Friday, September 25, 2009

Your Tweets Are Safe(?) With Twitter

Twitter Business
Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has told RWW that it is saving all your Sweet and sour tweets. The only problem is that you can't search for them, as of now.

Biz Stone: "We definitely save all the tweets although you're right in noting that our search focuses more on newer content right now. And yes, the plan is to drop the coordinates after 14 days."
Twitter also confirmed the rumors of another round of funding from heavy investment firms. Even though they did not officially confim the number, everyone from wall street to ladies on CNN are convinced that it is $100 Million putting the value of Twitter at $1 Billion or there after. The sheer number of users and their visits, multiple, will sure easily convert to money, if they have proper plans, and even smaller ones, like Twitter App Store.
I am glad for Twitter as I enjoy and use it very much and only yesterday thought of digging a little deeper into the scene.
RWW (Read Write Web)


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