Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jan Linden Of Global IP Solutions (GIPS) To Speak At International CTIA WIRELESS I.T. & Entertainment 2009, At San Diego

“API's - Enabling the Future of Mobile Development,”
Global IP Solutions announced today that its VP of Engineering Jan Linden will present “API's - Enabling the Future of Mobile Development,” in the educational program at International CTIA WIRELESS I.T. & Entertainment 2009®, which takes place October 7-9 at the San Diego Convention Center.

Jan's presentation / speach will a part of the Mobile Applications Track, addressing the benefits of using APIs to rapidly develop mobile applications that achieve HD voice and video chat. The session will be held on Wednesday October 7 from 4:00pm-5:15pm in Room 29A. Linden will be joined by other executives in the wireless industry who will share their perspectives and experiences in the mobile marketplace.

“We are delighted that GIPS' Jan Linden will be joining the discussion on the critical technical, business and policy issues facing the wireless industry,” said Robert Mesirow, vice president and show director for CTIA. “Our speakers will share with attendees their secrets for developing successful mobile business strategies.” "The demand for Mobile VoIP and video chat is growing rapidly," said Linden. "I'm delighted to be speaking at CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment to explain to developers the enormous benefits of these applications in the mobile marketplace, especially given today's growing need from consumers and businesses for a high-quality HD voice user experience, anytime and anywhere."
Register to attend the event here

GoGo, Row44, Truphone and Airline Manners

Andy has a nice post about WiFi calls on airlines and the associated manners. But I like the part about phone booth on the air plane, may be not too close to the toilet, I might get confused with queues or lines.
Andy Abramson

TerreStar Joins AT&T To Provide Satelite Smatphone Services.

TerreStar GENUS

TerreStar Networks signed a deal with AT&T to launch what it seems to be the the first fully integrated satellite smartphone, allowing  the companies to provide users with voice and data services in the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and offshore coastal waters over either the AT&T cellular network or the TerreStar satellite network.
"TerreStar is pleased to announce AT&T as a distribution channel. TerreStar remains focused on offering an integrated satellite and terrestrial communications solution to enable true ubiquity and reliability virtually anywhere in the United States to help solve the critical communications and business continuity challenges faced by government, emergency responders, enterprises and rural communities," said Jeffrey Epstein, president, TerreStar Networks. 


Live Web Cast, Learn "How Google Tackles IT Security"

Tackling IT Security
We all know that we do not have a IT shop the size and magnitude of Google but we all have our own IT shops that we love and adore and look after, just like a new born baby. We also know time to time we run into security issues, from script kiddies to full blown frontal attacks.
Since we are dealing with VoIP IP Telephony, and VoIP security a vital part of any organization, from mom and pop shop to enterprises, these machinery need to keep running 24/7 to ensure proper service.
So when I saw the post by Google about a webinar regarding IT Security or at least how they handle it, I thought it might be interest to most of you.
This live webcast, “How Google Tackles IT Security – and What You Can Learn From It,” to learn about security in the cloud and get your questions answered by members of Google's Security team. Participants include:

Eran FeigenbaumAs the Director of Security for Google Apps, Eran Feigenbaum defines and implements security strategy for Google's suite of solutions for enterprises. Prior to joining Google in 2007, Eran was the US Chief Information Security Officer for PricewaterhouseCoopers.

John FlynnJohn “Four” Flynn has an extensive background in network monitoring, intrusion detection, and incident response. John currently leads Google's Security Monitoring program and is a founder of Google's Security Metrics group.
Bradley TaylorGmail's “Spam Czar,” Brad Taylor leads Gmail's technical anti-spam, anti-abuse, and email delivery engineering efforts. Brad has played a key role in the development of Gmail's spam filter since Gmail launched in April, 2004.

Eric Sachs – Eric Sachs has over 15 years of experience with user identity and security for hosted web applications. During his years at Google, he has worked as a Product Manager for many services including Google Accounts, Google Apps, orkut, Google Health, Google Security, and Internal Systems.
You will learn:
  • What are the latest security threats against web-based apps?
  • What best practices does Google employ to protect Google Apps?
  • How does Google monitor, detect and respond to threats?
  • Plus live Q & A!

Join Google for the live webcast to learn about the people, best practices, and technologies that we have in place to minimize security threats.

How Google Tackles IT Security – and What You Can Learn From It
Thursday, October 1, 2009
11:00 a.m. PDT / 2:00 p.m. EDT / 6:00 p.m. GMT 

I will be there!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Truphone For Android v2.0 Launched

Truphone For Android v2.0
Truphone announced today a major upgrade to its Android application with the launch of Truphone for Android v2.0. According to Truphone, the new truphone application for Android 2.0 is faster, more responsive and easier to use with a native interface.
Truphone for Android and other media like Truphone for iPhone, provides an all-in-one conversations hub. It allows Truphone users to take advantage of low international call rates, (The customer also pays for a local call to Truphone Gateway). The application works by making a local GSM call to the Truphone gateway  and the call is then routed over the Truphone network to it's true destination.
Truphone also allows users to make voice calls to skype and Google talk buddies for similar costs as above. Another part of Truphone is the capability of IM that works across Skype and Google Talk(TM), MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM and Twitter all from one application and for free. (IM works over 3G and the users need a data plan for it to work)
Director of Consumer Apps for Truphone, Karl Good said on the occasion;
"The improvements to the Android application come from customer feedback and lessons learned from our first application to provide a slicker and faster user experience, this new Android application builds on our heritage of being a pioneer in the mobile industry, providing high quality voice services and making Truphone the smart choice for people with an international lifestyle.

The new application could be  download now either from Truphone website, or the Android Market.

Android Market

SIP Communicator And Other Tales From Google Summer of Code Adventures: Part One

Since being accepted into Google Summer of Code, in 2007, SIP Communicator has gone through many a transformations. The popularity of having seven successful students out of eight that was funded in that summer brought honor to the open source project as well as many followers like me.
In 2008 SIP Communicator had much wider acceptance both by public and the Google Summer of Code project. They were honored with 20 student projects but due to the circumstances, only 15 were selected by the project. At the end of 2008 Google Summer of Code, the team has added two permanent contributors to the project.
In 2009, the number of student applicants increased to 203 and out of those a super 10 was selected by the SIP Communicator team and they are doing great with their brains.
There are four very interesting projects (there is more to come in a second part of the post);

Growl Notifications, and Next Generation Sparkle Updates
Hush-hush Chats with Off The Record (OTR) Messaging
Storing Chat History and Contact Lists in a Database
Recognizing and displaying remote user agents
Looks like we have so much to do with SIP Communicator in the coming year.
Great Job, Google Summer of Code and the SIP Communicator team who participated!

