Friday, March 06, 2009

4G Phone From Nokia Verizon Partnership!
Nokia and Verizon have decided to put aside their differences and have come together to beat up alliances like AT&T and Apple with 4G LTE network, which we have been looking out for a while now..
iPhone have made inroads into peoples lives and pulled out pretty big chunks from their pockets to become pretty strong in the financial market as well. So according to this the street article, Nokia is looking ro ressurect it's diminishing market share and Verizon to make the upcoming high speed LTE network more appealing to people. What ever the way, I am all for competition, just like the Cydia App Store we wrote about a few minutes ago. (Cydia Store, JailBroken App Store By Cydia)
Perhaps the Clearwire Sprint plans pust the competition even further! (Clearwire Plans To Bring Clear WiMax More Markets By 2010.)


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