Saturday, March 24, 2007

Jaxtr, the Voice (Phone) in your Blog or Social network

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Jaxtr has emerged from the private beta to Public beta. Everyone around the world can now sign up to receive a free jaxtr account that links their mobile or landline phones with their online network.
By adding their jaxtr widget to their online profile or blog, users can hear from callers worldwide while keeping their existing phone numbers private.
Jaxtr works with the world's most popular social networks and communities, including MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Friendster, Flickr, YouTube, Wikipedia, Craigslist, eBay, LiveJournal, and Blogger.
You can Jaxtr me!

Jaxtr Launches Public Beta with VoiceBlasts
Jaxtr beta registration
Jaxtr blog post on Beta release
jaxtr in the works: Blasting your voice -- online

AsteriskNOW, coming out in full force.

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The VON 2007 was a blast. Among many other things that I spent my two days at VON, I noticed very well how AsteriskNOW is coming out in full force. There were controversies related to Trixbox etc, but AsteriskNOW has opened the IPPBX application to thousands more users who would have stayed away due to the complexities of running Asterisk.
Now that the GUI management tool is providing a way to manage most of the Asterisk tasks, more and more people will be searching the value of Asterisk, through AsteriskNOW. According to official reports, there were more than 2,000 Downloads a Day of AsteriskNOW Beta since it's release.
The new beta version of AsteriskNOW, AsteriskNOW beta 5 is slated to be the the final beta leading up to Q2 availability of AsteriskNOW 1.0. Customers can deploy AsteriskNOW in minutes to start using Asterisk.
I deployed an AsteriskNOW server with Digium hardware, two TDM400P cards, in less than 20 minutes. The deployment was in a real world scenario, PBX, IPPBX for a 6 person startup. Although there are Linux experts in the group, the groups receptionist, handles and manages AsteriskNOW.
What hardware did they use? well $299 Fry's PC with an additional hard drive (Used for mirroring).

Digium's press release on AsteriskNOW
AsteriskNOW, go get it

American Idol, Sanjaya, VOIP and Tom Keating

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I read both the the articles on American Idol, by Ravenii and Tom Keating. Also the comments. After speaking to Ravenii and explaining the intent of Tom, a joke, Ravenii seems to be seeing the light a bit.
It is evident that Tom was joking about rigging the votes, and I an sure he is frustrated as I am, about votes and voters choices and singing. Yet I accept what others have voted for, specially when I did not bother to vote.
I would rater be watching KQED than the AI.
Expect an article soon, once he gets back from his sailing trip.

Toms article in question
Ravenii's response

Monday, March 19, 2007

Jott down that thought with Jott or Blackberry in the supermarket

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Scobleizer writes about and podtech podcasts about jotting down your thoughts while driving or way to have your shopping list emailed to you! Carry that blackberry every where!
Follow the links for;
Scobleizer post about Jott

Don't forget, Jott it with your cell phone at podtech

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Another Mobile VoIP disruption by Qool Labs, Skype, and Skyqube

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There are bunch of photos and a report over at CNET, UK explaining about Skyqube found at CeBIT.
It will route and forward calls and messages made to your mobile phone or landline via SkypeOut to another number anywhere in the world. But you will have to leave your cell phone behind and your PC on! No Last minute calls from Airport! Or you have to ask your wife, husband,* to remove the sim from your phone and insert it into Skyqube and and attach the skyqube to your network! and turn on your pc.........

See more photos and a write up following the link below.

Qool Labs SkyQube brings Skype to your mobile

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

South African Telcos charge for Skype and SMS over their networks, mobile and broadband

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According to a post on MyADSK.CO.ZA, Users of Skype and a free SMS (simple messaging service) or otherwise known as text messaging will incur heavy charges, may be even up to 56 times more than regular charges.

“In terms of the current regulatory regime in SA, these tariffs and technologies may not be used to transfer or generate VoIP traffic. Should it be found that VoIP traffic was carried over the MTN network using these tariffs or technologies, MTN reserves the right to cancel the agreement that you have with MTN. You will also be charged retrospectively at R21,93/MB (VAT excluded) for any VoIP traffic transferred by such means.”

