Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Free SIP Account Provider List : Free SIP Accounts To Connect Your Mobile VoIP Or At Home VoIP Phones.

This Post is outdated, please visit the new and improved list @;

Free SIP Account Providers 2014

Please Also Check the new pages, "SIP Service Providers" and "Free SIP Accounts" for more information on SIP accounts and SIP service providers.
Latest and tested Free SIP Provider List is here.

There seem to a renewed interest in free SIP Accounts. I have previously written two articles regarding these. The First Free SIP Accounts Part One and the Second of course Free SIP Accounts Part Two.

So this will bring all the information that I have on Free SIP Accounts together so you can view them without having to run about reffering to multiple articles. This post will be updated and will be mentioned so with a new post in the blog.

So This will be "The Free SIP Account Provider List"

1. IPTEL, IPtel gave me the first taste of SIP a long time ago, at a time when people were asking what VoIP was. Register for an Account here.
2. Free World Dialup Pulver.com has been providing SIP accounts under the name Free World Dialup for a while as well.
3. Sip Phone Provided by SIPPhone. Sign up here to create an account on the SIPphone network. Once you have an account, you will be able to configure your SIP-based VoIP adapter, or software phone
4. SIP Simple Testbed provided by AG Projects(Really check these guys out)
5. OSIP also provides Free accounts via, AntiSIP, company created to provide services around SIP and telephony.

This list will grow as I test new services with hardware SIP Phone, Software SIP Phone and also From My new iPhone 3G that I will be getting on July 11th. (It is reserved so I will not stand on line!)

Leave a comment if you have a service or if you know of a free SIP account provider. I will be happy to add.


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