Saturday, July 25, 2009

Augmented Reality Apps On iPhone, With iPhone OS 3.1

Augmented Reality Apps On iPhone
Apparently Apple told Acrossair, developer of the Nearest Tube train finder (Nearest Subway Finder in New York), that their app will be approved for distribution via App Store after Apple releases the iPhone OS 3.1. It is widely expected to be released in September this year.

But I would love to see Augmented from TAT on my iPhone! Augmented ID visualizes the digital identities of people you meet in real life. With a mobile device and face recognition software from Polar Rose, Augmented ID enables you to discover selected information about people around you. All users control their own augmented appearance, by selecting the content and social network links they want show to others. Modifying your augmented ID is easier than fixing your hair in real life and, of course, according to to TAT Cascades will make me look great! Yes since I look good already!



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