Google Open Source Blog: SIP Communicator's Summer of Code Adventures: Part One

Samsung AMOLED 12M ( SCH-W880) Camera Phone Coming To Korea Next Month.

AMOLED 12M ( SCH-W880)
The yet elusive (on the phone side) AMOLED 12M seem to me more of a camera first with a phone thrown in. As a camera, it has a very impressive array of features, 12MP sensor is accompanied by 3x optical-zoom, Auto focus, Image stabilization, Face detection and Xenon flash all housed in a case more of a camera than a phone. All the controllers and picture viewing are done via via the 800x480 3.3-inch AMOLED screen.  It can also make HD movies (720P) at 30fps. My regular camera does not even have that much capabilities!

On the phone side there are not much information but Samsung Hub had the following;
Network: WCDMA (2100 MHz); GSM(900), DCS(1800 ), PCS(1900) Roaming
Display: 3.3” WVGA AMOLED
Camera: 12MP with 3X Optical Zoom, 2X Digital Zoom, Xenon + Power Led Flash, Touch AF Tracking, Smart Auto, Beauty Shot, Macro Shot
Video: HD Level (1280 x 720) 30fps
Format support: Video – MPEG4, H.263, H.264, DivX, XviD; Audio – MP3, AAC, AAC+, AAC+e, WMA
Terrestrial DMB (Mobile TV)
Connectivity: Bluetooth® 2.0, USB 2.0 HS (micro USB)
Internal memory: 4GB
External memory: Micro SD (up to 32GB)
Battery: 1,100 mAh
Size: 115.8 x 56.9 x 16.3 mm

Samsunghub via Gizmodo

Monday, September 28, 2009

Apples iPod and Other MP3 Players Get New EU Rules.

Volume Control In MP3 Players!
EU has put forward a set of rules or safty standards for MP3 players, like iPod and Zen to limit hearing loss among users. I have wondered about this when a person sitting next to you plays music so loud using ear phones, I could clearly hear it clearly from about a foot away. I ask the same question when group of young people pull right along with me in their car, and my car begins to vibrate to the tune they play!
I think the rules by EU is to be commended otherwise, I will not be able to preach, in a few years.
"EU Consumer Affairs Commissioner Meglena Kuneva, said, "It's easy to push up the sound levels on your MP3 player to damagingly loud levels, especially on busy streets or public transport. And the evidence is that particularly y oung people - who are listening to music at high volumes sometimes for hours each week- have no idea they can be putting their hearing at risk. It can take years for the hearing damage to show, and then it is simply too late. These standards make small technical changes to players so that by default, normal use is safe. If consumers chose to override the default settings they can, but there will be clear warnings so they know the risks they are taking.""

The current rules

Existing EU standards currently prescribe no maximum sound limit nor require any specific labelling in respect of volume levels but require that a statement be put in the instruction manual to warn of the adverse effects of exposure to excessive sound level.

The new proposals – the mandate for new safety standards

The mandate, proposed by the European Commission with 27 Member States, covers all personal music players and mobile phones with a music playing function. It provides that:

  • Safe exposure levels shall be the "default" settings on products. The mandate does not prescribe specific technical solutions in order not to stifle the capacity of industry to innovate. Instead it requires manufactures to provide that the default settings for normal usage meet safety requirements.

The mandate makes it clear that safe use depends on exposure time and volume levels. At 80 dB(A), exposure should be limited to 40 hours/week. At 89 dB(A) exposure should not exceed 5 hours/week.

The safe exposure levels defined above shall be the default settings on products. Higher exposure levels can be permitted, provided that they have been intentionally selected by the user and the product incorporates a reliable means to inform the user of the risks.

  • A dequate warnings for consumers on the risks involved, and on ways to avoid them, including the situation when the original set of earphones is replaced with another type and this causes higher unsafe sound levels. The mandate is not prescriptive in terms of how this is done. Industry solutions could include for example – labels or digital information on the screen.

What happens next?

EU standards are drawn up by CENELEC (European standard setting body) in a process, involving scientists, industry and consumer groups as well as other stake holders, it can take up to 24 months. EU standards are not mandatory, however if the new standard is approved by the European Commission and published in the Official Journal of the European Union, it "de facto" becomes the industry norm. Products meeting those standards are presumed safe – otherwise manufacturers have to go through costly independent testing for products. The new safety standards will apply only to future products.

What can consumers do?

Personal music player users can already take certain very practical precautions, such as checking their device to see if a maximum volume can be set so as to keep the volume lower, or they can lower the volume manually, and they can take care not to use the personal music player for prolonged periods in the interest of their hearing.


In recent years sales of personal music players have soared, in particular those of MP3 players. Overall, in the EU, it is estimated that roughly 50 to 100 million people may be listening to portable music players on a daily basis. In the last four years, estimated units sales range between 184-246 million for all portable audio devices and range between 124-165 million for MP3 players. Across the EU, many millions of people use personal music players daily and, if they use them inappropriately, they put themselves at risk of hearing damage.

More information

Apple App Store Passes 2 Billionth Download!

App Store 2 Billionth App Downloaded
It seems it took shorter time reach 2Billion from one billion for the app store. The database of 85000 apps feeding 50 Million iPhone users has achieved two billion mark in two years. Also to take in to consideration is that this quarter alone, people down loaded half a billion apps!
There are about 125,000 developer working hard to provide the staggering number of apps. iPhone and iPod touch has customers in 77 countries worldwide and "there is an App for All that". It also could be the new user base it acquired from the new iPhone 3GS.
Either way Apple is doing the thing, I hope Apple keeps on doing the right thing
Congrats Steve and the gang!
Apple Press release

Acer's Android A1, Packs A Lot

Android A1 from Acer
Acer Android seem to be a pretty hefty and heart (but not in the caliber of Super Androids) yet I think I will heart one.
The best part of the news is the specs of the phone which was grabbed from Expansys but the page and the phone has desappered from their site. Android Guys (via Gizmodo) grabbed those info before they vanished. The image from Gizmodo proves that it was there! See what you get for 390 Euro!
768MHz processor, Android 2.0, 3.5 wvga screen, WiFI, GPS, Bluetooth 2.0, 5MP Camera and not so impressive battery.

