Sunday, November 16, 2014

Silent Supporters Of Net Neutrality, Ford, UPS, Visa, and Bank of America!

The Ad Hoc Telecommunications Users Committee.

While companies like Ford, Visa, UPS and Bank of America, supported strongly, meaning, asking FCC to classify Internet as a Public Utility, which it is. But communication behemoths like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon, does not want that. They want total control of the internet, your phone and beyond. So they are fighting Net neutrality like it is the D-Day.
While wanting net neutrality to be open, the companies behind the Ad Hoc Telecommunications Users Committee, Ford, Visa, UPS and B of A, are less vocal about their support, in some cases denying the extend of support, according to Bloomberg.
We just hope that FCC reclassify Internet as a public utility, because it a one. you cannot conduct a normal life without it, just like, electricity and water. The classification will bring more than just free data flow.
This is how the Ad Hoc committee suggested their thought on the matter;

“Every retailer with an online catalogue, every manufacturer with online product specifications, every insurance company with online claims processing, every bank offering online account management, every company with a website–every business in America interacting with its customers online is dependent upon an open Internet.”
So when will the real business' stand up for the cause?
Page 6 of the documents provided by the Ad Hoc Committe; emphasis is mine

The Ad Hoc Telecommunications Users Committee Ad Hoc’s Comments in the Open Internet Rulemaking

Internet access is a Title II service

It’s a question of fact, not policy

The FCC should use forbearance to de-regulate as needed

“Terminating access” is a classic market failure

Competition can discipline an ISP’s prices and practices for its own subscribers

But there is no competitive choice when content providers communicate with the ISP’s subscriber

The FCC has repeatedly called this structure a “market failure”

Bill-and-keep is the FCC’s solution


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