Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Android Developer Lab Coming To Mobile World Congress

Android at Mobile World Congress

Android developers will be treated to an special Android Developer Lab at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on Wednesday the 17th February 2009, as a part of the APP Planet event.
The lab event will provide access to resources for every developer interested in developing applications for the Android Platform, from novices to established mobile developers.
There will be technical presentations and Android Team Members as well as other developer community members will be available to developers at developer lounge.
Space is limited and the MWC attendees are encouraged to sign up early to ensure a place in the sessions.
Android team is also providing a limited number of complementary passes to the App Planet event and you could request for a pass here.

Android Developers Blog: Android at Mobile World Congress

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Are You Ready For iSlate (Apple Tablet) Coming Out Tomorrow?

 iSlate (Apple Tablet)

Looks like we will read about tomorrow about the latest from 1. infinite loop will go on arguing agreeing about iSlate's pros and cons.
We have delt with Apple tablet, which certainly be named iSlate (It certainly is not PoMMes Tablet), in the rumor mill enough. Or is it? Gizmodo has a nice collection of all the rumors and tablet images, if you are interested.

iPhone And Palm WebOS Gets Google Voice.

Google Voice comes to iPhone and Palm WebOS
We all know the saga of Google Voice App for iPhone which is yet to be approved was replaced with a web based solution, while we wait! (Apple testers must be asleep, shame on you Apple and AT&T)
Android and BlackBerry users are already enjoying the Google Voice App. I have it on my Google Phone and I am yet to place it on my blackberry.
But I am happy with the Google Voice webapp for the iPhone which is available from The webapp is also availble for Palm Phones with WebOS, Nokia S60 and WinMo and others from the same address.
HTML5 app is fast and features like AppCache lets you interact with web apps without a network connection and local databases allow you to store data locally on the device.

You get one number for all your calls and Free SMS messages (Yes Free) and you get voicemail transcription, a lovely feature for those who yse a phone, any phone.
The free text messages is the way to beat those high priced testing from all the careers I know.
You can also make interbnational calls for lower cost and you can check out all these features on the Google Voice mobile site

PoMMeS tablet Is Not An Apple Tablet Even though Pommes=Apple!

PoMMeS tablet

A french firm Thomson and Technicolor has released information about a new tablet computer via a FCC filing. The tablet is known as  PoMMeS tablet (Pommes in French means Apple) and is funny to find out at the time of the Apple Tablet release. Perhaps to confuse all of us even more about them apples and tablets. The device it too thick and ungainly to be an Apple Tablet, even if French speaking people believes it's name!
The images of the product lead us to believe it is rather cheap knock off than a contender to the Apple tablet. The device seems to be manufactured in China by PCCW and sports a 800X400 LCD Touch screen, webcam, mic and audio out and an USB port. Under the hood it has Texas Instruments DaVinci and Xilinx logic chips, leading us to associate the device with IPTV, Video and VoIP conferencing.
FCC via Technabob

Monday, January 25, 2010

Best Practices as applied to implementation of an Open Source IP Telephony Solution.

Open Source IP Telephony
Bill Miller (beelinebill) of Digium has published the third and final part in a series of Open Source policy for IP Telephony. I have enjoyed his previous posts and this one is no different.
You can access all three articles from the link below, which covered;

  1. Introduction to Open Source Policy for IP Telephony in the Enterprise:  “Open Source Policy for IP Telephony:  Are You Behind or Ahead of the Curve?”
  2. Business Analysis of Open Source vs. Traditional Telephony: “The Metrics of Open Source Policy for IP Telephony “
  3. Best Practices as applied to implementation of an Open Source IP Telephony solution: “Open Source Policy Meets ROI


Save Time With Faster Voicemail Access On Google Voice

Google Voice VoiceMail
If you have used Google Voice, you know how convenient it is to manage your phones callers and associated messages with it. (If you do not have a Google Voice Number, you can get one at Google Voice, Sign up for an invitation.)
When it comes to Google Voice, I rarely dial my own Google Number to listen to Voice mail. It is because Google Voice Transcribes my voicemail and emails them to me.
But what ever the reason if you are dialing in for Google Voicemail, Google has made some changes that makes your access to voicemail faster.
Now when you dial your own Google number, your voicemails will be played without having to press 1. Secondly they have also changed the order of how your voicemails are played. Now it plays the most recent voicemail first.

Google Voice Blog: Faster voicemail access

Friday, January 22, 2010

Top Artists Perform Live in "Hope for Haiti Now" Benefit Concert Tonight

Haiti have been on all of our minds since the poor country was struck by an earthquake.
As we mentioned, the Haiti needs your help, badly, so that many artists and celebrities have teamed together to provide a benefit concert promote it. The event is hosted by George Clooney, Wyclef Jean, and Anderson Cooper.
The concert starts tonight at 8 p.m. ET on, and it will be available to a global audience. Donations from the event will go to a number of different organizations, including the Red Cross, UNICEF, the UN World Food Program, Partners in Health, Yele Haiti and Oxfam
The outpouring of help is needed, please help through your favorite organization.
YouTube Blog: Live Tonight: Top Artists Perform in "Hope for Haiti Now" Benefit Concert

You can still make free calls to Haiti through Google Voice.