• Processor: Qualcomm 8250 768 MHz Qualcomm 8250 768 MHz
• Operating System: Android 2.0 (Donut)
• Memory: ROM: 512 MB / RAM: 256 MB ROM
• Display: 3.5-inch touch-sensitive screen with WVGA resolution
• Network: HSPA/WCDMA: 850, 1900, 2100 MHz - Up to 2 Mbps up-link and 7.2 Mbps down-link speeds
Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Quad-band GSM / GPRS / EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
(Band frequency and data speed are operator dependent)
• GPS: Internal GPS antenna
• Connectivity: Bluetooth® 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate and A2DP for wireless stereo headsets. Wi-Fi®: IEEE 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi ®: IEEE 802.11 b / g, 3.5 mm audio jack 3.5 mm audio jack
• Camera: 5.0 megapixel color camera with auto focus
• Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. Capacity: 1350 mAh, Talk time: Up to 300 minutes Talk time: Up to 300 minutes, Standby time: Up to 400 hours. (The above are subject to network and phone usage)
• Expansion Slot: microSD ™ memory card (SD 2.0 compatible)
• Dimensions (LxWxT): 115 x 62.5 x 12.5 mm 115 x 62.5 x 12.5 mm
• Weight: 135 grams with battery 135 grams with battery
Android Guys via Gizmodo

Health Care, Medical Practice, Patients and IP Telephony.

IP-PBXs In Health Care!
I was recently pointed to an article by friend Dior and I am glad he did. With all the debates, disagreements, Yeas nays about Health Care Insurance, there is another wave of changes happening in the background. Electronic Health Records (EHR) or Patient Records and Practice Management Systems are facing new lights and heights.
We have been in touch with Google Health initiatives and the governments health care information exchange system, CONNECT Open Source Initiative and all these makes Health Care a new frontier for Application Development. Unlike the Health Care itself, applications and management has come a very long way but, when ever I visit a practice IT department, I am surprised to see old school applications. There are some active VoIP in Health Care initiatives but no way near the need.
But enough with that, and to the article by Houston Neal, "Seven Great Applications for IP-PBXs in the Medical Practice" I think is a good eye opener for developers in the VoIP IP Telephony field. I too think there is a great opportunity to combine voice and data by integrating IP-PBXs with electronic health records (EHRs) and practice management systems. To quote Neal (for more information on topics read his article, link after the jump;

  • Patient screen-pops – When a patient calls, caller ID recognizes their number and opens their patient demographic data in the practice management system.
  • IP faxing – Patient Records and Practice data can be faxed through the IP-PBX and over the telephone network to doctors and facilities who are not yet ready for electronic versions
  • Appointment reminders
  • Find me, follow me – The system would prioritize an after-hours call based on the urgency of the situation. Emergencies could be immediately forwarded to 911. Calls from patients that recently had an ambulatory procedure might be forwarded to the physician’s mobile phone.
  • Dunning Voicemails –  “Dear %%INSERT FIRST NAME%%, we recently noticed your balance of %%INSERT OVERDUE BALANCE%% has yet to be paid. If you’d like to pay now over the phone, press one. If you think you have received this message in error, press two.”
  • vPrescribing – Need to get a prescription refilled? Call your doctor’s dedicated prescription-refill phone number. Following instructions from the IVR, you can request a prescription be refilled.
  • Patient-centric recordings – When a patient calls, they get a custom recording based on their billing or appointment status.
Yes Neal has put the article together very well and by the comments I read was received very well too. Ok developers, off to work!
Houston Neal's Article

Whaleback Systems Adds Three New Polycom HD Voice Phones.

Whaleback Systems
Whaleback Systems took steps to make it's phone portfolio to be Polycom compatible by adding the Polycom® SoundPoint® IP 670, Polycom SoundPoint IP 550 and Polycom SoundPoint IP 450 desktop phones to the list.
These phones will provide customers of Whaleback System's Managed VoIP service to receive and make calls via wideband codecs with better voice quality and reliability. Whaleback supports of G.722 within its network and unlike compression codecs which sacrifice quality for the sake of bandwidth, wideband voice codecs like G.722 double the sampling rate, vastly improving audio fidelity and clarity.
"Since day one, we engineered CrystalBlue Voice Service to be a business communications service with the highest reliability and quality of service - from the phones on the desk to our underlying network infrastructure," said David Zwicker, Whaleback Systems vice president of marketing. "We developed an advanced Voice Quality Management System (VQMS) with full support for G.722 enabling us to be one of the first business VoIP providers to offer Polycom HD Voice phones when they were first introduced several years ago. The addition of the new phones represents the next step as we can now offer all of our customers the opportunity to experience HD VoIP."
Following are the polycom Phones that are supported by Whaleback;

  • The Polycom SoundPoint IP 670 is an application-enabled desktop IP phone featuring unparalleled voice quality and clarity, a large color display, advanced network connectivity, enhanced call handling capacity, plus integration with productivity- enhancing applications and business processes. Designed for business professionals, the phone supports six lines in standalone mode and 34 lines via expansion modules.
  • The Polycom SoundPoint IP 550 is a four- line executive IP phone that provides HD voice technology and a backlit display. Designed for managers or attendants that use the phone on a regular basis, the handset offers advanced functionality, including shared lines, busy lamp field, presence, and an XHTML application.
  • The Polycom SoundPoint IP 450 is a midrange SIP desktop phone featuring a high- resolution backlit display with multi-language support, built-in XHTML microbrowser for third-party applications, plus support for three phone lines.
Whaleback Systems Press Release

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday GoogLLe


Happy 11th Birthday and we wish countless more to come!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Battle For The Super Android

HTC Leo was the darling of Android Phone World a few weeks ago. But looks like they don't get to rest, there is another phone with expresive features like high power CPU and larger screen. This translates into1GHz ARM Cortex processor under a 4.3-inch 854 x 480 screen but it comes in 10mm thin titanium case and perhaps  a front-facing camera. Like Engadget, my French is worse than my English and that does not say much either.
But yes the competitor to HTC Leo is a phone based on Android from Archos. But that is all for the moment and you can watch the video. If you are good at French, Please tell us about the phone.


Take Care Of GMail Label Clutter, Hide read labels

GMail Lab folks have introduced a new lab feature that makes it easier to keep the left plank of you GMail page cleaner and neater.
This could be done with

feature called "Hide read labels." Turn it on from the Labs tab under Settings and all your labels without unread messages will be hidden under the "More" menu. Labels with unread messages will automatically show up, unless you've explicitly chosen to keep them hidden.

I really can use this as I have way too many labels and way too many emails to be read and responded. On a side note, I love the way the GMail Spam Filter works, Super!

New in Labs: Hide read labels

Free SIP Server For Windows.