MTN customers using its airwaves to conduct free phone calls over Skype or to send text messages using MXit may be hit by huge bills if the operator opts to outlaw the services that are clogging its network and depleting its own revenues.

The cut-price calls and messages are enormously popular with computer users who go online using MTN’s high speed data cards.

Skype lets computer users make international calls through Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. A call to another computer user who has installed Skype is free, and calls can be made from a computer to a land line or cellphone for a small fee.

Likewise, the MXit service developed by Cape Town entrepreneur Herman Heunis lets its 3,27-million users send text messages for a fraction of the price of an SMS.

Neither service soaks up much bandwidth in isolation, but they have become so popular the combined effect is inflicting network overload.

MXit claims its subscribers send 116-million messages every day. That makes a direct dent on the cellular operator’s profits, by giving users a cheaper alternative to SMS. One user was astonished when the bill for his monthly voice and data package soared R1000 because heavy use of Skype and MXit pushed him well above the amount of data traffic he pays for.

A typical MTN package lets users download 1GB of data for R400 a month, which works out at 39c/MB. Users who exceed the limit pay an “out of bundle” data rate of R1,20/MB.

But if MTN decides to invoke the fine print in its contracts, they will pay far more. Anyone caught using Skype or a similar service would be whacked with a charge of R21,93/MB, excluding VAT.

MTN’s small print points out: “In terms of the current regulatory regime in SA, these tariffs and technologies may not be used to transfer or generate VoIP traffic. Should it be found that VoIP traffic was carried over the MTN network using these tariffs or technologies, MTN reserves the right to cancel the agreement that you have with MTN. You will also be charged retrospectively at R21,93/MB (VAT excluded) for any VoIP traffic transferred by such means.”

To read more about this issue, follow the links.

The MyADSL article.

Monday, March 12, 2007

What is Fring! Another disruption in VoIP space!

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It looks like Skype for mobile phones! and according to the Fring website, Fring is;
"fring™ uses your mobile internet connection to make peer-to-peer VoIP calls, send instant messages and talk with VoIP applications such as Skype, Google Talk and MSN Messenger at no extra cost.
fring™ is based on a unique thin-client technology that for the first time enables true VoIP over 3G, GPRS and Wi-Fi networks. fring™ dynamically adapts itself to the optimal network and handset characteristics while enabling seamless roaming VoIP on multiple networks. The dedicated three-sided P2P network architecture has been developed to support near telco-grade voice quality and network efficiency."

Well seems like some good way to make use of those mobile phones. Also it might be way to make Mobile networks mad at us make the contracts be rewritten. And may provide a way to jump off those binding contracts the mobile providers use to keep you near and dear.

I also visited their Blog, which gave me additional information. There is a video on youtube about Fringe. The is done by SKY news and I an sure will catch up like wild fire.
I will try on my cell tomorrow, it is late now.

Fring, it is Fringing Free
Fring on SKY news

Free SMS To Any Mobile Phone via GizmoSMS

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In an email from Micheal, I learned to today that Gizmo Project/SIPphone has another sibling, GizmoSMS. Here it is straight from his email;
"Today SIPphone is launching a web site that lets you send SMS messages to any mobile phone directly from your PC. It's fast and easy and best of all it's free. (The receiver may have to pay a fee depending on their plan.) It's the quickest way to send a brief message to someone. Many kids use SMS as a primary messaging tool in place of email. I find it very useful if I know someone is traveling because they may or may not have access to email or instant messaging. Personally I prefer getting a SMS message over a call or voice mail for brief messages."

You can make it easy for people to send you a SMS message by providing them with a link such as: which will navigate them to and populate 18005551212 into the number field. We've also added links directly from sister site Gizmo Call which lets you call any phone right from your browser. (Also Gizmo Call now works with Linux! Yeah.) Whether you want to send a SMS message ( or talk to someone on a phone ( it's now just a couple clicks away all from your browser. I hope you'll give it a try and let me know how it works for you and how it can be improved.

