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Free SIP Account Providers 2013

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Free SIP Account Providers 2014

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Well it is 2013 and we got to update one of our popular posts, Free SIP Account Provider List. If we are go in to all the numerology, if we add up all the numbers in 2012, it will be 6, So we listed 6 good free SIP account providers.
If you would like to see the old lists, they are listed at the bottom

It Has been more than a year since we updated the now famous Free SIP Account Provider List. As far as the list goes, nothing much has changed. The same providers continues to provide users with free SIP services. Over the years, Many have come and gone but IPTEL, SIP2SIP, ANTISIP, PBXes and GetOnSIP, the players on our list has continued to provide Free SIP accounts to clients all over the world. This time we are adding another provider, EKIGA, which was introduced to us by an anonymous reader of our blog.

Previously and even now, IPTEL, the place where the original SER SIP server (The SER was forked out and OpenSIPS and Kamalio was born) still remains our number one choice. It is also because our partner RavenII first dipped his hands in to SIP part of the VoIP IP Telephony with a SER server. Yes IPTEL still continue to provide thousands, if not millions of Free SIP accounts to the world.

The next in the list of Free SIP Account Providers is SIP2SIP which is a part of which in turn is powered by AG Projects. AG Projects and and i-p-tel GMBH continue to provide free and paid services to the masses.

ANTISIP continue to provide very non anti SIP services. The setting up of the accounts are simple and you on your way to SIP universe, once signed up.

PBXes provides other services and support for telephony world. In addition to SIP, they also support codecs like G711, G726, iLBC, Speex, GSM, H263 Video, G722 HD Voice, G729 Passthru.  Except for the last two, all others are also a part of Free Account. So if you are testing multiple Codecs, this is the place to go. They also have reasonable paid services and their operations mimic traditional PBX.

GetOnSIP is providing a fantastic service. Their service is purely internet based telephony communications for the free accounts.SIP to SIP calls and XMPP messaging are provided with the account. Another good news about GetOnSIP is that they have SIP clients for PCs, iPhone and Android devices. So if you are looking for all in one service, you might want to go here.

Next is our new comer, EKIGA. Although we knew about the service, we did not get a chance to test it so we were unable to list this provider in our earlier lists. But is is good that we tested. Yes the also provide you with a soft phone but under the hood they have a bit more.How about searchable address book  Echo test number, Call back test number, public conference room, peering and the ability to create your own public or private conference room. Of all these, peering is important, because it allows users from one service to call users on another service, using SIPBrokers white page extensions. This is a very attractive option.

So here are the links;

1., Creator of SER.

2. SIP2SIP A project by AG Projects.

3. ANTISIP provides very SIP free accounts.

4. PBXes continue to be a better virtual PBX.

5. GetOnSIP's free SIP account comes with a variety of Softphones, desktop and mobile. It is the first iPhone based SIP client I(DiorDNA) tried.

6. EKIGA, a great Free SIP Account Provider with very usefull additional services to go with.

So friends, enjoy the fruits of five great people / companies labour. If you really like these services, please find a way to give back. Many of these providers have paid services, sign up for one of them. You will be doing a lot of people a favor as it will help these companies to stay afloat.

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