Nexus One Gets WiFi Calling With Truphone Anywhere.

Truphone On Nexus One

Truphone announced today that it has upgraded it's truphone for Android application to be compatible with Google's Nexus One, claiming to be the first mobile VoIP app to do so.
“Google has been very helpful in working with the Truphone team to allow us to provide our awardwinning solution to the growing number of Nexus One owners. Once again it is a testament to Truphone that we are the first to be able to offer this technology to consumers.” said the Director of Applications for Truphone, Karl Good.
Calls can be made outside of Wi-Fi using ‘Truphone Anywhere’ in 33 countries around the world, saving Android users from those countries money on international calls made from their home country. The easy-to-use service works alongside domestic service providers, but reduces international call costs to as little as £0.03/$0.06 [UK/RoW] per minute.
This could actually lower the total cost of ownership of Nexus One even further!
The Truphone for Android 3.02 application is available from Android Market

Thursday, January 21, 2010

FreeSWITCH Will Get Contineous Support From Sangoma!

Sangoma extends support for FreeSWITCH
Sangoma, a supplier of Voice and data communications hardware supplier bid it's support for FreeSWITCH open source project, the company announced at ITEXPO East 2010.
"Sangoma's contribution has been invaluable since the inception of the movement, both from a financial perspective as well as from a technology partnership level," said Anthony Minessale, lead developer of the FreeSWITCH project, in a statement. "We are excited about Sangoma's continued involvement and active support for the project."
Sangoma is a diamond sponsor, the highest level of sponsorship of the 10th annual ClueCon Conference (links below). "Since being launched 2006, FreeSWITCH has been growing in popularity, sophistication and stability as a fully-featured, carrier-grade softswitch and telephony platform," said Serge Forest, Vice President of Marketing at Sangoma. "Over the last year, we have seen some of the most innovative and powerful applications being driven by the FreeSWITCH engine.
Following is the complete press release;

ITEXPO EAST 2010, MIAMI, FLORIDA--(Marketwire - Jan. 21, 2010) - As part of its ongoing commitment to the FreeSWITCH open source project, Sangoma® Technologies Corporation (TSX VENTURE:STC), a leading supplier of hardware and software enabling server-based voice and data communication applications, today announced at ITEXPO East 2010 the company is extending its support by becoming a major sponsor of both a leading open source conference and weekly FreeSWITCH community calls. Through its financial and technical support, Sangoma hopes to facilitate the growth of the FreeSWITCH community by increasing the number and types of IP Telephony applications developed.
Sangoma will be a Diamond sponsor, the highest level of sponsorship, of the 10th annual ClueCon Conference taking place this August 3-5, in Chicago, IL. ClueCon is an annual three-day open source telephony user and developer conference that brings together the entire spectrum of telephony. The conference features presentations by industry leaders on a variety of open source telephony platforms including FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, Callweaver, OpenSIPKamailio, Bayonne and Yate.
Additionally, Sangoma will sponsor the FreeSWITCH community calls, weekly calls where leading developers present topics of interest to the open source telephony community. They also lead discussions on projects, best practices and other topics relevant to open source developers. Sangoma will provide technical support on calls whenever topics related to their expertise are on the agenda.
"Sangoma's contribution has been invaluable since the inception of the movement, both from a financial perspective as well as from a technology partnership level," said Anthony Minessale, lead developer of the FreeSWITCH project. "We are excited about Sangoma's continued involvement and active support for the project."
"Since being launched 2006, FreeSWITCH has been growing in popularity, sophistication and stability as a fully-featured, carrier-grade softswitch and telephony platform," said Serge Forest, Vice President of Marketing at Sangoma. "Over the last year, we have seen some of the most innovative and powerful applications being driven by the FreeSWITCH engine. Its highly scalable and modular software architecture enables developers to reach new heights in the density and flexibility of the solutions they build. Sangoma has leveraged the FreeSWITCH architecture over the last few years to build its products and we are proud to continue our involvement in this highly dynamic IP Telephony community."
Developers interested in Open Source Telephony are invited to join the weekly calls at and attend the ClueCon conference
Sangoma® Technologies Corporation
ITEXPO East 2010

Skype CEO Keynotes ITEXPO East 2010, Video

ITEXPO East 2010
Rich Tehrani has posted a video of Skype CEO,  Danny Windham Keynote at ITEXPO East 2010, on his blog. If you missed the ITEXPO East 2010, then it is something you should watch.
Windham seem to have the 10 Year rise of Digium compared to the fall of Nortel. Well he says Open Source is to blame or applause, depending on which camp you are in!
I am of course applausing!
Rich's blog

The Microsoft Danger Phone TMDP

The Microsoft Danger Phone TMDP

Engadget has pieced together some tweets this morning to come out with conclusion that Microsoft is cooking up something serious with it's Danger Inc, the people who made the famous or infamous sidekick. The tweets has come from #TMD which later has changed to #TMDP, all I can thin is The Microsoft Danger Phone!
But the suspense is good and WINMO 7 might be even better!
Microsoft Phone NG (Next Generation) DANGERous?