Free SIP Server for Windows.

The interest on free SIP accounts and Free SIP providers Free SIP Account 2013 has been steady and many people are finding their service provider through us. This also got me thinking about SIP Servers, free of course. There are plenty of free or open source SIP servers for Linux platform but a very little and also very little info on the same for windows platform.
I was searching for free SIP servers and the first I found was a server from 3CX. 3CX provides telephony services and products globaly, in the UK, USA, Germany, Cyprus, Malta, Australia and Hong Kong.
The Free edition of the SIP server from 3CX has an impressive feature set;
 Call Logging         
Call Reporting       
Blind Call Transfer       
Attended Call Transfer       
Call Forward on Busy       
Call Forward on No Answer       
Call Routing (DID)       
Caller ID       
Conference Calling       
Auto Attendant / Digital Receptionist       
Voice Mail       
Music on Hold       
Ring Groups       
Hunt Groups       
Central Phonebook

And if you need more you can upgrade yourself to the enterprise version with even more extensive list of features at a very resonable cost.
But our interest is in the free edition of 3CX SIP Server. It can share the existing network infrastructure, big or small  and can be installed on an existing, non-dedicated Windows server or run as a virtual machine. So if you are a windows shop and was reluctant to touch Linux server to get cost effective telephony services, this might be the first step to say goodbye to expensive, proprietary  phone systems and costly phone bills!
One thing I noticed was the 3CX Assistant, which allows one to transfer, divert, launch or park calls - via “drag and drop” interface. The assistant works in tandem with any IP Phone or even analog phones.
There are tons more features that the system carries but the limits of this post does not allow me to list all of them here. So without sounding like a paid post, I will let you visit the site and decide for yourself.
3CX SIP Server for Windows could be down loaded from 3CX Server.

Is Twitter Flattening Out?

Twitter has been the buzz baby of the internet for past few months. Since April, the push by Oprah joining Twitter and the crowd following began the climb. The subsequent repeat chatter by other celebrities joining in, the interest in Twitter began to climb even higher.
There were even talks of others trying to buy twitter, like New Corp. Now the buzz is that twitter has secured $100 Million funding and that driving to value twitter at $1 Billion, not bad for 150 character tweets!
But a post on hitwise Blog tells us that the interest in twitter may be flattening out or even declining. But it is not that bad news, it is just that twitter may have reached its plateau where it will conduct some business.

The chart shows only visits to the Twitter web site, the mobile and other tools that access twitter via other methods are not included. But even then, it is healthy.
Hitwise Blog

Friday, September 25, 2009

AT&T Complains To FCC, About Google Voice, For Not Connecting To Porn Lines.

Google Voice AT&T and Apple Saga
Looks like AT&T failed to make calls over Google Voice to "adult-chat lines and conference call services."  Perhaps they were trying to save money by going through Google Voice. In any case, they  have made a complaint to FCC over the matter. AT&T has also accused Google of violating "net neutrality".
Mean while Google did admit that it is blocking calls to "adult chat lines and conference-call centers, which charge higher access fees to carriers." Perhaps AT&T  was just trying to get back at Google for complaining to FCC on Google Voice.
AT&T must be familier with the issue as according to Gizmodo, FCC reprimanded AT&T for  not connecting numbers to rural phone companies who were overcharging in 2007.
Google's Richard Whitt, Washington Telecom and Media Counsel, said in a blog post, "Response to AT&T's letter to FCC on Google Voice"  that Google Voice is different from a traditional phone service because  consumers can use it only if they already have phone service. Therefor it is not bound by rules that govern entities like AT&T.
Google also gave a response for the "Net Neutrality" claim saying that

"The FCC's open Internet principles apply only to the behavior of broadband carriers -- not the creators of Web-based software applications. Even though the FCC does not have jurisdiction over how software applications function, AT&T apparently wants to use the regulatory process to undermine Web-based competition and innovation.
The post further stated that
  • Unlike traditional carriers, Google Voice is a free, Web-based software application, and so not subject to common carrier laws.
  • Google Voice is not intended to be a replacement for traditional phone service -- in fact, you need an existing land or wireless line in order to use it. Importantly, users are still able to make outbound calls on any other phone device.
  • Google Voice is currently invitation-only, serving a limited number of users.
 AT&T Fail! But that is only my view, there are many others who feel differently and follow the link below and read the comments.
Google public policy Blog
Gizmodo don't forget to follow the comments!

Chinese iPhone Coming Soon, From China Unicom

iPhone in China

China UniCom, the official carrier for iPhone in China, is going aginst the usual flow of subsidized phones and high cost plans likr that of AT&T. The company will offer the phone country wide in mid-October
Although not as big compared to China Mobile (which walked away from a iPhone deal) , China Unicom commands about 140 Million customers but iPhone might shift the numbers in wireless market. Just like AT&T survived thanks to iPhone. We also thought Apple might have both carriers, China Mobile and China Unicom carry the iPhone.
There have been steady flow of iPhones to China, from other countries that got the phone earlier and the hawkers selling them for exorbitant prices but for years the trend continued. So China Unicom might have recognized the trend and looks like keeping prices up, at least initially.
It is reported that 8GB iPhone 3G will start at 2075 Yuan (~$303 at current exchange rates) and 16GB 3G will cost 2999 Yuan or $439. The prices of 3GS is not spoken about but the word on the wire is that 16GB 3GS will cost 3999 Yuan and 32GB costing 4999 Yuan.
But the plan costs are 126 Yuan ($18.45) and even with 3GS, Chinese users will do much better financially that AT&T customers who where abouts of $80 a month. Perhaps even better service too! as it is not hard to be better.
Via MobileCrunch

Your Tweets Are Safe(?) With Twitter

Twitter Business
Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has told RWW that it is saving all your Sweet and sour tweets. The only problem is that you can't search for them, as of now.

Biz Stone: "We definitely save all the tweets although you're right in noting that our search focuses more on newer content right now. And yes, the plan is to drop the coordinates after 14 days."
Twitter also confirmed the rumors of another round of funding from heavy investment firms. Even though they did not officially confim the number, everyone from wall street to ladies on CNN are convinced that it is $100 Million putting the value of Twitter at $1 Billion or there after. The sheer number of users and their visits, multiple, will sure easily convert to money, if they have proper plans, and even smaller ones, like Twitter App Store.
I am glad for Twitter as I enjoy and use it very much and only yesterday thought of digging a little deeper into the scene.
RWW (Read Write Web)

AT&T Seemingly Passes MMS Test

AT&T and iPhone MMS Test
It looks like AT&T was not worse off, with the service after MMS upgrade. I had the same crappy phone sevice and data worked fine too. (But I was on WiFi most of the day today.
But AT&T and iPhone fans are having orgasms everywhere. I use both and I expect them to provide what I paid for.
But I will wait a while before celebrating to fruits of my spending.

iPhone MMS Is Alive In USA

iPhone MMS
If you plug your iPhone into your computer and connect to iTunes, you will get the following message and once it is done, you can send and receive MMS messages via AT&T. Let us see how the towers do. Yes Other phones had it for a while!

