Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Updated : Raid your Elastix!

Updated with the link tot the document.
Elastix RAID setup, including how to recover from a failure.
A new document has appeared on Elastix Application notes, that will take you step by step, through the process. It covers the setup of RAID at Elastix install time. Without going in to complex RAID setups that fail to recover ultimately, the document will guide you how to setup software Linux RAID that is a part of CentOS, which is Elastix distribution based on.
Document covers following sections and I find 'recovery' inclusion a great asset. You can also adapt the same method to other Asterisk setups.

What is RAID?
Hardware requirements for RAID
The Concept of what we are about to commence
RAID Configuration – Setup of the partitions
RAID Setup – Populating the RAID Sets and setting Mount Points
Confirming that your RAID is working
Management of your RAID
RAID Recovery
Document History


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