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TrixBox Alternatives.

Fine product as it was, Trixbox CE was killed by Fonality in 2012. If you are still clinging on to TrixBox, there are plenty of alternatives that are even better and keep you secure through timely updates and support,
Here are some of those (the list is organic and we will update is as necessory);

Freepbx-snapvoip FreePBX GUI and Distro

The FreePBX project has been around for a very long time and we have written a whole lot about FreePBX. FreePBX is one of the most widely used management tool for Asterisk deployments. But it has much more to offer than just a management tool, the distro ISO comes with all the tools you need to run a super duper telephony system. The Distro is based on CentOS and you can select either 32bit or 64bit befitting your needs. Download from here.

AsteriskNOW IP PBX

AsteriskNOW is another fast and easy way to  way to get started Asterisk installed and start building custom telephony solutions or simply use as a telephony solution. We have been fans of AsteriskNow for a long while. Like FreePBX, you will have to download the .iso file, burn it to a CD, drop it into the CD or DVD drive on the target computer to build a complete Asterisk telephony solution. The installation will provide you with,  complete Linux distribution, CentOS again, Asterisk, the DAHDi driver framework, an administrative GUI (Thanks to FreePBX project above), the MySQL database, the Apache web server and a wide variety of development tools and components. Just like FreePBX, you can download 32bit or 64bit versions of AsteriskNOW.

FreePBX Critical RCE Vulnerability

FreePBX vulnerability

The FreePBX team has bee made aware of a critical Zero-Day Remote Code Execution and Privilege Escalation exploit related to the legacy “FreePBX ARI Framework module/Asterisk Recording Interface (ARI)”. The exploit can compromise any user who has installed FreePBX prior to version 12, and users who have updated to FreePBX 12 from a prior version and did not remove the legacy FreePBX ARI Framework module.

The exploit allows anyone including hackers to bypass authentication and gain full “Administrator” access to the FreePBX server when the ARI module is present, which could be used to grant the attacker full remote code execution access as the user running the Apache process.

The FreePBX team has released updates for users on FreePBX versions 2.9, 2.10, 2.11 and 12. For users  of FreePBX versions 2.8 and prior need to be upgraded a supported version. This could easily be done through Module Admin which will remove the vulnerability. Versions 2.11 and 12 are the only officially supported versions of FreePBX so whay not be current.

FreePBX is warning users of a critical RCE vulnerability

CVE: 2014-7235
Date: 2014-09-30
Author: James Finstrom

Please run the commands in

Buying A Used iPhone? Read This First!

Used iPhone

If you are planning on buying a used iPhone, iPad or an iPod, follow this link;

Before Buying A Used iPhone

to save some trouble, like not being able to use the newly purchased used iPhone.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Before Buying A Used iPhone, Make Sure "Activation Lock" Is Disabled And The iPhone is Completely Erased.

Used iPhone, Activation Lock

Every time a new iPhone comes into the market like the iPhone 6, even with it's troubles like Dyegate, Apple lovers stand in lines to get their phones. Once they do, the market is flooded with used iPhones.
If you are buying an iPhone (like iPhone 5, which I am planing to keep, rather than upgrading to iPhone 6) make sure that the owner disables the Activation lock, before you complete the transaction.

If you are the owner, you can follow our "Reset Your iPhone to Factory Setting" to completely reset the iPhone or any other iOS device.
If you are the buyer, please check the current Activation Lock status of the iPhone you are buying by visiting from any device with a browser.

IMEI ir the Serial Number could be found by going to
Settings > General > About and scrolling down.

Also as a general rule follow these steps to make sure that the iPhone you are purchasing will be usable;

  •     Power up the iPhone, iPad or whatever the iOS you are buying..
  •     If you are presented with the pass code lock screen or the Home screen appears, the device hasn't been erased. Ask the owner to erase all the settings. Don't buy an used iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch if it has not been erased.
  •     Once the owner reset / erase the iphone, immediately begin the device setup process.
  •     You will be selecting a language of your choice, followed by a country, and connecting to a network, Once that is done, the device will begin activation Process. If it asks for for the previous owner’s Apple ID and password, the device is still linked to their account. At this point you can ask the previous owner to enter their password. But get the owner to remove the device from their account by signing in to Make sure that the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch has been removed from the previous owner’s account, before handing the money over!
Once you are done with the above, you can proceed and welcome to iLand!

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