Friday, September 18, 2009

Microsoft Mobile Kill Switch Not That Bad, Trust Us! Says Microsoft!!

Microsoft! Market Place Kill Switch

Microsoft is saying that the kill switch is not really for killing any old app from market place or your phone. Only bad ugly and dangerous ones will be killed, which is of course decided by Microsoft. So sort of Microsoft controls your phone like it does PC's with it's WGA and what ever it is called on Vista and Windows 7.
In the vast majority of instances where an application is removed from Windows Marketplace for Mobile, users of this application will continue to be able to use these applications on their phones. In the rare event an application from Marketplace exhibits harmful behavior or has unforeseen effects, Marketplace has the capability to remotely uninstall these applications. While we hope to avoid this scenario, we will make refunds available in such cases.
To be fair, Google (Android Kill Switch) and Apple (iPhone Kill Switch) both have kill switches. But the best thing (if there is any) about google and Microsoft is that you could load your own apps, unlike Apple and iPhone.
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