Cyanogen, An Android Modder, Gets Cease-and-Desist Letter From Google

Android Mods

Puzzling almost everyone, including me, Google has sent a Cease and Desist to Cyanogen, a successful Android hacker. Even though I have not had chance to use it I know people who swear by it. In fact I was preparing to write about it here.

The reason for CandD was distribution of Google's own closed source apps like Google Maps, Google Talk and Gmail. They only supposed to be running on on Google Experience Android devices like the G1 and MyTouch 3G.
I don't think anyone has a problem with that. But Cyanogen mods only run on those same devices. Ha!
May be he (assuming Cyanogen is a he) can stop distributing those apps and everything should be alright!
But I guess the real reason is that carriers got alarmed that these people can change the phones (well what was that open source phone platform?) and make them the way that suits the users. So Google might be trying to stop a gamut of system modders that might be invading Android arena.
Well untill we get some solid answers, I will ask again, (well what was that open source phone platform?)
Android and Me Via Engadget (don't forget to read the discussion, you might learn something!)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Netsuite Business Management Software Access Via Free iPhone App

Netsuite iPhone App
Netsuite has launched an iPhone app to allow its users access the web services via iPhone. Netsuite, a cloud-based business management software provider, competes with entities like in the market place.
As more and more business and enterprises are allowing iPhones into their infrastructure, it is a good move by Netsuite to provide its services to customers on the go. The app is on App Store and it is free
Mobile business functionality enabled by NetSuite includes:
  • NetSuite Dashboards including KPIs, report snapshots, trend graphs, scorecards, reminders, and recent records. The dashboards are interactive, allowing users to drill down and explore trends with the touch of a finger.
  • NetSuite Calendar with support for accepting or declining events and marking tasks complete.
  • Lead, Prospect & Customer records tailored to mobile sales, field service and executive leadership, including access to associated contacts, marketing campaigns, opportunities, quotes, orders, purchase history, financial history, cases, and issues.
  • Productivity tools that leverage native capabilities of the device, such as click-to-call from any NetSuite record containing a phone number, click-to-email from any NetSuite record containing an e-mail address, and click-to-map (via Google Maps) from any NetSuite record containing a physical address.
"This is a great release by NetSuite," said Elliott Rabin, President, Ridout Plastics Co. Inc. (, a plastics manufacturer based in San Diego, CA since 1914. "Access is very fast overall, and trend graphs are much faster than through a browser. From a CEO view, I can see my KPIs and can get top 10 information quickly – by sales, customers, sales reps, etc. Like in a browser, the app lets me find a customer quickly through searching – and I'm one who loves 'recent records' for quick access to information. The iPhone application adds tremendous value to my NetSuite experience."

Netsuite via Techcrunch

"" Michael Oeth Explains What It Is To Rich Tehrani.
CEO of Junction Networks,  Michael Oeth spoke with Rich Tehrani of TMC about the my.onsip initiative. They talk about the new UC interface for the PBX and features like click-to-call and drag-and-drop calling, Another thing they metioned was the API that developers could use to bind the service with customer management systems or Social networks.
You will find the video of their conversation on Rich's blog at TMC

Google Voice, Threat To AT&T and Other Telcos!, Telco 2.0 Executive Brief

Andy Abramson directed me to a great post, a brief,  by Telco 2.0 about Google voice. I like the way Andy describes it;

Google Voice was being viewed as a threat by Apple-because it's about the control of the data around the call, not the voice.
About what Telco 2.0 warned;
Google Voice, managing Customer Data, and Location Services will be among the key battlegrounds where Telcos' emerging business models and Google are likely to clash, according to a new Telco 2.0 Briefing to be published in October. 
Yes it is what I feel too (Apple Blocks Google Voice, Looks Like AT&T telling Apple What To Do!)
, what ever the AT&T and Apple gang told FCC, I still think it is both, trying to crush Google (Whoa did I say that?) [please ad voice]. Anyway Good Luck Apple and AT&T, I already use Google Voice, the one you blocked, from my iPhone anyway. Learn that your users are a intelligent bunch and they are getting better, everyday.
But there is something Telco 2.0 got wrong;
“Let my boss call my mobile only between 9am and 7pm, and always divert my mother-in-law to voicemail”.
 It is other way around for me, my boss calls me all the time and most of the time sent to VM (to show I am busy and only to call back) my mother-in-law makes me answer, by being so sweet!
Telco 2.0 via VoIP Watch

Michael Jackson, Mobilized For iPhone

Michael Jackson,
If you are a fan of Michael Jackson, and your iPhone's gigbytes are filled with his songs, now you can secure it with anew case, fit for a king, for $6!

FatYourWallet via Gizmodo

Location Services And More From Google Mobile App for Windows Mobile

I am a happy user of Google Mobile App on my iPhone and I use it extensively.
I have not used Google Mobile On Windows Mobile but I guess it is very similar if not the same. If you are Google user who happened also to be a Windows Mobile user, you have some good news.
Google Mobile team has added some new features for you that makes your mobile life some what easier, if that ever could be. I say that because every time one solves one problem there are ten more awaiting to spring up.
But here is a summery and a video about Google Mobile App for Windows Mobile;
  • My Location. Get local results without typing your location. Once you see the blue My Location dot with your current location below the search box, simply search for a local query, for example "italian restaurant", and the search results will contain local business results along with web results.

    To protect your privacy, location is encrypted when sent to the server, and only your most recent location is stored so that successive searches can use the same location. You can disable My Location at any time in the "Advanced Options" screen.
  • Google Suggest. Reduce typing time by selecting suggestions to complete your queries. You will also see URL suggestions, which bring you directly to a web page, skipping the search results page entirely. Try typing "facebook" to see this kind of suggestion.
  • Search with Maps. If you have installed Google Maps, type a local query and wait for suggestions. Select the suggestion with the red pin next to it to launch your search inside Google Maps.

Official Google Mobile Blog: Google Mobile App for Windows Mobile gets My Location and more
Google mobile apps for all the mobile phone platforms could be found at

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Twitter App Store, The One That Twitter Missed!