Follow the links for your Gizmos;

GizmoSMS home
Gizmo Call
Gizmo Project

Multi tenant FreePBX

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I made a booboo, according to Phillipel two! Sorry People!
Here is Phillipel's statement;
from philippel

"In response to your post:

You should read more carefully. First off, it’s ‘according to philippel’ (check the author), although Rob is well in the loop on this.

Second, 2.3 is the foundation on top of which a multi-tenant implementation could be developed. So you cannot move all your tenants over in 3-4 months.


According to Rob over at FreePBX, the long discussed project to make FreePBX a multi tenant Voip application, IPPBX is on the way.
He will put more efforts into making FreePBX 2.3 multi tenant ready;
"Before working on multi-tenant specific work, there is significant infrastructure work that must be done and is the theme of Version 2.3. The 2.3 Milestone information is a bit raw and work in progress, but outlines some of the issues. An incomplete summary of this work includes:

* Trunks and Routes need to be completely re-written.
* Foundation work for custom contexts.
* A much cleaner API (Quickform based) is being rolled out to improve the GUI.
* Move most of core to an online upgradeable module structure to better handle bug fixes.
* Several other internal changes required to improve system reliability and robustness.

And I’m sure I missed some important ones. These changes themselves amount to triple digit hours of work and are a prerequisite to multi-tenant.

Once they are done, and one reason why these must come first, is to meet our goal that multi-tenant will share a very close code base to the Single Tenant freePBX (what we have today). We do not want two separate branches. (The goal is for modules to be identical, and most of core as well)."

So Rob estimate is to about 3-4 months before you can move all your tenants in to one server.
Are you in a hurry to have multi tenant FreePBX, then discuss with Rob and if funding is in place, he might accommodate you.

Multi tenant FreePBX,

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cisco uses OpenSER, an Open Source SIP router and more in Linksys One.

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It is coming in to light that big name companies are using more and more Open Source products. It is no difference when it comes to VoIP. I remember a bunch of companies that used OpenH323 before SIP came to be the leading protocol.
It is revealed that Cisco is using OpenSER as SIP proxy for Service node in Linksys one communication platform.
OpenSER is not the only Open Source Package in the Service Node;
The Cisco Service Node servers run a collection of open-source and Linksys One software:

• FreeBSD-This is the open-source operating system that runs on all Cisco Service Node servers. FreeBSD provides a mechanism that allows multiple virtual instances of the OS to be spawned and run on the same server, with each virtual OS completely isolated from all other instances. This is the partitioning mechanism used to implement the brand-level services.

• PostgreSQL-This open-source package is used to provide database services on the Cisco Service Node.

• OpenSER-This open-source package is used as the Cisco Service Node SIP proxy.

• BIND-This open-source package is used for Domain Name System {DNS) services. The Cisco Service Node runs its own DNS servers. DNS is used for several functions on the Cisco Service Node, including ENUM-based call routing of SIP calls and branding (each brand is known to the outside world as a separate DNS domain name).

• BIND DLZ-This open-source package allows BIND to use the PostgreSQL database to store its zone information. Dynamically loadable zones (DLZ) allows DNS updates to be reflected immediately when a change is made to zone data in the database. This feature is important because CPE that uses Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) can change its IP address at any time. When this happens, DNS must be updated immediately for the ENUM-based call routing to be able to successfully route calls to the CPE.

• NET-SNMP-This open-source SNMP package runs as an agent on the servers and implements several MIBs.
Thank you Cisco for letting us know so openly ;) and congrats to OpenSER people for providing such quality product.

The OpenSER mail archive entry and discussion

OpenSER gets CISCOs vote of confidence

Cisco Service Node for Linksys One SN-10 and SN-100 Data Sheet

Friday, March 09, 2007

VON Spring 2007 Keep your calender open on March 19-22

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This year VON Spring will be held at San Jose Convention center, San Jose, California.
It will be a super experience as every year the VON has improved. I really like the diversity and the advances that is promoted by VON and I have made it my business at least to attend Two VONs a year!
The VON Spring will bring you many a technologies and among those the following are considered to be could not afford to be missed.
* VoIP
Has the movement toward portal solutions given birth to a new ecosystem of services from the fixed line VoIP service providers?
* Fixed Mobile Convergence
What is the impact on the organizational structure of a service provider when jurisdictions converge as well as services? Who is the billing party?
Can the promise of new services be fulfilled at the edge or by its nature is IMS going to enable new services that belong in the core of the network?
Can IPTV deliver a significantly different experience than existing broadcast, cable and satellite, or is it a me-too offering?
* Wireless
How does broadband move to broadband wireless?
The registration is still open and follow the link to register.

