering data. This twitter search for AT&T SXSW on twitter illustrates. Even one of our Tweets there, complaining about the connection woes.
But the good news is that SAI informes us that AT&T is taking steps to bump up the bandwidth in Austin.
"To accommodate unprecedented demand for mobile data and voice applications at SXSW, we are actively working this afternoon to add capacity to our cell sites serving downtown Austin."
Silicon Valley Insider via VoIP Watch


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