Internet freedom And 21st Century Statecraft, Secretary Clinton's Address.

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton will address Internet Freedom and certainly we are very much interested. Secretary Clinton has earlier mentioned;

"To meet these 21st century challenges, we need to use the tools, the new 21st century statecraft. And we’ve begun to do that. We have seen the possibilities of what can happen when ordinary citizens are empowered by Twitter and Facebook to organize political movements, or simply exchange ideas and information. So we find ourselves living at a moment in human history when we have the potential to engage in these new and innovative forms of diplomacy and to also use them to help individuals be empowered for their own development."
I am looking forward for her speech today, which will be streamed from

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

iPhone 4G Coming Soon (Rumors)

iPhone 4G

Lately there have been much talk about iPhone 4G on the web from Korean wesites, french websites and of course the street analysts from Goldman Sachs Group.
 iPhone 4G will have an OLED screen and support for video chat and will have a better camera to match that of Google's Nexus One, which the iPhone 4G was / is supposed to beat. Some also say that the new Apple phone will have a removable battery but that I think is taking things a bit too far from Apples habits regarding batteries.
But WWDC 2010 might actually bring the phone out.

Call Haiti For Free With Google Voice

Free calls to Haiti

Google Voice has joined the other relief efforts by Google and others to help devastated Haitians.
Google Voice will provide free calls to Haiti for next two weeks to help people in USA to call Haiti. If one does not have an account, request an invitation at Google Voice.
These calls could be invoked by click2call on Google Voice site, Google Voice Mobile App or by calling your own Google Number and pressing 2 to make an outbound call.
If you are interested in helping out, you will find more information at Google's disaster relief page,
Thank you
Google Voice Blog: Doing our share to help Haiti

Helping And Staying In Touch WIth Devastated Haiti

Haiti Disaster and People, Technology at work

We all have seen the horrors of the Haitian earthquake disaster and also the joys of rescues by various people. This morning I saw an infant being rescued after 6 days under rubble. There were many other people who saw happy endings and many more who encountered sad unbearable endings. As human beings, we all need to see that those children who are now seeking help get sheltered and fed. Personally I have made my contribution and I did it from my heart, without wondering or hesitating. If you have not done so, I urge you to have a second look.
If you wonder where your donations are going Oxfam and American Red Cross are uploading videos of their work in Haiti, letting you see how exactly the donations work on site.
There are many other organizations that work with public to support Haitians in this hour of need and please make sure that the organization you are donating is a legitimate one.
On the technology side, people have utilized every little bit of bandwidth and capacity to keep the world alerted to the state of Haiti.
U.S. Department of State and Google created an online People Finder gadget to find missing people in three languages English, French and Creole.;

Google Voice is offering free calls to Haiti for next two weeks. If you do not have an account you can request one at Google Voice.
Google Maps is also doing wonders by providing information about the area such as before and after images with the help of Geoeye's imagery.
The imagery is available via Google's earthquake response website.
If you are into maps, Google has made Haiti Map Maker data publicly available for download for non-commercial use and attribution.
What ever the case, remember there are people suffering. Even the tiniest help will go a long way.
You can find the same information on Official Google Blog.

Google Public Policy Blog: Staying connected in post-earthquake Haiti

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Skype's International Long DIstance Share Grows, Fast.

Skype's International Minute Share

TMC's Rich Tehrani has an article about Skype's International long distance minute share and the upgraded iPhone app. The report he points to is worth a glance. Rich also plans to speak with with Skype CSO Christopher Dean at ITEXPO this week.
Rich Tehrani

Cisco Space Router (IRIS) Is Orbiting The Earth Now

A Space Systems/Loral technician attaches the IRIS boxes to the Intelsat-14 satellite

Cisco Space

Cisco has successfully launched it's first IP router in space abroad Intelsat's IS-14 satellite on Nov. 23, 2009. The satellite and the router attests a major milestone in  Internet Routing in Space (IRIS) technology.
"This milestone is another step in our strategy to expand borderless networks into space and redefine how satellite communications are delivered.  This technology can help transform satellite communications around the world by reducing latency and increasing the efficiency," said Steven Boutelle, vice president, Cisco Global Government Solutions Group.
Some facts about the Cisco Space Router;
  • The IRIS payload will support network services for voice, video and data communications, helping enable government agencies, military units and allied forces to communicate with one another using Internet Protocol and existing ground equipment.
  • IRIS offers several enhancements over conventional satellite technology. With IRIS, users will be able to experience a true mobile network — one that helps enable them to connect and communicate how, when and where they want, and that continuously adapts to their needs without a reliance on  predefined, fixed infrastructure.
  • IRIS can route data to multiple ground receivers in a single step, eliminating the need to double-hop to a teleport and therefore reducing latency and increasing transponder utilization. The software on the Cisco®  router and onboard modem can be upgraded in orbit, which increases flexibility and the return on investment.
  • The IRIS program is a Department of Defense Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) managed by Cisco and Intelsat General Corp. The IRIS payload will convert to commercial use following the three-month JCTD ending in April 2010.
  • The in-orbit test was conducted using SEAKR Engineering Inc.'s Application Independent Processor (AIP) which was used to host the router and software-defined radio functions necessary for on-board routing, enabling satellite routing capabilities to be reconfigured and updated dynamically from the ground.
  • Cisco will work with satellite manufacturers, system integrators and end users to help enable them to deliver services globally to points outside traditional ground-based networks. 
  • Intelsat, the world's leading provider of satellite services, will operate the IS-14 satellite carrying the IRIS hosted payload both during the JCTD test period and following the demonstration when the payload converts to commercial use.
Cisco And IRIS Program information