VON Spring 2007
VON Spring 2007 registration

Tom Keating lifts his skirt and shows what he is.

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As a VoIP IP Telephony writer I have respected Tom keating for a while. But I had to read an idiotic article by him today about American Idol. It was just wrong from the beginning.
He thinks all the voters who did not vote for the person he liked, is an idiot!
"The sad thing is after the Chris Daughtry shocker last season when he got voted off by idiotic voters..."
And then he goes off to say that he is so good that he is going do good to America by;
"As a white person myself, I find myself embarrassed for my fellow Americans to be so shallow. I'm so ticked off at the results last night, that I'm going to do something about it. I plan on installing an Asterisk IP-PBX along with a dialer application that can blast out hundreds, perhaps thousands of calls over the course of two hours and make sure that the best candidates get through."

Well he is doing this because he thinks one of the candidates, Sanjaya, is possibly cheating just because he appears to be an Indian.
This is the same guy who said he does not want to play race card earlier in the article.
Well what is it Mr. Keating? Is Sanjaya is bad because of his singing or because is not white? Because he is an American, as far as I know.
Just stick to your VoIP stuff you are good at it. It is hard to make a idol out of ..... or you when you go out and post articles like this.

Just to keep story straight, here is Tom's post so you can decide

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Vonage found to be violating 3 of 5 Verzon patents

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According to a post on /. regarding article found on links given below. The Vonage was found by a federal jury on today. The verdict said Vonage Holdings Corp. violated 3 of 5 patents of Verizon Communications Inc. and ordered the upstart Internet-phone company to pay $58m in damages as well as 5.5% in royalty fees per month per customer.
Verizon, the nation's second-largest phone company, said it would seek an injunction to block Vonage from using its patented technology.
"Patents encourage and protect innovations that benefit consumers, create jobs, and keep the economy growing," said John Thorne, Verizon deputy general counsel, in a statement. "Verizon's innovations are central to its strategy of building the best communications networks in the world".
After the jury's finding, Holmdel, N.J.-based Vonage said it has a backup plan in place and that "customers should see no change in any aspect of their phone service." Vonage also said it would appeal the decision and seek a stay if an injunction is granted.

The jury did reject Verizon's claim of $200m in damages and that Vonage deliberately violated Verizon's patents. Judge Claude Hilton has set a hearing for March 23 on whether to grant an injunction."

/. Vonage Loses VoIP Case With Verizon
Vonage found guilty of violating Verizon patents

Virtual VoIP Carriers (VVCs) Will Grow to 12.96 Million by 2011, Just for Chinese VoIP consumers

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DUBLIN, Ireland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of The Consumer VoIP Market in China: Virtual Carriers Still Have Legal Market Space to their offering.

With China's telecom market having relatively high long-distance calling rates, VoIP has gained fast market recognition. Besides the big success of IP card services, telecom carriers are continuously pushing broadband IP telephony service forward in China, the high-tech market research firm says. The number of broadband VoIP subscribers served by telecom carriers is expected to rapidly expand to 9.53 million by the end of 2011, up from 720,000 in 2006.

Another class of providers, virtual VoIP carriers (VVCs), provides PC to phone services by deploying soft-switching systems on Internet and media gateways between the Internet and public switched telephone networks. The Ministry of Information Industry has declared that broadband IP telephony service can be legally provided only by traditional service providers, thus VVCs are operating illegally and have little phone-number resources (most subscribers can only make outgoing calls). However, due to intense competition among voice service providers, and VVCs' lower price compared with traditional long-distance calling or IP card services, VVCs are having success.

