Sunday, September 13, 2009

VoxOx Wins ITEXPO West 2009 Best Of The Show In Consumer Category.

ITEXPO West 2009
Another winner and one that is familiar to us, is VoxOx, created by Telecentris Inc. Even though the service is still in beta, it managed to secure it's winners place. 
The VoxOx brings together voice, video, IM, text, social media, e-mail, fax, usual tools of the trade of todays world, be it stationary or mobile, into a single user interface. For me the VoxOx brings easier method of keeping in touch with my collegues, family and friends during my travels, local and international, which happens at least, once a month.
But there are other tools that everybody els might find useful and valuable, such as a personal assistant, which answers, screens and routes calls based on individual preferences; worldwide two-way texting from the user's VoxOx phone number; instant messenger integration; enhanced social networking support for Twitter, Facebook, MySpace.
All you need for all the convenience is a phone capable of doing what you need and a wireless service. You will not be missing your internet connection! (There is one time need to access VoxOx via internet to register your SIM if you happend to change your SIM on the go.)
On the occasion of  being honored with the award, Bryan Hertz, CEO and co-founder of TelCentris said, "We're honored to be recognized by TMCnet as the leading free service for helping consumers solve communication overload, No other service combines so many key communication channels into one place so consumers can take control of their interconnected lifestyle. We look forward to working with our rapidly growing user base to continue to innovate VoxOx."
Yes keep us coming back!
You can get more information at VoxOx site.

TMC's Web site at www.tmcnet.com


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