Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fonality acquires TrixBox (fomerly Asterisk@home)

You can also read the news release and discussion going on at trixbox!, There might come a fork of trixbox already.!

MySQL's Brian "Krow" Aker is reporting that Trixbox, a asterisk Linux distribution, has been acquired by Fonality.
Brian thinks it is a cool transaction.
Brians other thought (which caught my eyes right away) are;
"Fonality just moved into first place for the telephony Linux vertical stack, and this is a trillion dollar market, one in which Microsoft doesn't have the technology to respond with.

Today the online world for Telephony is like the world for networks at the beginning of the 80's. Google, Skype, and the rest are creating their own lakes hoping to become the ocean. The same could be said of Compuserve, AOL, and Prodigy around 1993. Telephony on the internet is not about being locked into any single provider, it is about being able to talk to anyone, anywhere."
Read more of his thoughts at his blog.
Brian himself got the information from VoIP & Gadgets Blog on TMCnet. A blog I frequent a lot to get voip IP Telephony dose of the day. But I missed this one and to come through /. --> Brian's Blog --> VoIP & Gadgets Blog. Anyway both are good reads. Read VoIP & Gadgets Blog to get the facts first and then Brian's to digest and wash it down.


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