Recent research found the following:

* VVCs had 1.1 million consumer subscribers by the end of 2005, and we estimate that the number was around 1.23 million at the end of 2006.
* Consumer broadband IP telephony subscribers served by VVCs will grow to 12.96 million by 2011.

The research, "The Consumer VoIP Market in China: Virtual Carriers Still Have Legal Market Space" covers the market for Voice over Internet Protocol in China. It includes subscriber forecasts for telecom providers and VVCs through 2011. It also contains extensive analysis of the market drivers and barriers, and profiles of selected providers.

Key Topics Covered inside Report:

Executive Summary
Market Overview
Market Status Quo
Telecom VoIP (IP Card) Services Boom
Broadband IP Telephony Slowly Builds Momentum
IM-based VoIP Flourishes in China
Value Chain Analysis
Drivers and Barriers
Competitive Price of IP Telephony
The Flourishing of Broadband Applications
NGN Deployment Driving VoIP
Policy Restrictions on VoIP
Lack of Core Impetus in the Value Chain
Intense Competition in Virtual Operation
Market Trends and Forecast
Market Opportunity Analysis
Cable Operators Have Opportunities to Compete with Telcos on VoIP
Small Broadband Providers are too Weak
Consumer VoIP Subscriber Forecast
Consumer VoIP End-Device Classification and Forecast
Corded IP Phones
Wireless IP Phones
End-Device Users Forecast
Select Service Provider Profiles
China Broadband Communications
263 Network Communication
Related Reports

List of Tables

Table 1. Price Comparison between IP Telephony and Non-IP Telephony
Services, 2006
Table 2. Broadband Telephony Subscriber Forecast: China, 2005-2011
(in Millions)
Table 3. Comparison between IP Phone and Softphone Subscribers in
China, 2006 (in Millions)
Table 4. IP Client Subscribers Forecast Segmented by Device Type:
China, 2005-2011 (in Millions)

List of Figures

Figure 1. Broadband IP Telephony Subscriber Forecast: China, 2005-2011
(in Millions)
Figure 2. Calling Minutes of VoIP (IP Card) and PSTN Long-Distance
Service: China, 2001-2006 (in Millions)
Figure 3. Value Chain of the Consumer VoIP Market in China
Figure 4. China's Broadband Access Subscriber Forecast, 2004-2011
Figure 5. Broadband Telephony Subscriber Forecast: China, 2005-2011
(in Millions)
Figure 6. CBCom Softphone
Figure 7. Grandstream BudgeTone BT 101 IP Phone
Figure 8. Paragon Wireless Hipi GSM/Wi-Fi Dual-mode Phone
Figure 9. VoIP Client Subscribers Forecast Segmented by Device Type:
China, 2005-2011 (in Millions)

For more information visit

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Microsoft VoIP server to enter Beta soon

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According to an article on Techworld, and some information from voicecon there is lot about unified communications are cooking at Microsoft. With it's user base, Microsoft will be at an advantage to acquire customers.
But this also relies on wide adaption of Vista and Office 2007, where all the underlying technology for the desktop side might be implemented. But it might be appealing to all the Microsoft users.
The last time I had experience with VoIP and Microsoft was when they implemented H323 on one of their edge servers a few years, I think at lease 7 years ago. But my experience was not pleasant and I had to settle for Open gatekeeper OpenGK for my needs.
Microsoft is to release a public beta of its VoIP server software by the end of this month. The company is already asking for potential users to register for the beta version on the Microsoft website.

Techworld article
Microsoft unified communications and Beta
Open Gatekeeper, openGK

Panasonic KX-WP1050 Wi-fi Skype phone with Wireless Travel Router

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If you remember real early cell phones from Motorola that you carried in a bag, and appropriately called bagphone, transportable or luggable phone, the bag phone contained a heavy cellular transceiver with a large battery enclosed in a leather bag. Since battery life wasn't good, most people plugged the unit into a car's cigarette lighter and used it while driving. Power output was twice that of the brick, the hand-held cellular phone that borrowed its name from Motorola's first Handie-Talkie. Dwarfing any present hand-held, except perhaps satellite phones, the brick's battery itself was larger than most cell phones on the market today.