Motorola Motoroi, A New Android Phone To Debut In Korea

Motorola Motoroi,
Motorola announced yesterday the partnership with SK Telecom to bring an Android based phone to Korean market.
The US market supposed to get the phone in March 2010. We like what we have seen.
“We are delighted to announce MOTOROI™, the first Android-based phone, with SK Telecom in Korea, a key partner in one of Motorola’s key markets in the world, ” said Sanjay Jha, co-chief executive officer of Motorola and chief executive officer of Motorola Mobile Devices. “MOTOROI™ is a smart phone without compromise, delivering a wiser, richer web and messaging experience with the most delightful touch-interface you have ever experienced, all made possible through the combination of Motorola’s expertise in design, a truly differentiated Android experience, and the power of SK Telecom’s network.”
“Motorola’s smart phones powered by Android are receiving tremendous response around the world, and it is our pleasure to introduce one of them for the first time in Korea,” said Ha Sung-min, MNO president of SK Telecom™. “MOTOROI™ by Motorola will bring a paradigm shift in the domestic mobile market with outstanding Internet, multimedia features and access to the fast-growing Android Market™.”

Main specs:
  • 3.7-inch WVGA 16:9 touch screen (480 x 854 resolution)
  • 8 MP camera with Xenon flash
  • HD video recording (720p)
  • HDMI interface
  • TV tuner (T-DMB)
  • 8GB internal memory (microSD card support up to 32GB)
  • Android 2.0 OS
Motorola via MobileCrunch

Monday, January 18, 2010

Extra Storage And Free Eye-Fi SD Card From Google!

Google Storage
Last week we reported about the new Google cloud storage offered by Google via Google Docs. Every Google user gets 1GB (in addition to over 7GB on Gmail and 1GB on Picasa) and will be able to upload files upto 250MB in size.
But Google Photos team has extended their offer by adding a free Eye-Fi (wifi enabled SD card from Eye-Fi.) for users who purchase 200GB for $50. The offer is limited to the users in USA and Canada at the moment.
Your Google Docs account will be updated to enable uploading of any file over the coming weeks and you will be notified when you login to your Google Docs Account
Google Photos Blog: Use your extra storage to store any file online

LG InTouch Max (GW620) Debuts In UK Through Virgin Mobile.

LG InTouch Max (GW620)

Virgin Mobile, UK has announced the availability of LG GW620 reborn as In Touch Max, The phone has been in the news for a while and you get to see Android 1.5 again according to engadet. But it is never too late I guess when it comes to Android devices.
The GW620 has a 3-inch touchscreen. It conducts social-networking tasks through an app called LinkBook, which adds social-network profiles of your contacts to your main address book. This is enhanced with the 5MP cameras ability to recognize faces and tag them in photos. User can tap on a face to send message or make a contact.
T-Mobile will also carry the device UK as well.
Virgin Mobile via engadget

SIP Forum Elects New Officials

SIP Forum
SIP Forum has elected new board chairman, Richard Shokley and Eric Burger as the chairman emeritus. Dr. Alan Jonston was also selected to the board of directors. Following is an excerpt from the press release. The complete press link could be found at the SIP Forum and the link is after the jump.

NORTH ANDOVER, MA (January 14, 2010) - The SIP Forum today announced the recent re-election of industry veteran and VoIP pioneer Richard Shockey to the Board of Directors, and the election of Mr. Shockey as new Board Chairman. Additionally, the Forum has re-elected Dr. Eric Burger to the Board of Directors and named him Chairman Emeritus, and elected Dr. Alan Johnston to the Board.

Meanwhile, the SIP Forum announced the reappointment of Marc Robins as Managing Director and President.

The elections were held during the SIP Forum's Annual General Meeting in San Francisco, on Nov. 3, 2009.

