Monday, March 23, 2009

Google Voice And Asterisk Integration

Googlified Messaging
When you thought Nerd Vittles (Ward Mundy) has surprised you enough, he comes up with another one. This time he is putting ideas into our heads with his recipes for the Asterisk and Google Voice integration. I have already had my GrandCentral number associated with my Asterisk installationS, (yes I have a quite a few Asterisk servers running). I have not been doing much on the Google Voice side of it yet. But after all the Google Voice excitement, subsequent OOMA Plus Google Voice(GVE) and this recipe now, I have no excuse.

If you are looking to get your voicemails trnscribed and emailed (I just get my grandcentral voicemail emailed without transcription) and wring Google Voice and FreePBX (Asterisk) get more out of both, I think Nerds article Googlified Messaging, is a good read.
It is bit technical but easy to follow as most Nerd Vittles article. But if you think you need a laugh after all those technical wrangling you can read some transcribed messages (tests conducted by usesrs like me) you can do it here.


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