Thursday, March 19, 2009

WiMax Field Speed Test
Gizmodo has conducted a series of WIMax tests all over in Portland, Oregon. Motorola USBw25100 WiMax dongle and managed to reach 13Mbps down stream (Clearwire provided him with uncapped connection). Man I think I am going to be more giddy than him. I jump updaown when I get a 3G connection from AT&T. Dont forget to read my iPhone 3G Speed Test and the iPhone Speed tests covering GPRS,EDGE and WiFI.
Anyway here is the summery of the WiMax Speed Tests.

It's easy to reach download speeds that are four times the peak of today's best 3G networks

Power demand does not seem to be any greater than other wireless connections

Most available Clear services now are capped at 4Mbps, though uncapped plans may be available sometime this year

Only a handful of cities will have this service in 2009, with more to come in 2010

Wide fluctuations in bandwidth feel weird: 12Mbps upside makes 3Mbps feel like a disappointing trickle

Within Portland's city limits, there were plenty of dead zones that will hopefully be filled in soon

Maps Videos and lots more information at Gizmodo.


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