Twitter app store.
It seems a fine idea given that there are thousands of twitter apps from mobiles (iPhone Tweetie, what I use) desktop twitter apps (Google twitter gadget, again what I use)
But it is hard for one to find the right app because there is no proper place to find them (not that I find Apps easily on iTunes either) but TechCrunch tells me that there is a new place, you could go to look for twitter apps. Not that there were not others before, like the Twitter Applications page. But the new site seem to put everyone at ease.

The site lists 1300 free and paid apps already and tend to make money by becoming affiliates to App stores like iTunes. The site is still in private beta and will not have access for a while.
Read more at TC

Jabra Throws Stones And Taunts Us To Count Time

Jabra Stone Headset
Of all the bluetooth headsets that I own, owed(lost), Jabras were the most liked. My current one being a BT2080.
But the new Jabra Stone, with a teaser and a counter for the moment, seems to be a stone shaped and the middle jumps out to rotate into plug into the ear and the rest making a nice shell around your ear. But you have to count time until October 20th and visit a AT&T store to get it (I don't know if you have to be a AT&T customer to get it)
That is my guess, i meant what Jabra Stone would be, What is yours?
Jabra Stone

"Skype for SIP" Offering Will Interoperate With Cisco Systems’ Unified Communications 500 System.

"Skype for SIP"
Yes that is what Giga Om is telling us and I am sure it will be a real boost to Skype for Business plans and Skype for SIP infrastructure. Skype partnered with Shoretel to provide similar service only a little while ago and brains at Cisco must have smelled the aroma ans now joining the barbeque party.
We have numerous Cisco equipments deployed along with Cisco Unified Communication related services and software. The trunk run right out to carriers and would love to have one of those connect to Skype backbone. The Skype for Asterisk also under the belt, I think Skype will do well. Perhaps one day UN will have to tear apart Skype for monopolistic practices.
I am really looking forward to hear the news.

While he wouldn’t get into product specifics, Silverman dropped enough hints about Skype’s enterprise future. “We are working to develop an enterprise software product that is built around productivity vs. simply cost savings,” he said. That’s a very telling statement: At present, Skype’s only utility is that it’s a cheap calling service that can leverage about 480 million subscribers and its ability to buy long distance minutes on the cheap.
Read more from Giga Om.

Bring The World To You With Mitel Series X Collaboration

Mitel Series X Collaboration
Mitel today unvaieled Mitel Series X Collaboration stratergy with Mitel Unified Communicator Advanced (UC Advanced) and the Mitel TeleCollaboration Solution. Mitel Communications Director software the Mitel solutions could be integrated with platforms like Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform, IBM, Sun, HP, and desktop integration (Microsoft, IBM, Act!), for any size of organization.
Mitel Unified Communicator Advanced:
  • Unified Communicator Advanced is the user's single-portal access to all devices and collaboration tools including deskphones, softphones, mobile devices, voice mail, secure instant messaging, presence, audio and web conferencing, desktop video conferencing, and document sharing.
  • Users have the ability to add various business modules based on their particular communications requirements. This allows individuals to tailor their communications tools to fit their business needs.
  • From within UC Advanced users have access to Mitel Dynamic Extension, Mitel Audio and Web Conferencing, Mitel NuPoint Unified Messaging, Mitel Teleworker Solution, Mitel TeleCollaboration Solution, UC Advanced Softphone, and UC Advanced Console.
The latest from UC Advanced provides dymamic extension (up to 8 devices), dynamic status to match the previous and visual voice mail. It also provides web and mobile portals.

Mitel TeleCollaboration Solution:
  • The TeleCollaboration Solution combines collaboration with multi-party, high-definition, video conferencing technology providing full visual interaction with real-time desktop sharing.
  • Being software-based, the TeleCollaboration Solution leverages legacy equipment, protects organization'’ investments, and integrates available standard components.
The telecollaboration provides capability to record meetings, inclusion of remote users via a simple web interface.
More information from Mitel.

Cisco IOS XR On ASR 9000 Will Always Have Your Content On A Platter, No Matter How High The Demand Is.

Cisco IOS XR On ASR 9000.
Cisco IOS XR operating system software on the ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Router responds to surging Internet traffic volumes be it a DIGG effect or Slashdot sending a surge of traffic with an insatiable demand without missing a beat. Once you watch the video, you can follow the link after the jump to get more information on Cisco IOS XR and ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Router.
Cisco ASR 9000 Series Product Page

The Twitter Confernce in LA! Live!

The Twitter Confernce.
If you are not there, you can watch it here.
Free video streaming by Ustream

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Apple Makes You Go WhaaaT? 1394 Apps Approved On Oneday!

Apple iPhone App Approvals!
AppShopper has a nice graphs showing despite what is going on with apps like Google Voice App rejection, Apple is on rampage approving apps, last Friday, it approved 1394 Apps. I wonder how Apple finds time with it's limited staffing. FCC might want to know too!
But who cares, they approves another 300 games and I have a few Gigabytes open on my iPhone.
Via AppShopper

FCC To Protect Access To An Open Internet And Keep Network Neutrality Alive.

Vint Cerf has published a post about FCC explicitly keeping the "Network Neutrality" from ISPs and Broadband providers from tuning it to their benefit.
Even though this should be given, many network service providers like to keep it to themselves. With VoIP services being available from many a providers, Services like Google Voice being banned, file transfers blocked or degraded by Comcast are things visible to the surface of these humongous icebergs.
FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski gave a speech at the Brookings Institution and I like what I heard;
I’d like to thank Brookings for hosting me and this discussion about the future of broadband and the Internet.
We’ve just finished a summer of big-ticket commemorations, celebrating the 40th anniversaries of the Apollo landing and of Woodstock; 1969 was also a good year to be a kid in New York, with Joe Namath calling the Super Bowl, and the Knicks’ season that ended with the legendary Willis Reed in Game 7. I grew up a long fly ball from Shea Stadium and soaked up every minute of the Miracle Mets’ season. Maybe that’s why I tend to believe in miracles.
But perhaps the most momentous birthday from that famous summer of 1969 went by just a couple of weeks ago with little mention. Just over forty years ago, a handful of engineers in a UCLA lab connected two computers with a 15-foot gray cable and transferred little pieces of data back and forth. It was the first successful test of the ARPANET, the U.S.-government-funded project that became the Internet -- the most transformational communications breakthrough since the printing press.
Today, we can’t imagine what our lives would be like without the Internet -- any more than we can imagine life without running water or the light bulb. Millions of us depend upon it every day: at home, at work, in school -- and everywhere in between. The Internet has unleashed the creative genius of countless entrepreneurs and has enabled the creation of jobs -- and the launch of small businesses and the expansion of large ones -- all across America.
That’s why Congress and the President have charged the FCC with developing a National Broadband Plan to ensure that every American has access to open and robust broadband.