The elections of Shockey, Johnston and Burger, all industry trailblazers, complement the SIP Forum's already prestigious Board of Directors, which also includes Chris Gatch, CTO of Cbeyond; Steven Johnson, CEO of Ingate Systems; Glenn Russell, Director of Business Services at Cable Television Laboratories Inc. (CableLabs); Rene Sotola, a Vice President in the Global Telecommunications practice at CGI Group; and Robert Sparks, Principal Engineer at Tekelec. Each member of the Board of Directors serves a two-year term.
"I am honored to have been elected the new Chairman of the Board," said Richard Shockey. "I look forward to continuing to build on the solid foundation left by my predecessor, Dr. Eric Burger, and ensuring the successful completion of the important work in progress in the SIPconnect, Fax-over-IP and User Agent Configuration task groups. I also look forward to expanding the work of the SIP Forum into new and exciting industry sectors, including Smart Grid and Unified Communications."

SIP Forun Press Release

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Google Docs Offers File Storage In The Cloud

We buy storage at an alarming rate, at least a hard drive, MMC, SD and a USB drive a month. We have vast amounts of server storage but our Desktops and Laptops are always find a way to fill up space with data. (The notebook I am writing this has 1TB storage!)
We have copies of some files all over the place for ease of access and security.
We also have been using GMail as a file storage by mailing ourselves files but there is some time troubles with the size of the files.
We also use shared folders to share information among colleagues and with the new file storage service from Google, I think we will change our storage habits.
Instead of buying hard drives, I can by storage on Google Docs.

We're always looking for ways to make it easier for you to access and organize your information online and we hope you find the ability to store, share, and collaborate on files in Google Docs helpful. In the coming months, we will enable Google Apps Premier Edition customers to purchase additional storage for $3.50/GB/yr (or €3.00/gb/yr in the EU).

There are other benefits to storing your files on Google Docs, like being able to search for your files, like you search for your documents on Google Docs.
I think the empire is rising but they own the X-Wing too.

Official Google Enterprise Blog: Store and share files in the cloud with Google Docs

Money Is In The Apps (Apple's App Store Economy)

App Store Economy
From the descriptive graphics of GigaOM Pro, it is certain that money is in the apps. As of now, Apple's App Store seems to rake in $500 Million, monthly, from 56 Million of us. (Full Image After the jump)


Google Out Of China? Lifts Censorship
As you may have noticed, we are sort of fan boys of Google. Our real jobs and fun revolve around the most of the free services provided by Google.
At the same time, we have known that Google censors search results in China and we have been harping on Google and Yahoo as well.
It appears now Google has made a bold move, lifted the censorship and even willing to leave the one of the fastest growing markets.
Even though the results were not a product of Human Rights Love, (Google got hacked by Chinese hackers) we welcome the change.
Official Google Blog: A new approach to China

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

KASUMI (A5/3), 3G GSM Wireless Cipher Hacked

3G GSM Wireless Cipher KASUMI Hacked
The standard cipher  used on 3G GSM networks known to us as KASUMI has been broken by a team of cryptographers.
Even though the paper is not public yet, but the Emergent Chaos blog carries an article on the attack. It also published a portion of the abstract of the paper;

In this paper we describe a new type of attack called a sandwich attack, and use it to construct a simple distinguisher for 7 of the 8 rounds of KASUMI with an amazingly high probability of 2−14. By using this distinguisher and analyzing the single remaining round, we can derive the complete 128 bit key of the full KASUMI by using only 4 related keys, 226 data, 230 bytes of memory, and 232 time. These complexities are so small that we have actually simulated the attack in less than two hours on a single PC, and experimentally verified its correctness and complexity. Interestingly, neither our technique nor any other published attack can break MISTY in less than the 2128 complexity of exhaustive search, which indicates that the changes made by the GSM Association in moving from MISTY to KASUMI resulted in a much weaker cryptosystem.
 Emergent Chaos blog via Threatpost

Monday, January 11, 2010

Lenovo LePhone Official Photos.

Leno LePhone

Lenovo's Android device slated to be released int he Chinese market some where during the first half of this year, is on the net now, at least photos. Lenovo spoke about the Lenovo LePhone during the CES 2010 last week but now have released official photos.

It seems very practical and slick like all Lenovo devices but for me it is Nexus One. Even if I wanted one, there is no news about when it will be availble to us, unless I move to China.
Lenovo via engadget

T-Mobile Network (3G and Edge) And Nexus One Woes, No Solution Yet

T-Mobile Nexus One
With people complaining about T-Mobile network fluctuations and in some cases no 3G on Google Nexus One and other phones like T-Mobile G1, it seems T-Mobile is investigating. A forum post indicated that they do not have a solution or a cause yet;

Google and T-Mobile are investigating this issue and hope to have more information for you soon. We understand your concern and appreciate your patience.
If you are also experiencing this issue, visit the forum and report your symtoms.;
Hi everybody!

Let's see what we can learn about this. Maybe we can uncover some commonalities among those experiencing issues.
Please reply, and post details here:

  • BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE CITY, STATE, & ZIP of the location where you've experienced the problem.
  • Indicate if you have no 3G at all or if your signal indicator fluctuates between 3G & E. 
  • Do you have another T-Mobile 3G phone that does get or does not get reliable 3G at the same location?
  • Is there anything specific that you have done that helps the problem or that makes the problem occur.
  • Any other relevant information you can provide.
To better focus on obtaining the information above, I'm locking the old thread.

