Thursday, November 06, 2014

Your Android Will Be A 360-degree Theater To See Help!

Justin Lin Directing Help!
Google movie for Android.
I think I just read where the future of movies are going and that would require many more chiropractics than we have now. Imagine sitting / lying in a dome theater and choosing section to watch of a 360-degree movie. Yep looking down will crack your neck and we all will be lining up near the chiropractic next morning.
Or you can use your Android phone as window to the theater and be healthy!

The upcoming live action short called Help! features a scenario familiar to almost everyone who ever bought popcorn and a movie ticket. Location: The concrete ditch known as the Los Angeles River. Character: Damsel in distress — in this case a stylish young woman in contemporary garb. Action: Tracking shot of the woman as she runs—face often turning backwards in fear — from a hideous gargoyle. .......
...............When you watch Help, your phone is a window into a 360-degree world captured by a specially designed camera. You simply point the phone in the direction of what seems to be the most stuff happening in that world at that moment. So when you hear those churning blades, you might choose to lift the phone towards the sky, to see the helicopter hovering above. Or you could continue tracking the damsel. Or even look behind to see what’s chasing our terrified ingĂ©nue. There is footage to accommodate all of those choices. In any case, it’s a choice that must be taken.
Well if you are curious, Justin Lin of Fast and Furious fame directed the movie/short. There is much more to the story for you to read on backchannel  while I wait for my Nexus 6!


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