Also read the write up by Vint Cerf (there is a personal bias here as I like Vint) and do not miss the comments. You might get surprised!
Google Public Policy Blog: FCC announces plan to protect access to an open Internet

AT&T 3G Microcell (Femtocell) Launched In Charlotte

AT&T 3G Microcell Launched in Charlotte area.

What looks like gimmick to make people pay for making a service better, that they already pay through the noses for, AT&T has launched the Microcell device (AT&T FemtoCell) in Charlotte area. Unlike theT-Mobile Hotspot@home system, that works with any wireless router and again costs the customer money, AT&T needs a $150 device.
The difference is that AT&T Microcell is a 3G service cell that sits at home connected to your broadband service.
The device works only in AT&T service areas and that is verified with GPS location service and you might need an extra long Ethernet cable as you might need to take it to a place where GPS satellites are visible, like a window!
In Charlotte, the device costs $150 ( that comes to $12.50 a month) and the service is free, but I feel everything should be free to full service customers.
Less Bars at home is not users fault, it is AT&T's for not having enough cell towers!
Via Gearlog 
You can check if it is available in your area here.

Snow Leopard Gets Google voice and video update.

Google has updated Google Voice and Google Video Chat software for Mac OS X, specially for Mac OS X 10.6, Snow Loepard.
I have installed Snow Leopard on one of my Macs and so far I have not had any problems. But then again, I do not use both these apps from Mac either.
If you have OS X10.4 or OS X 10.5, the apps will receive automatic update. But if you already have installed Google Voice and Google Video Chat (Older Versions) on OS X10.6, you will need to upgrade to the newer version, manually, by visiting Google. The current version is 1.0.15.
You can check your currently installed version simply by visiting your GMail account and clicking on settings page and checking under chat tab. (Check the plugin version under "learn more")
Sometimes it is necessary to reboot your Mac in order to get the plugins working properly.
Google Talkabout: Google voice and video update for Snow Leopard

Monday, September 21, 2009

Custom Greetings! Answer Differently To Different People, On Google Voice!

Continuing their quest to make Google Voice Newbies, better GV users, Carol and Heather introduced Custom Greetings On Google Voice today.
Me being a techhead, left same old boring message as a greeting to every one, My parents, my dear Grand Ma (Why are you so rude in your message? [because I did not say please]) and my friends got General default: "Hi, I can't get to the phone right now, so please leave your name and a message. If you don't leave a message, I probably won't return your call. Thanks."
I am glad I read the post, now my Grand Ma gets an ultra sweet greeting (I can even imagine her smile when she hears it) and better message to parents and Hey dude message to my friends.
Wow I could even compose myself differently to different messages!
Great Job C&H, just like the sugar!
I did not have any problem setting up my custome messages on Google Voice but if you do you can reach out to the Google Voice Help Forum or Google Voice Help Center,
Happy chatting on your phones.
Google Voice Blog: Google Voice for Newbies: Custom Greetings

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mint Mints A New Secure Mint App For iPhone

Mint App For iPhone
Mint has gone from a startup to be a part of the corporate crowd with its acquisition by Intuit. In 2007 TechCrunch40 brought Mint into light and in two years it grew up to be 1.5 million user base that uses Mint's services to manage their finances, down to the last cent.
in the occasion of announcement it seems both the companies are made for each other;

"With this transaction, Intuit will gain another fast-growing consumer brand and a highly successful Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that helps people save and make money," said Brad Smith, Intuit CEO.  "This move will enhance Intuit's position as a leading provider of consumer SaaS offerings that connect customers across desktop, online and mobile."
"Joining Intuit enables us to bring our vision of helping consumers understand and do more with their money to millions of Intuit customers," said Founder and CEO, Aaron Patzer.  "This is a compelling combination of our innovative product, technology, and user interface design with one of the most trusted brands in software."

Mint for iPhone was an excellent app as the phone was something that you carried around almost always and could easily log ones transactions. The improved version is said to be more secure, which is vital in any financial app and the new features include the ability to edit transactions on the phone, mobile access to Mint's newly enhanced budgeting features, and is capable of receiving push alerts which can be customized at Mint site.
Security wise the application level passcode should keep the data secure and users at ease.
Overall, the new update brings the Mint for iPhone app in par with the services from the main Mint website. The Mint for iPhone should be at home at Intuit, as it was one of the first to work on iPhone Development Kit when it was released.
“The iPhone SDK gives us the tools we need to create powerful iPhone applications and is an important part of our overall mobile strategy,” said Rick Jensen, senior vice president, Small Business Group at Intuit. “We’re excited that the iPhone expands the ways our customers can solve key financial tasks wherever they might be.”
Mint for iPhone (iTunes link)

imichat for S60, Video Chat On Your Mobiles.

imiChat® For Mobiles and PC
imiChat® provides means for users of mobile handsets, and PCs, to chat via instant text messages and  ta da! two-way interactive video chatting. Best of all it is a free application and since it is for regular mobile the developers did not have to wait for App store approval or carrier blessing.
Leveraging mobile video technologies from China based  Mobim Technologies, imiChat which is also hailing from China, is able to support smooth two-way video over today’s 2.5G GPRS networks.
The video chat and texting is not only limited to mobile phones but your pc as well. There is an PC application that you can download and install. Be aware that the protocol and the network are propritery and not compatible with popular networks.
imiChat S60 V3 1.11.1186 Beta for S60 based phones are available for imichat to to download and there is an expressive list of Nokia and other phone models that supports the application.
As in all networks and applications, there are caveats and since I have not tested them, I am guiding you to another article where I picked up information about this application. There is a pretty good explanation of the app and the network as well as ups and downs of the entity.
get the imichat app here.

