Friday, September 11, 2009

Matt Cutts On Google Mobile App

I was just visiting Matt Cutts (Goog;e SEO Guru) blog to pick up some points regarding SEO problem I am facing now. For 5 years I have run this blog, never once publishing a paid post or any such things. But Google seem to be punishing me for something that I do not know. I have contacted them, but I continue to search for solutions.
That is when I noticed Matt's article "Hidden Google Gem: Google Mobile App" on Google Mobile App.
I have been using Google Voice search, on my iPhone, ever since I found it last November. But then again, the Google mobile app, is not limited to iPhone, it runs on Android phones, BlackBerry, Nokia S60, and Windows Mobile, which I did not care to find out until I read the post.
I knew it ran on Android and BlackBerry phones, but did not know about Nokia and Windows Mobile.
But unlike me, Matt has posted his voice recognition tests! I just tested them and they worked and without having a second thought, went along while using them. The only common thing is that I too found that the app's voice recognition capabilities were very good.
But I am still looking for a solution to my problem with this blog and Google.


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