Now you have a chance to revisit history. This time with added new technology Wireless, VoIP, Skype and of course a lighter and nicer phone, Panasonic KX-WP1050 Wi-fi Skype phone.

But it has also bringing another era for Skype. To have main stream manufacturers like Panasonic producing the phone for them. So folks whether you like it or not, skype will be here for a long time. And might as well see how you can best use it.
And for those interested in technology, develop something like Coosip.

With the Panasonic KX-WP1050, Panasonic has taken the complexity out of making Skype™ calls by including a complete kit which can be set up and used by virtually anyone with little or no computer experience. The included router simplifies the set up of the Wi-Fi access point, and guarantees a secure wireless connection with automatic 256-bit AES encryption setup (WPA). The router can also be plugged into a hotel or office network giving the user a wireless connection for their laptop and the ability to use the Wi-Fi phone simultaneously. The AC adapter is compatible with all voltages from 100V to 240V, so it can be used by simply attaching the AC cord (sold separately) for a particular country.

The phone is priced at $399.00 for the kit and follow the links for Panasonic site and a good review by, whom but the best, Skype itself.

Panasonic KX-WP1050 Wi-fi Skype phone

SkypeGear roadtest: review of the kit
Operations manual for KX-WP1050

CooSIP, Multi-Channel Skype to SIP Converter

VoIP IP Telephony @

I stumbled upon this site and product via webtown on COOSIP is a converter between Skype and SIP based VoIP. Also there is a product called cootalk and webtown covers both. I will stick to CooSIP and follow the link to webtown at he end of the article to learn more about both the products.
According to the coosip site,

CooSIP server software converts Skype into standard SIP. It brings multiple Skype lines into SIP voice equipments, such as IPPBX, PBX, Call Center, Gateway, SIP phone.

• Communicate with Skype voice network
• Bring in up to 120+ concurrent Skype lines with a single Skype account
• Bridge Skype with SIP
• Simple and easy to setup
• Automatically detect SIP users or equipments

The following Diagrams might explain the concept; click on the image for a larger view;

This is what COOSIP says about the product;
Converge the best VoIP service
Skype is the best in voice quality and the most stable VoIP service. It offers free PC2PC calls and low price PSTN DialOut/DialIn plan (SkypeOut/SkypeIn).

CooSIP addresses strategic unified communication needs. With CooSIP, PBX/IPPBX and Call Center users can take advantage of Skype’s VoIP service with their existing voice equipments. Skype users can also communicate with users or services facilitated by PBX/IPPBX/Call Center systems.

CooSIP only needs to run on a computer. Easy to install, maintain and manage.

Skype has been widely adopted by hundreds of million users for years.

Low Cost
Enjoy free Skype VoIP service and low price SkypeOut long distance plan in your business.

High Quality
SkypeNet is the best VoIP service in the market

Authentication can be issued by both corporation server and Skype server, more secure than Skype authentication alone

The product is still in alpha, and beta should be out pretty soon. Keep watching if you want the multiline skype server

COOSIP, bring skype into your SIP of Voip
The article on webtown that lead me to Coosip

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Antonella Barba experiment at WeSeePeople

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124 before the article

Just because of the attention is getting on the net and TV, I started posting random articles on my not so famous blog, weseepeople. (Two so far). the traffic spikes are making me laugh. Well I think by posting gossip and naked stuff, you can get more traffic. I will continue this on WeSeePeople more, and will create a study. Based on social activities on Technorati
WeSeePeople: Antonella Barba continued... with more photos Naked and ... blow ...

Get VoIP with a cordless phone from Sunrocket

VoIP IP Telephony @

GigaOm's Paul Kapustka reports and asks the question; "Will a low-cost cordless phone finally convince you to pull the plug on the PSTN?"
and answers the same with ample data;
"That’s what SunRocket and ATS hope with their scheduled announcement Tuesday of a cordless, multi-handset VoIP phone that will be available for as little as $19.99 after a rebate."

But I found this graph of VoIP provider client distribution by telegeography interesting.