Moderator, T-Mobile Forums

Friday, January 08, 2010

National Broadband Plan, FCC Seeks One Month Extension From Congress

National Broadband Plan
The ambitious and far reaching National Broadband Plan to ensure every American has access to open and robust broadband which Congress entrusted FCC to provide is looking like getting delayed. FCC is seeking an extension to the deadline which falls on February 17,2010. It is years, better, decades over due for making every American has access to Internet, but the enormity of the scope of getting everything right is worth the one month of delay. But as Google Policy blog mentions,;

FCC should set both shorter-term "ubiquity" goals of bringing high-speed Internet access to every single American, and longer-term "stretch" goals of driving the adoption of truly high capacity broadband pipes.

Google Public Policy Blog: FCC seeks short extension to complete National Broadband Plan

Spokn, Web Based Telephony Service Launched!


Andy Abramson led me to this new web based VoIP IP Telephony service Spokn out of India. It seems like They have managed to get together Google Voice, SIP trunking with features likes of from Truphone together.
The company and the product is offering a global service at a cost effective rates. Spokn is available on Windows Mobile, Nokia, blackberry, PCs and any standard SIP device like SIP Phones. Check it out! links after the jump.
Here is their press release from last year when they launched the product;
Mumbai, India, Nov 10, 2009: Geodesic, an innovator in software products focused on Information, Communication and Entertainment, enters the voice communication space with  Spokn, the definitive internet telephony service.
Internet voice communication so far has always had the feeling of compromise – With Spokn that’s finally no longer the case.
Spokn is the most comprehensive service internet telephony service to date with a host of breakthrough features that will change the way voice communications is used forever.
A global service from day one with a worldwide launch, Spokn is a new generation service that is a true bridge between traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.
Traditional internet telephony has required one be connected to the internet. Spokn frees internet telephony from the tyranny of the computer giving users the benefit of inexpensive internet calling rates on a wide variety of devices – mobile phones, smart phones, regular land lines in addition to computers. Incoming calls can ring any or all of these devices keeping Spokn users in touch whether they are online or not.
Spokn’s Free Incoming Service is a world’s first that allows Spokn subscribers to be reached at the cost of a local call from over 40 countries worldwide for free. And at a small cost they can even choose to receive these incoming calls on their mobile phones or land lines.
Voice Messaging Service (VMS) is another Spokn breakthrough. With VMS one records and sends a 20 sec message to any telephone or email account worldwide. VMS to emails are free and VMS to phones have a low and fixed cost that includes a free 20 sec reply.
Spokn also offers a traditional voice mail that is delivered to subscribers email address at no cost – when users are not connected to the Internet or are offline
Spokn also brings subscribers a free Voice Mail facility. Callers are directed to record a voice mail that is delivered to the subscribers email address at no cost when one is not connected or offline.
Spokn subscribers have the unique option to acquire their own local phone number in any of ten countries at just $1 a month. This way they can be reached at a cheaper-to-call country. Businesses with a client base in these countries can be accessible to their clients at a local call as well.
Underlining all these innovations is the fact that Spokn brings to market perhaps the lowest prices long distance calling has seen. In addition Spokn prices are a refreshing change from the complications and hidden charges of many internet telephony operators. Spokn has the transparent and clear cost structures with no hidden charges, connection fees and complicated caveats. Calls are charged in blocks of a minute and credits never expire.
These are just some of what will make Spokn the reference point for all voice communications providers.
Mr. Anil Raj heads Spokn. Anil is a seasoned telecom professional who has spent over a decade with the Ericsson group in Asia and Europe and in addition to launching the Hutch brand in India has been Chairman of Symbian Plc as well as on the board of numerous companies.
Mr. Anil Raj says, “Spokn is a true revolution in the world of telecom. Not just a new technological offering but also a new attitude. Innovative but also honest, radical in approach but simple and straightforward to use. Finally I think callers have a product that truly brings together the promise of Internet telecommunications with the convenience of traditional telephony.”
Mr. Kiran Kulkarni, Co-founder/Managing Director of Geodesic Limited adds, “Spokn is an important offering that has the potential to redefine the way voice communications and the Internet synergize. There is a huge and growing scope here and our stakeholders can look forward to many exciting developments from Spokn that changes the way people communicate.
In addition, Spokn completes Geodesic’s suite of communication services adding Voice to our current portfolio of email, Internet Messaging(IM) and SMS offerings keeping Geodesic in the forefront of communications providers.”

Andy Abramson 

Spokn can be downloaded from

Fax For Asterisk 1.1.6 Released!

Fax For Asterisk 1.1.6
Digium has announced the release of Fax For Asterisk 1.1.6 for open source Asterisk. Digium attests that this a a commercial grade FAX add-on module.

The latest release brings number of improvements;

* Support for 64-bit Linux installations.

* Reduction in resource consumption, and increase in performance, of T.38 session handling.

* Simplification of session handling during transition from G.711 to T.38 mode.

