Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Truphone For Android v2.0 Launched

Truphone For Android v2.0
Truphone announced today a major upgrade to its Android application with the launch of Truphone for Android v2.0. According to Truphone, the new truphone application for Android 2.0 is faster, more responsive and easier to use with a native interface.
Truphone for Android and other media like Truphone for iPhone, provides an all-in-one conversations hub. It allows Truphone users to take advantage of low international call rates, (The customer also pays for a local call to Truphone Gateway). The application works by making a local GSM call to the Truphone gateway  and the call is then routed over the Truphone network to it's true destination.
Truphone also allows users to make voice calls to skype and Google talk buddies for similar costs as above. Another part of Truphone is the capability of IM that works across Skype and Google Talk(TM), MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM and Twitter all from one application and for free. (IM works over 3G and the users need a data plan for it to work)
Director of Consumer Apps for Truphone, Karl Good said on the occasion;
"The improvements to the Android application come from customer feedback and lessons learned from our first application to provide a slicker and faster user experience, this new Android application builds on our heritage of being a pioneer in the mobile industry, providing high quality voice services and making Truphone the smart choice for people with an international lifestyle.

The new application could be  download now either from Truphone website, or the Android Market.

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