Thursday, March 19, 2009

Panic Button For GMail :Undo Send

People at Gmail Labs seem to be pretty busy! This is the second post I am making today regarding GMail and the GMAil Labs. Earlier I wrote about the new Video review for GMail.
But now you have a Panick button that is active for 5 Seconds after you click send.
If you have emailed a joke about your boss, to your collegues and inadvertently included your boss as well in the bad boy email, you have 5 seconds to scrutinize the senders names and if you happen to notice the boss' name there you can click UNDO SEND. (Before testing nasty emails to your boss, make sure you enable undo setting in you setting under labs.)
Good work, So many times I forget to attach the attachments to my email, only to write another with appologies and the attachment. Now I can seve my appologies.

Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: Undo Send


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