Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vivox Web Voice, Voice Mashups For Facebook And WOrld Of Warcraft

Voice Chat for Virtual Worlds and Social Networks.
The Vivox Labs, which is formed to provide both the services, web voice for facebook and puggable for world of warcraft are in closed beta but promises to be out in the open within a few weeks time.
Vivox is not a new player in the field, the Boston-based company already provides the integrated voice service for Second Life and EVE Online, and commands more than 15 million users worldwide.
Vivox test-drives new technologies to deepen the social web
Natick, MA – September 15, 2009

Vivox (, the market leader in voice services for online games and virtual worlds, today announced the opening of Vivox Labs, an initiative designed to capture and incubate new ideas around using Web Voice to create voice and web mashups. The first two innovations to come out of Vivox Labs are Vivox Web Voice for Facebook, a way for friends and groups to seamlessly talk on Facebook; and, a website for World of Warcraft players creating pick-up groups (PUGs) with voice chat, character data and boss tactics.
Since the company's inception in 2005, Vivox has been enabling massive conversations to take place in some of the world's largest online games, virtual worlds and communities. Now the company is bringing its sophisticated and expertly designed voice capabilities to social web application developers and users with Web Voice.
"We created Vivox Labs because our team was bursting with new ideas to combine voice and web products. This new initiative enables the team to work on new ideas and share these opportunities with our partners," said Monty Sharma, co-founder and VP Product Management and Marketing of Vivox. "Vivox Labs has now opened up opportunity for us to experiment with Web Voice and leverage what we learn for the benefit of our users and partners. These first two projects coming out of Vivox Labs are extraordinary examples of the passion and talent of our team and the adaptability of Web Voice. While we are excited about the potential of these early efforts we know our partners will take the tools we have developed and create further innovative solutions as gaming and the social web merge."
Vivox Web Voice for Facebook combines the award winning Vivox Network with the social environment of Facebook, making connecting with friends easier than ever. Users can have virtual reunions, play games or conduct meetings. Vivox Web Voice for Facebook is designed to provide a simple way to get a group talking. In addition to the core app, Vivox is working with developers to integrate custom voice capabilities into their applications.
Also in development in Vivox Labs is Puggable, a website that supports pick up groups (PUGs) commonly formed in MMOs. Gamers often have to find similar geared players in certain roles to achieve game objectives. Presently focused on the World of Warcraft community, Puggable assembles both character and instance data from the game so that players can easily build a complementary team. Once the PUG is set, they can use Vivox voice right from their browser, making it easy and intuitive for players to communicate while playing together.
Vivox Web Voice for Facebook and Puggable are presently in closed beta with expected release dates in Q4 2009.


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