Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Skype For Asterisk In Digium Store

Skype For Asterisk
Digium has released the pricing of the Skype For Asterisk and is available to purchase from the Digium Store.
Skype For Asterisk single channel is priced at $66 which think is very reasonable. If you enable the Skype for Asterisk (SFA) channel(s) one will instantly be able to have complete access to the Skype network, providing low cost PSTN access and free calling to millions of Skype users.

But please follow the guide lines provided by Digium and learn about the benefits and proper use of the software with your astgerisk server(s).
Digium expressively states that;
"*Please note that one license key will be generated for each order line item. Each license key is good only for the number of channels for which it is generated. For example, to license five (5) Skype for Asterisk channels on an Asterisk server in Los Angeles and five (5) Skype for Asterisk channels on an Asterisk server in Sydney, please place two separate line items in your basket for five (5) channels each. Do not make a single order for ten (10) channels."
Happy Skyping with Asterisk.

Skype for Asterisk overview
Digium Store.


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