Apple Looks Into iPhone Battery Problem Makes Fanboys Happy

iPhone 3.1 Battery Problems
I thought when Apple updated iPhone OS 3.1.1 that they fixed the battey problems. As I have mentioned, I have not experienced the issues my self as I am still on os 3.0.1 and enjoying a quite long battery life and will not update until Apple come through with solid answers.
Apple seem to be sloppy in the tech department and PR department while horning the legal department (I just accepted new guide and agreement for App Store). Blackberry and Palm might be the only happy ones by looking at the Apple discussion forum post which is 22 pages long when I last checked. The battery problem seem to be affecting many people.
The Apple's response that got fanboy bunnies tails wagging includes 11 questions regarding the battery problem including a WT? question;
“When you notice a power drop, does it seem to be a legitimate power drop, or rather an issue with the battery icon indicator?”
Why? do you have a faulty or fake indicator? or you don't know about your own phone? Perhaps you should take a look at x-ray view of the iPhone.
But in all fairness, iPhone blog conducted a survey and from 69 odd people who responded indicated  better battery life than before (11%), no change (61%) and worse that before the 3.1 update (24%). While statistically this does not have much credit, it gives validity together with complaints on the Apple discussion forum. Yet it could be isolated to certain batch of phones or hardware.
So Apple get the bloody thing right, otherwise we might look into iPhone alternatives.
So folks, if you experience battery problems, get in touch with Apple and also post on the Apple discussion board. If you are one of the lucky ones, Apple might contact you!
Apple Discussion board
For those who think Apple could do no wrong blame yourdelves and follow iPhone battery management guidelines here.
iPhone Blog Via Gizmodo

Asus Nüvifone G60, HTC Tilt2 (Touch Pro2) And HTC Pure (Touch Diamond2) Pricing From AT&T Released

AT&T Release Asus Nüvifone G60, HTC Tilt2 (Touch Pro2) And HTC Pure (Touch Diamond2) Pricing.
BGR, The boy genius report has got hold of the prcing for a few upcoming phones from AT&T, Even thought the dates are not set on stone, The BGR says pricing is pretty accurate. (They did revise HTC Pure pricing).

AT&T has two HTC offerings, the HTC Tilt2 (Touch Pro2) and HTC Pure (Touch Diamond2).
The Tilt2 will be $299.99 on contract and after $50 MIR and off contract you will have to hand out $499.99.
The HTC Pure will be $149.99 with a contract and after MIR but out of contract it is going to be $349.99.

The star of the set, because we were really wondering if it was coming, the Garmin-ASUS nüvifone G60 will arrive on AT&T shelves for $299.99 on contract and after a $100 MIR. Without the two year contract, prepare to pay $549.99 for thw G60.
Good news indeed BGR!

Finally, Naked iPhone 3GS (Under X-RAY VIew)!

X-RAY View of iPhone
If that is your forte to see your iPhone naked, You got your chance!

Astrico 2009, Why You Really Should Make It!

Astricon 2009
I have been an Astricon fan from it's inception and I am very sure that it will continue to be so. I am more technical in nature and like to learn more about how the innards of telephony engines and IP PBXs work, I thought, until I attended the Astricon!
There are so many diverse group of people, Coders, Designers, Planners, implementers, entrepreneurs and think tanks that make all these make a sense.
I have met so many people that have helped us in the business of using Open Source Telephony a smooth operation.
If you want to know what you are missing if you miss this opportunity, like all those wonderful speakers and knowledge clusters like;
Carriers/Call Centers
The Asterisk Ecosystem

Read the brochure!

HTC Leo = HTC HD2 = HTC Pro2 But HTC HD Pro Is Unique!

When we reported about HTC Leo (HTC Leo Revealed)  We thought we could rest until the company released more information. That was not to be, with this real nice iPhone Contender has reemerged this time with name suggestions and a video.
Yes HTC HD2, HTC Pro 3, does not cut it! Creat a unique name, like HTC HD Pro :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Apple To Lose Google Voice For iPhone FIght?
An Article on PCWorld is saying that what ever the games AT&T, Apple play with Google regarding Google Voice App for iPhone, Google will win and we get out Google Voice on our iPhones!
The arguments are based on the letters released by Appla AT&T and Google. The Google Letter says that Apple did reject the app;

Apple's representatives informed Google that the Google Voice application was rejected because Apple believed the application duplicated the core dialer functionality of the iPhone. The Apple representatives indicated that the company did not want applications that could potentially replace such functionality.
But Apple earlier said that it did not reject the Google Voice for iPhone. So Apple is lieing basically. In any case I use Google Voice and it sucks that I cant use it in easier manner on the iPhone. I also hope Apple loses.
Even though the authors arguments are a bit loose, he has some valid points. The most telling fact is the consumers. If they really want Google Voice on their mobiles, they will, like on Blackberry and Google Phone (Android).
PCWorld Article.

Augmented Reality? There Is No Argument Here

Augmented Reality
I thought augmented app for iPhone was cool until I saw this;

Via Gizmodo

Asterisk Release Candidates 1.4.27,,, and Are Ready For Download.
The Asterisk Development Team has released RCs of Asterisk for versions Asterisk for versions 1.4.27,,, and You could download these releases at Asterisk Download server.
These releases are targeted to address the community reported issues and resolved since the last round of bug fix releases.
For a full list of changes in the current release candidates, please see the ChangeLogs:
If you face any issues with these release candidates please report to the Asterisk issue tracker at ttp://

Friday, September 18, 2009

Google's complete letter to the FCC regarding Google Voice for iPhone App Rejection By Apple

We are still waiting for an answer regarding the Google Voice App for iPhone rejection, because Apple says it did not reject GV app. There were letters flying back and forth between Companies involved, AT&T, Apple, Google, and FCC.
There were redacted letters, complete disclosures and some people wanted to know what was behingd those black markers on the paper! :)
So Google who has requested sensitive information to be redacted has released the request for confidentiality. Now you can read the complete letter at FCC site (PDF)

Our complete letter to the FCC regarding Google Voice for iPhone
Apple's press release
AT&T's reasons

Microsoft Mobile Kill Switch Not That Bad, Trust Us! Says Microsoft!!

Microsoft! Market Place Kill Switch

Microsoft is saying that the kill switch is not really for killing any old app from market place or your phone. Only bad ugly and dangerous ones will be killed, which is of course decided by Microsoft. So sort of Microsoft controls your phone like it does PC's with it's WGA and what ever it is called on Vista and Windows 7.
In the vast majority of instances where an application is removed from Windows Marketplace for Mobile, users of this application will continue to be able to use these applications on their phones. In the rare event an application from Marketplace exhibits harmful behavior or has unforeseen effects, Marketplace has the capability to remotely uninstall these applications. While we hope to avoid this scenario, we will make refunds available in such cases.
To be fair, Google (Android Kill Switch) and Apple (iPhone Kill Switch) both have kill switches. But the best thing (if there is any) about google and Microsoft is that you could load your own apps, unlike Apple and iPhone.
ARS Technica
The image curtecy of engadget

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