Monday, May 30, 2005

NENA defines three VoiP and E911 stages for migration

NENA defines three VoiP and E911 stages for migration
I1 - deliver the 911call from VoIP
I2 - deliver via 911 network, with ANI and ALI within limits
I3 - deliver via IP-based E911 systems to IP PSAP

Since all I1 and I2 stages will be different in most countries depending on the existing local infrastructure, IETF WG ecrit will deal only with I3 related issues.

Povray Competition Done! see the results

Povray is one of the applications that ran on the early Linux Clusters. Yes it can be configured to run on most grids today. Winners may or may not have used grid or cluster in their creations but if they did it would have been much faster. How about competing for next year, with your cluster/grid doing the rendering?

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

IP Telephony given 911 deadline

Internet phone providers were ordered Thursday to begin supplying reliable 911 emergency call service after regulators heard an anguished Florida woman describe how she was unable to summon help to save her dying infant daughter.
Slashdot carries a discussion here

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Maureen O’Gara goes

Just another link to an article about my dear PJ and Smog;
If you wish you can visit PJ's site for more information and other information,
I visit her site at least once a day.

Friday, May 06, 2005

FCC say no! to SBC's request for price flexibility in VOIP sevices!!

FCC regulators have denied SBC's request for more flexibility in charging for VOIP connections.
The 12-page ruling, the FCC on Thursday said that it reached this conclusion largely on procedural grounds. They will address VOIP rules in a separate ruling. The vote for ruling was 4-0.
FCC has set it's foot forward on new set of rules and regulations which also deals with pricing of services such as VOIP.
You can see the PDF here

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Next Generation AIM Client with VOIP

BetaNews says that America Online has begun beta testing the next generation of its AOL Instant Messaging software called "Triton," which will replace the existing AIM client. Triton addresses user grievances while adding highly anticipated bells and whistles including tabbed messaging and chat logging.
The Triton client imports features such as mini Buddy Icons from AOL's client software and contains several idiosyncrasies of its own like Flash-based animated smiley backgrounds that augment user personalization.

Underneath its new veneer, Triton has been completely rewritten from the ground up to support advanced communications services such as Voice over IP (VoIP) Internet telephony.

AT&T will roll out a network-based VoIP service to a limited number of business customers

Called AT&T Voice Dynamic Network Applications (DNA), the service is part of a portfolio of IP services that AT&T is planning to introduce.

The new portfolio will support business communications with voice, conferencing, and messaging features. The services will adhere to standards and be capable of operating with third-party providers, AT&T said.

AT&T Voice DNA will be introduced soon and will continue to be rolled out through the remainder of the current year, the company said.

"AT&T Voice DNA is a VoIP solution for enterprise branch offices and remote locations, as well as for smaller businesses," AT&T said in an announcement. "This service offers enhanced telephony features and 'any distance' calling plans, and provides a full suite of management capabilities and end-user tools."

AT&T said its offering will support some IP phones from Cisco and Polycom as well as selected IP PBXs from Cisco and Avaya.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Macromedia adds VoIP conferencing

Macromedia Breeze 5 is the latest release of Macromedia’s Web collaboration software.

Released today, it adds support for VoIP conferencing. Entry-level configurations start at around $20,000, and a hosted solution to be available beginning next month, will cost a minimum 32 cents per minute, per user.

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