Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Skype for SIP" Offering Will Interoperate With Cisco Systems’ Unified Communications 500 System.

"Skype for SIP"
Yes that is what Giga Om is telling us and I am sure it will be a real boost to Skype for Business plans and Skype for SIP infrastructure. Skype partnered with Shoretel to provide similar service only a little while ago and brains at Cisco must have smelled the aroma ans now joining the barbeque party.
We have numerous Cisco equipments deployed along with Cisco Unified Communication related services and software. The trunk run right out to carriers and would love to have one of those connect to Skype backbone. The Skype for Asterisk also under the belt, I think Skype will do well. Perhaps one day UN will have to tear apart Skype for monopolistic practices.
I am really looking forward to hear the news.

While he wouldn’t get into product specifics, Silverman dropped enough hints about Skype’s enterprise future. “We are working to develop an enterprise software product that is built around productivity vs. simply cost savings,” he said. That’s a very telling statement: At present, Skype’s only utility is that it’s a cheap calling service that can leverage about 480 million subscribers and its ability to buy long distance minutes on the cheap.
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