Friday, March 06, 2009

Cydia Store, JailBroken App Store By Cydia

Why can't Apple have an app like this
WSJ has spoken to Cydia site creator / maintainer, Jay Freeman and he has revealed that Cydia Store will go online on friday. Apple holds keys to iPhone and tightly controls what sells in official Apple App Store. JailBroken iPhones became the norm for people to install application that are not available on App Store.
These applications include PDAnet which turns iPhone into a modem, Cycorder, wich turns iPhone into a camcorder. I love to have both these on my iPhone and hope Apple will have these or similar on the store. Otherwise, I may have to take drastic measures. I do not want Steve Jobs to decide what I want to run on my iPhone, which I paid big bucks for!
Freeman is quoted as saying, "The overworking goal is to provide choice, It's understandable that [Apple] wants to control things, but it has been very limiting for developers and users.". Indeed but I think apple wants to control the market that it collects percentage that is said to be 30% of developers money from apps that sells on the app store.
But Apple might be gearing up for leagal action and wiggling DMCA, Digital Millenium Copyright Act as it has filed a statement with U.S. Copyright office. Lame.
As I said, Apple, I bought iPhone to be productive so either provide apps we want or let us get it from whom it is available. Cycorder is an Open Source Application.


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