Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mint Mints A New Secure Mint App For iPhone

Mint App For iPhone
Mint has gone from a startup to be a part of the corporate crowd with its acquisition by Intuit. In 2007 TechCrunch40 brought Mint into light and in two years it grew up to be 1.5 million user base that uses Mint's services to manage their finances, down to the last cent.
in the occasion of announcement it seems both the companies are made for each other;

"With this transaction, Intuit will gain another fast-growing consumer brand and a highly successful Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that helps people save and make money," said Brad Smith, Intuit CEO.  "This move will enhance Intuit's position as a leading provider of consumer SaaS offerings that connect customers across desktop, online and mobile."
"Joining Intuit enables us to bring our vision of helping consumers understand and do more with their money to millions of Intuit customers," said Founder and CEO, Aaron Patzer.  "This is a compelling combination of our innovative product, technology, and user interface design with one of the most trusted brands in software."

Mint for iPhone was an excellent app as the phone was something that you carried around almost always and could easily log ones transactions. The improved version is said to be more secure, which is vital in any financial app and the new features include the ability to edit transactions on the phone, mobile access to Mint's newly enhanced budgeting features, and is capable of receiving push alerts which can be customized at Mint site.
Security wise the application level passcode should keep the data secure and users at ease.
Overall, the new update brings the Mint for iPhone app in par with the services from the main Mint website. The Mint for iPhone should be at home at Intuit, as it was one of the first to work on iPhone Development Kit when it was released.
“The iPhone SDK gives us the tools we need to create powerful iPhone applications and is an important part of our overall mobile strategy,” said Rick Jensen, senior vice president, Small Business Group at Intuit. “We’re excited that the iPhone expands the ways our customers can solve key financial tasks wherever they might be.”
Mint for iPhone (iTunes link)


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