Thursday, November 06, 2014

Samsung Social Investments, People, Society And Environment

Samsung Corporate Citizenship
Samsung has created many a social investments around the world. Perhaps it is the nature of the Korean Nation that Samsung is sharing. Rise of Korea through a very short time, from a war torn poor country to a global force, may have taught the nation of the hardships, which bigger nations and corporations tend to forget or simply do not know or care.
Of all the programs Samsung has (five major programs), my favorite is the Samsung Nanum Villages. Nanum Village involves building essential infrastructure in far flung and isolated communities in developing countries. Starting in Vietnam and India, the program has brought in better infrastructures such as medical centers, schools and community centers to Argentina and Africa. Samsung is currently working with four villages around the world, with facilities scheduled for completion in 2014.
This is an artists rendition of the task;

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