Friday, September 11, 2009

Skype For iPhone 1.2.1 Fixes Crash Issues.

Skype for iPhone,
If you  know by now, the skype for iPhone was the turning point for me. I started using in extensively since the Skype for iPhone App was released. Before that We were well known for "uninstall Skype" and "How Not To Be A Skype Super Node"
I used it to call landlines and other Skype members, both in US and abroad, such as Japan. without any major problems and good voice quality. That was until I upgraded to Skype For iPhone version 1.2. I had many problems, that I gave up using it.
But a post by Skype tells us that it has fixed some of the major issues in the Skype or iPhone 1.2.1 in this Skype Garage post;
Fixed issues
  • Crashing in Dialing and History.
  • Erroneous handling of international prefixes.
  • Crashing due to special characters in contact names. 
I think that is a start and if you were disappointed like me, it is time to upgrade. You can do it from your iPhone by going to the App store and checking for upgrades or by visiting the app store via new iTunes 9.

From release notes for Skype 1.2.1 for iPhon;
  • known issues:
    • Skype sometimes crashes on login.
    • When a call is resumed after being put on hold, the dialpad tones can no longer be heard.
    • The incoming call ringtone plays when a user is in Do Not Disturb mode.
    • Users are not able to edit phone numbers they have saved in their Contacts.
    • Skype Credit balance displayed above the Contact list does not always update when the user purchases more credit. Workaround: Users are advised to sign into their account on to check their true credit balance.
    • Contact requests that contain more than 50 characters are not legible. Workaround: users are advised to limit the length of their contact requests.
    • Blocking a contact does not give response to user
    • Canceling Creating SMS does not work
    • Sometimes "No network" alert is not displayed when network is lost
    • Skype may crash on closing conversation
    • New account sign-up password rules are not explained to user


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