Friday, March 13, 2009

Asterisk At Google Summer Of Code 2009
Russell Bryant has put forward an idea to involve Asterisk At the upcoming Google Summer Of Code 2009. He initially posted to the Asterisk Dev list and followed up with this blog post asking for ideas and suggestions. The Mailing list post received a lot of responses and Russell has moved the document (google-soc2009-ideas.txt) to new home (ideas.txt)
The document is already filled with programming ideas in six categories and yet open for suggestions. So just to learn of to provide input, please folle the above links. Also think about being mentors to the programmers!

The six sections are;

1. new interfaces for developers to interface with Asterisk.
2. Voicemail support in Asterisk
3. Asterisk console and logging interfaces.
4. Internationalization.
5. Operating System Portability.
6. Asterisk Security
I think it is a supper idea and certainly will promote Asterisk.


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