You can read Pull the plug on PSTN here

Sunday, March 04, 2007

iPhone will go VoIP way, a little

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iPhone users will be allowed to make, well receive VoIP calls with the aid of Jajah;
VOIP IP Telephony: Disruption in VOIP IP Telephony Field By Jajah! Or is it?.
The call will not be exactly VoIP, as Jajah is a web based service. You go to jajah site Type a number you want to call as well as your own number. That's it, your phone and the other end will ring and you complete the call.
Jajah will allow iPhone users to bypass their cellphone network charges to make and receive Voice over IP calls, without the need for internet access. It works by getting the Jajah service to call your mobile phone via VoIP and the call the other party via VoIP. As both parties are receiving calls, they don't have to pay anything to their network provider.
It might change in the future as iPhone is based on embedded OS X and making a VoIP client should not be hard to code.

Read about iPhone and VoIP here

Also iTwire write about it

Friday, March 02, 2007

Joost info moved to weseepeople

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All the post regarding Joost will be at Weseepeople from now on. Only communication related information will be posted here. Follow the links to get more information.

WeSeePeople: Joost moved here from SnapVoIP

Skype asks help from FCC to soften Carriers hold on apps and devices

VoIP IP Telephony @

The Skype division of online auction company eBay filed a petition with the Federal Communications Commission last week asking regulators to end the practice of carriers' controlling which devices and apps are used on their networks. Skype also asked the FCC to oversee an industry group that would create open standards for wireless networks.

Two public-interest groups are mulling similar action. And a handset maker in Taiwan is preparing to release a cell phone based on open-source software that it wants to sell independently of carriers.

Skype's position

In its petition, filed Feb. 21, Skype asks the FCC to apply the so-called Carterfone rules to the wireless industry. Those rules were enacted in the 1960s to force wired-telephony monopoly AT&T to let consumers connect phones and other devices to its network, even if the devices were not made or approved by AT&T. (Skype software lets users make free long-distance calls using voice-over-Internet Protocol.)

At issue is U.S. carriers' practice of restricting their networks to approved handsets and applications sold by the carriers themselves. Carriers often require that handsets use specific techniques to lock the devices for use only on their networks.
CTIA's CEO had this to say; ""Skype’s self-interested filing contains glaring legal flaws and a complete disregard for the vast consumer benefits provided by the competitive marketplace. Skype’s "recommendations" will freeze the innovation and choice hundreds of millions of consumers enjoy today. The call for imposing monopoly era Carterfone rules to today’s vibrant market is unmistakably the wrong number."
But before jumping in to any conclusions, visit CTIA and check them out, specially the current members.
A Columbia law professor decried the practice in a position paper he posted on the Web in February. In a synopsis on his blog, Tim Wu asserts that wireless carriers are "aggressively controlling product design and innovation in the equipment and application markets to the detriment of consumers."

Carriers are blocking or controlling the rollout of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, advanced short message service, mobile browsers, legal image and audio file transfers, and call timers, Wu wrote.

Follow the links to read more

EE Times Call out to wireless carriers

Prof. WU's "Wireless Net Neutrality: Cellular Carterfone on Mobile Networks"

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Global Crossing aids Enterprises in VoIP Transition.

VoIP IP Telephony @

March 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Global Crossing
a leading global IP solutions provider, today announced it is making it easier for enterprises to migrate from traditional telephony to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) by introducing Global Crossing Managed IP Telephony Solutions(TM). The service enables customers to take advantage of VoIP's enhanced capabilities and more predictable cost structure.
Using Global Crossing Managed IP Telephony Solutions, enterprises can bundle and customize the company's VoIP service elements to save money and simplify the transition to an integrated VoIP solution. As part of the company's VoIP Professional Services portfolio, Managed IP Telephony Solutions integrates the Global Crossing Enterprise VoIP Services(TM) portfolio with Avaya Inc.'s IP telephony hardware and software components.
These bundled -- yet customizable -- solutions include equipment selection,
procurement and installation; local, long distance, international and toll-free calling; private numbering plans, collaboration tools and other advanced features; on-site technical assistance; and remote support. Global Crossing will serve as a single point of contact for the entire cut over, including switching from existing services to VoIP and conducting employee training.

Global Crossing Simplifies Transition to VoIP for Enterprises

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