Friday, September 25, 2009

Chinese iPhone Coming Soon, From China Unicom

iPhone in China

China UniCom, the official carrier for iPhone in China, is going aginst the usual flow of subsidized phones and high cost plans likr that of AT&T. The company will offer the phone country wide in mid-October
Although not as big compared to China Mobile (which walked away from a iPhone deal) , China Unicom commands about 140 Million customers but iPhone might shift the numbers in wireless market. Just like AT&T survived thanks to iPhone. We also thought Apple might have both carriers, China Mobile and China Unicom carry the iPhone.
There have been steady flow of iPhones to China, from other countries that got the phone earlier and the hawkers selling them for exorbitant prices but for years the trend continued. So China Unicom might have recognized the trend and looks like keeping prices up, at least initially.
It is reported that 8GB iPhone 3G will start at 2075 Yuan (~$303 at current exchange rates) and 16GB 3G will cost 2999 Yuan or $439. The prices of 3GS is not spoken about but the word on the wire is that 16GB 3GS will cost 3999 Yuan and 32GB costing 4999 Yuan.
But the plan costs are 126 Yuan ($18.45) and even with 3GS, Chinese users will do much better financially that AT&T customers who where abouts of $80 a month. Perhaps even better service too! as it is not hard to be better.
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