Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Transparent Windows Marketplace for Mobile Coming Soon
Microsoft has announced their strategy for developers aptly named developer strategy promising to be transparent and just like Apple, Cydia App Store to take 30% commission for selling you wares on Mobile Market place. Oh there is a $99 joining fee and that will come again to meet you if you submit more than 5 apps a year. For every app beyond the initial five, you got to hand out $99 to Microsoft.
"Developers who sell applications through Windows Marketplace for Mobile will receive 70 percent of the sale of each application. In addition, they will have the ability to set the price for their applications in each market, maximizing their revenues based on targeted pricing strategies. Developers can also choose to distribute their application at no cost. Up to five application submissions to the Windows Marketplace for Mobile is included in the introductory annual registration of $99 (U.S.). Each additional submission within the annual period will have a cost of $99 (U.S.). The registration fee will be waived for student developers who want to reach Windows® phones customers, through enrollment in the DreamSpark program."
But most developers I know stick to single app and some deals with two or three apps. I guess it might work out to be a filter for bad applications. There are far too many windows developers than Apple or Android.
May be the transparency bit (Familiar tools, large worldwide customer base and transparent policies allow mobile developers to innovate and generate new revenue opportunities with Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Marketplace for Mobile.) might be poking at Apple's stringent app selection process.
But will be good for developers to have a distribution channel in the vast windows Mobile marketplace.
"We are empowering the thousands of existing Windows Mobile independent software vendors and prospective developers to grow their business by connecting them to the millions of global Windows® phone customers around the world," said Andy Lees, senior vice president of the Mobile Communications Business at Microsoft. "Our announcement today demonstrates Microsoft's unwavering commitment to providing developers with the latest tools and technologies to develop compelling applications, as well as the appropriate distribution channels to generate revenue."
The Microsoft Press release.


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