Tuesday, March 17, 2009

iPhone 3.0 Features, Oracle For iPhone, The best!

The introduction is that 17 million iPhones have been sold by the end of 2008 and the reach is 80 countries in the world.
Yes, there are 25000 apps in the app store and according to apple 96% of the apps submitted are approved. Most are approved within 7 days or less.
Peer-to-peer connectivity via bluetooth! This is going to be great, like sharing contacts or playing multi player games.
Blood pressure monitor? yes with iPhone 3.0 SDK it is possible to build such device and integrate it in to iPhone. You will be able to measure your blood pressure at home and send it to your doctor!

Google Maps could be used for applications and now TA DA, Our prediction, turn by turn GPS for iPhone is possible with geolocation. That is two of our predictions, PDAnet (Bluetooth peer to peer) and Turn by Turn GPS, no Kevin stuff yet!

Push notification Yes, it is there! but no back ground apps, due to battery issues. An IM application tested dropped battery by 80%. Whooa, that is no good! But notifications will also drop battery by 23%.

Whole bunch of API are open, iPod library access, proximity sensor, audio recorder, battery API, streaming audio and video, data detectors, text selection (May be for Kevin's prediction! cut and paste)

Meebo is an IM app developped using iPhone SDK 3.0.with push notifications!

Electronic Arts, SIM 3 for iPhone is good! Play back ground music from your library!

Man Oracle For iPhone, best ever, pulling data from back end server, emailing a contact with that data. Even though audience is too gamish to understand, this is a big move for iPhone to enter corporate market. Thinks of sales!

ESPN app is nice. App can dynamically scale video based on connection. They can provide the best video without settling on lowest common denominator for video quality.

LifeScan from J & J is a glucose monitoring app and communicates via bluetooth with the insulin meter. With whole bunch of other information doctor/nurse can decide patients insulin ammount. Doctor in Your Pocket! Good stuff for Meddesktop.

ngmoco:) showing touch pet and a first person shooter, LiveFire, multiplayer, over bluetooth. Both are pretty good and has the crowd pleased ;(.

Smule is on the stage with Dr.Wang from Stanford. They are presenting Leaf Trombone, you play it by blowing into the microphone and moving your fingers over the keys on screen! Good I can annoy my neighbors!

Cut Copy and paste. Yes finally the darn capabilities are on! Seems like any other cut and paste! good for me! Now I can blog (cheat) from iPhone.
Cut and paste works across apps. Like selecting photos, more than one and emailing them all at once by pasting into your mail app!
The landscape mode with wider keyboard is available for all apps with keyboard!
MMS voice memos seem to be attractive and people are liking it.
Calendar support calDAV! Great
Spotlight will search across your iPhone. It will reside on the left of your home and a single thumb flick will bring it up!
There are a whole bunch of mundane stuff that should have been in the iPhone 1.0 but Stereo Bluetooth A2DP support stands out!

So we get peer to peer connectivity with bluetooth, accessory connectivity in multiple ways (dock bluetooth), Google map controls, cut and paste, push notifications, enhanced landscape mode across most apps , Messages (MMS), voice memos, new Calendar support, and search (Spotlight).
Will be free for iPhone but iPodders have to pay $9.95
So it goes my friends, iPhone 3.0 and first live blogging attempt. Next time I will change the flow!


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