* Adoption of the latest Asterisk T.38 negotiation API, ensuring interoperability with a wide range of T.38 endpoints.

The Fax For Asterisk 1.1.6 is could be downloaded from Digium servers (
Note: Because this release uses the very latest T.38 negotiation mechanism in Asterisk, you need to check the Fax For Asterisk download selector lists for the Asterisk versions supported by the latest release.
Fax For Asterisk  product page.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

16GB Palm Pre Plus And Palm Pixi Plus Coming Verizon On January 25th 2010

16GB Palm Pre Plus

With Palm making major announcements at CES 2010, the Palm Pre Plus with double the memory capacity of it's previous Pre. The users will also get a induction cover for Touchstone charging with the phone. Palm Pre Plus has a large, vivid touch screen; high-performance processor; and slide-out keyboard.
“The Palm experience is all about helping our customers stay connected so they never miss a thing,” said Jon Rubinstein, Palm chairman and chief executive officer.  “We’re constantly enriching this experience with new features and innovations.  The Verizon Wireless launch of Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus is the next phase in delivering this unique Palm experience to more people.”
Pricing is yet to be announced but yes it will come to Verizon on January 25th.
Pre Plus and Pixi Plus features:

·         webOS – Allows customers to run multiple applications simultaneously and provides over-the-air software updates delivered automatically to their devices

·         Palm Synergy™ – Brings customers’ information from the many places it resides into a single, more comprehensive view

·         Unobtrusive notifications and universal search

·         Palm App Catalog – Currently offers more than 1,000 webOS applications for download

·         High-speed connectivity

·         Gesture area – Enables simple, intuitive gestures for navigation

·         Full QWERTY keyboard

·         High-performance, desktop-class Web browser

·         Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g

·         Integrated GPS

·         Robust messaging support (combining IM, SMS and MMS capabilities)

·         E-mail, including EAS (for access to corporate Microsoft Exchange servers) and personal e-mail support (Google Gmail™ push, Yahoo!®, POP3, IMAP)

·         VZ NavigatorSM – Allows customers to get audible turn-by-turn directions to more than 15 million points of interest and share the directions with others

·         USB mass storage mode

·         Proximity sensor – Automatically disables the touch screen and turns off the display when consumers put their phones to their ears

·         Light sensor – Reduces power usage by dimming the display if the ambient light is dark

·         Accelerometer – Automatically orients Web pages and photos

·         Ringer switch – Easily silences the device with one touch

·         Removable, rechargeable battery

·         Multimedia options, including pictures, video playback and music as well as a camera with LED flash and a standard 3.5 mm headset jack

·         Bluetooth® 2.1 + EDR with A2DP stereo Bluetooth support

·         Charger/microUSB connector with USB 2.0 Hi-Speed

Additional Palm Pre Plus Specs

·         3.0 megapixel camera with LED flash and extended depth of field

·         Slide-out QWERTY keyboard

·         Dimensions: 2.35” x 3.96” x 0.67”

·         Weight: 4.89 ounces

Additional Palm Pixi Plus Specs

·         2.0 megapixel camera with LED flash

·         Fixed QWERTY keyboard

·         Dimensions: 2.17” x 4.37” x 0.43”

·         Weight: 3.26 ounces

Google AdWords "Go Mobile!"

Adwords Go Mobile
With the explosion of mobile web activities fueled by very wide range of mobile devices and phone like iPhone and the newest and my favorite Google's own Nexus One will set phases for many industries. One such of course will be web advertising for mobiles.
Google AdWords will be publishing a series of articles, weekly devoted to Mobile Advertising, dubbed "Go Mobile!" series on inside AdWords blog.
Inside AdWords: Welcome to our "Go Mobile!" Series

Palm Users Get "Need for speed", "SIMS" And Developers Get Plugin Developer Kit.

Palm Plugin developer kit

Palm wants to get serious about gaming on its mobile phones. To prove the fact it announced the immediate availability of Games like "Need for speed", "Sims" and others from EA Mobile on Palm devices. Palm also promised to release the Plugin Developer Kit, PDK at the Game Developer Conference in March 2010.  
Not only the games but Palm wants more activity on the platform. They also announced that they will give 10 million dollars to the most downloaded apps on paid and free category, which Palm dubbed "Hot Apps Bonus Program".
Get you Palm developer gear on, looks like it is going to be hot.

Collaboration On Google Translator

I am sure you have used Google Translator one time or the other. I am a regular user of the service which I use to translate simple word, phrase, blog article to complete tech documents.
There was always need for checking the translation with someone who is familiar with the language I am translating from. So far it has been over the phone or emails and if the opportunity provides translating together with another person, if one is near by.
Now Google has made it much easier with the new Google Translator Toolkit.
If you chat on GMail, then the Translator Toolkit's chat feature is very familiar to you. You contacts are right there on the left plane and you can buzz someone for help.

