Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Kansas City Now Has The Fastest Starbucks With WiFi, Thanks To Google Fiber.

Kansas City, filled with great people, which we learned about during the World Series, is getting even further in other worldly matters, like how you connect to the internet while having your morning joe.
At the corner of 41st and Main Street, a Kansas City Starbucks is connected to the Google Fiber and of course getting speeds 100 times more than the previous connection,
In Addition to the super fast WiFi, there are also new community tables, which have Chromebooks wired directly to Google Fiber, as well as built-in wireless charging technology to charge / power up devices. But even with all these connections, there’s plenty of bandwidth for everyone to search, stream, and share—without the loading bars or buffering, according to Google and I can just feel it. I hook to Google Fiber in Palo Alto time to time and the difference in feeling is like having / trying to swim in water flow on my faucet (AT&T) to jumping into Sacramento river, to swim.
So if you are in Kansas City, swing by  41st and Main Street to experience the difference.

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