Thursday, September 24, 2009

Google Voice, Threat To AT&T and Other Telcos!, Telco 2.0 Executive Brief

Andy Abramson directed me to a great post, a brief,  by Telco 2.0 about Google voice. I like the way Andy describes it;

Google Voice was being viewed as a threat by Apple-because it's about the control of the data around the call, not the voice.
About what Telco 2.0 warned;
Google Voice, managing Customer Data, and Location Services will be among the key battlegrounds where Telcos' emerging business models and Google are likely to clash, according to a new Telco 2.0 Briefing to be published in October. 
Yes it is what I feel too (Apple Blocks Google Voice, Looks Like AT&T telling Apple What To Do!)
, what ever the AT&T and Apple gang told FCC, I still think it is both, trying to crush Google (Whoa did I say that?) [please ad voice]. Anyway Good Luck Apple and AT&T, I already use Google Voice, the one you blocked, from my iPhone anyway. Learn that your users are a intelligent bunch and they are getting better, everyday.
But there is something Telco 2.0 got wrong;
“Let my boss call my mobile only between 9am and 7pm, and always divert my mother-in-law to voicemail”.
 It is other way around for me, my boss calls me all the time and most of the time sent to VM (to show I am busy and only to call back) my mother-in-law makes me answer, by being so sweet!
Telco 2.0 via VoIP Watch


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