Saturday, September 26, 2009

Free SIP Server For Windows.

Free SIP Server for Windows.

The interest on free SIP accounts and Free SIP providers Free SIP Account 2013 has been steady and many people are finding their service provider through us. This also got me thinking about SIP Servers, free of course. There are plenty of free or open source SIP servers for Linux platform but a very little and also very little info on the same for windows platform.
I was searching for free SIP servers and the first I found was a server from 3CX. 3CX provides telephony services and products globaly, in the UK, USA, Germany, Cyprus, Malta, Australia and Hong Kong.
The Free edition of the SIP server from 3CX has an impressive feature set;
 Call Logging         
Call Reporting       
Blind Call Transfer       
Attended Call Transfer       
Call Forward on Busy       
Call Forward on No Answer       
Call Routing (DID)       
Caller ID       
Conference Calling       
Auto Attendant / Digital Receptionist       
Voice Mail       
Music on Hold       
Ring Groups       
Hunt Groups       
Central Phonebook

And if you need more you can upgrade yourself to the enterprise version with even more extensive list of features at a very resonable cost.
But our interest is in the free edition of 3CX SIP Server. It can share the existing network infrastructure, big or small  and can be installed on an existing, non-dedicated Windows server or run as a virtual machine. So if you are a windows shop and was reluctant to touch Linux server to get cost effective telephony services, this might be the first step to say goodbye to expensive, proprietary  phone systems and costly phone bills!
One thing I noticed was the 3CX Assistant, which allows one to transfer, divert, launch or park calls - via “drag and drop” interface. The assistant works in tandem with any IP Phone or even analog phones.
There are tons more features that the system carries but the limits of this post does not allow me to list all of them here. So without sounding like a paid post, I will let you visit the site and decide for yourself.
3CX SIP Server for Windows could be down loaded from 3CX Server.


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