But there are more to the Google Translator than the chatting. They have added features like changing the display language and expansion of the dictionary to include additional information like parts of speech and alternate definitions.
Happy Translating and reading!
Official Google Blog: Chat on Translator Toolkit

Lenovo Releases "LePhone" At CES 2010

Lenovo LePhone
Lenovo is also entered the Android waters with it's candy bar touchscreen phone based on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and running proprietary Android build that has inherited a lot from iPhone as well. From the video, it seems fast and responsive. I would check it out, if it was sold in our market but it seems it is slated for Chinese market.
It sure seems there are many a fine choices for Androids!


Dell Slate (Another Android Device) Photographed

Del Slate
Folks at engadget has manged to get a bunch of photos of "secret" Dell Slate which is a 5" Android device with a dialer. Other than that there is no more information. From the photos it seems it has a camera (duh) and touchy feely display with what looks like a removable battery at the back. engadget says there is a streak somewhere about the phone. Feast your eyes, link to photos after the jump.


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

iPhone vs Nexus One, Total Cost Of Ownership, Nexus One Wins Hands Down.

Nexus One vs iPhone
With everyone looking at Nexus One as the new smart phone contender in a crowded arena, Billshrink has gone and done some comparisons to find what is the smartest phone among Nexus One, iPhone. Palm Pre and the Motorola Droid. Looks like Nexus One and it's owners seem to be smarter.
Between Nexus One and iPhone, according to the report, there is a big difference in TCO due to the cost of unlimited Voice, Data and Texting, AT&T and iPhone will take $150(149.99) while Nexus One on T-Mobile only costs $100(99.99) a month. Then there are other stuff like battery life, camera capabilities and other features of the phones that were compared as well.

Click on the image for a larger version

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Nexus One, Google Phone Is Official!

Nexus One Official!

Google has confirmed the Nexus one, the Google Phone with Google logo and all. You can buy the phone without service and insert your own SIM card for $529 and you will also get a Nexus One phone case, wall charger, and USB cable and free shipping in the continental US.
The phone with T-Mobile 2 year contract is $179.
In addition Verizon will also carry the phone in 2010 Spring. Vodafone will bring the phone to Europe in early 2010 as well.
I love Droids!
Google Nexus One site
Here are some specs;

Power and battery

Removable 1400 mAH battery
Charges at 480mA from USB, at 980mA from supplied charger
Talk time
Up to 10 hours on 2G Up to 7 hours on 3G
Standby time
Up to 290 hours on 2G Up to 250 hours on 3G
Internet use
Up to 5 hours on 3G Up to 6.5 hours on Wi-Fi
Video playback
Up to 7 hours
Audio playback
Up to 20 hours


Qualcomm QSD 8250 1 GHz

Operating system

Android Mobile Technology Platform 2.1 (Eclair)


512MB Flash
4GB Micro SD Card (Expandable to 32 GB)


Assisted global positioning system (AGPS) receiver
Cell tower and Wi-Fi positioning
Digital compass

Size and weight

130 grams w/battery 100g w/o battery


3.7-inch (diagonal) widescreen WVGA AMOLED touchscreen
800 x 480 pixels
100,000:1 typical contrast ratio
1ms typical response rate

Camera & Flash

5 megapixels
Autofocus from 6cm to infinity
2X digital zoom
LED flash
User can include location of photos from phone’s AGPS receiver
Video captured at 720x480 pixels at 20 frames per second or higher, depending on lighting conditions

Cellular & Wireless

UMTS Band 1/4/8 (2100/AWS/900)
HSDPA 7.2Mbps
GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n)
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
A2DP stereo Bluetooth

Nexus One Review, Google Mobile Phone Hands On Video

Google Nexus One Hands On
Google's Nexus One seem to be living up to the hype with "extremely fast maps", "Live Wallpapers" and many other features. But you got to read the Nexus One Review by engadget (link after the jump) and you may still wonder. So the Nexus One phone might be out today!


Monday, January 04, 2010

Setting Up An SIP Extension In Elastix (Video)

Elastix How to

Adding extensions makes one of the first task of setting up an IP PBX.  In this video you can see how to add one of the basic extensions, a SIP extension to Elastix. It is presented in very clear and to the point by Scott Wittenberg. This method is the way you add any simple extensions to Elastix. We will be posting more videos from the Elastix Youtube Channel. in the future.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Nexus One Google Mobile Phone, Might Be The First Phone Excitement In The New Year.

Nexus One Google Phone

According to various news sources, Nexus One will be out on January 5th, 2010 at prices ranging from $180 with two year contract with T-Mobile and $530 "unlocked".
Either way the phone will be a powerful one and the second coming of Google Phone. The initial Google Phone Coming Soon did well for Google and in some what micro scale to this blog.
Sources also tell us that outside of T-Moble (say AT&T) the phone will operate in 2G mode. So it might be worth while to do some research before jumping in with a Nexus One. I am opting to upgrade one of our T-Mobile G1 phones.

Happy VoIP New Year!

Happy 2010,
Hope you are having a great time and already decided to call this year "Twenty Ten" or "Two O One O" or simply "Two Thousand Ten".
I will go with Twenty Ten!
We will all have a great new year.

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