Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Taylor Swift And Spotify, Not Done Yet, Daniel Ek!

Daniel Ek to Taylor Swift.

Taylor YT

Swift broke up with Spotify and pulled all her music from the service and Spotify sang sad songs. Even among the turmoil Spotify has surpassed iTunes in Europe in earnings. But it was not the end.
Taylor went onto explain her position on Yahoo, but the explanation was too painful to read/watch as I felt that it was not close to the reality. But she did sell 1.3 million copies of her album and exclude me or anyone I know from that 1.3 million people. If I really wanted to listen, I could have gone to Youtube but her music is not that worth to me. But people who do, they do.
Now we find that the saga is not over, Daniel Ek of Spotify has revealed today that Taylor was in line to earn $6 million from Spotify. We also noted that the sales from the album 1989 was $12 million(first week). I doubt Big Machine would give her all the money.
Anyway even though not exactly pointed at Taylor, Daniel Ek's long write up explains a lot about the industry and how money flows etc.
He noted that payouts from Spotify, 2 Billion so far have been progressively rising thus streaming is the way of the future for all music. I tend to believe him but services like iTunes and Google Play will continue to provide copies when we want to have the songs near by.


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