Sunday, September 20, 2009

imichat for S60, Video Chat On Your Mobiles.

imiChat® For Mobiles and PC
imiChat® provides means for users of mobile handsets, and PCs, to chat via instant text messages and  ta da! two-way interactive video chatting. Best of all it is a free application and since it is for regular mobile the developers did not have to wait for App store approval or carrier blessing.
Leveraging mobile video technologies from China based  Mobim Technologies, imiChat which is also hailing from China, is able to support smooth two-way video over today’s 2.5G GPRS networks.
The video chat and texting is not only limited to mobile phones but your pc as well. There is an PC application that you can download and install. Be aware that the protocol and the network are propritery and not compatible with popular networks.
imiChat S60 V3 1.11.1186 Beta for S60 based phones are available for imichat to to download and there is an expressive list of Nokia and other phone models that supports the application.
As in all networks and applications, there are caveats and since I have not tested them, I am guiding you to another article where I picked up information about this application. There is a pretty good explanation of the app and the network as well as ups and downs of the entity.
get the imichat app here.


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