Sunday, September 20, 2009

Apple Looks Into iPhone Battery Problem Makes Fanboys Happy

iPhone 3.1 Battery Problems
I thought when Apple updated iPhone OS 3.1.1 that they fixed the battey problems. As I have mentioned, I have not experienced the issues my self as I am still on os 3.0.1 and enjoying a quite long battery life and will not update until Apple come through with solid answers.
Apple seem to be sloppy in the tech department and PR department while horning the legal department (I just accepted new guide and agreement for App Store). Blackberry and Palm might be the only happy ones by looking at the Apple discussion forum post which is 22 pages long when I last checked. The battery problem seem to be affecting many people.
The Apple's response that got fanboy bunnies tails wagging includes 11 questions regarding the battery problem including a WT? question;
“When you notice a power drop, does it seem to be a legitimate power drop, or rather an issue with the battery icon indicator?”
Why? do you have a faulty or fake indicator? or you don't know about your own phone? Perhaps you should take a look at x-ray view of the iPhone.
But in all fairness, iPhone blog conducted a survey and from 69 odd people who responded indicated  better battery life than before (11%), no change (61%) and worse that before the 3.1 update (24%). While statistically this does not have much credit, it gives validity together with complaints on the Apple discussion forum. Yet it could be isolated to certain batch of phones or hardware.
So Apple get the bloody thing right, otherwise we might look into iPhone alternatives.
So folks, if you experience battery problems, get in touch with Apple and also post on the Apple discussion board. If you are one of the lucky ones, Apple might contact you!
Apple Discussion board
For those who think Apple could do no wrong blame yourdelves and follow iPhone battery management guidelines here.
iPhone Blog Via Gizmodo


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